Monday, July 27, 2009

Sharing Pictures

Here is a pictures of my kids swimming on the beach, in siesta key in Sarasota Florida. We suppose to just come by to check out the beach, and come back the next day to swim. But when the kids saw the very nice clear water. They decided to get soak. My kids then start swimming. So I don't have any choice but to get wet too. I enjoyed taking pictures of them. As you can see their not even wearing swimming clothes.

Kids with granpa and daddy

Monday, July 13, 2009

Beautiful Beaches

I can't believe how beautiful is the beaches in Sarasota Florida. The water is so clean and its so nice just to swim on it all day long. I enjoyed watching the fishes swimming in the water where my kids was swimming. It just so wonderful to see things like that. Over here in Jacksonville the beach water is not as good as the beaches in Sarasota.

Anyway thank you all so much for visiting me here everyday. I will be back on you when we get home. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fresh Tuna Salad

I just love fresh tuna, so every time I visit the seafood market and they have fresh tuna I always bought some. Hubby like it too, i put a little bit of vinegar and a chili its yummy. I also like to make sushi out of it for the kids they like sushi, my daughter's favorite is the salmon sushi. Anyway now all this talking makes me hungry. Thank you all for visiting me here everyday most especially to my EC card droppers.