Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Entertainment in the city

Guest post written by Jeremy Thore

There are so many things to do in New York City, but a lot of those things require money. So when I moved here a couple of weeks ago I knew that I should set up lots of entertaining possibilities in my apartment because I don't have that money.

After I set up my WiMax wireless internet I looked up how to set up a surround sound system online with some tips. The guy who lived there before me had left a big entertainment center, which was the perfect place to set up all of my stuff, even though it took up a big part of my apartment. But after all, I don't have that much other stuff besides the stuff that fit on there, and entertainment is so important, right?

After I set up my surround sound I invited some of my friends over to watch one of those one dollar movies from a Blockbuster vending machine. My studio apartment is no movie theater, but I think I have a pretty sweet set up.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Learning To Putt With The Best Of Them

Authored by Greg Fletcher

Putting isn't the strong point of my golf game. As a newly born golf lover, I'm still struggling to master the finer aspects of the game. Right now I'm struggling with pretty much everything. Putting is an especially challenging thing for me. I just can't master the slopes of the greens or the finer points of putting.

One thing that I don't struggle to do is to enjoy great golf onsatellite tv. It's like I'm allowed to study all of my mistakes and then watch the masters and how they manage to avoid not to make those same mistakes. It helps me when I go out to practice my putting for me to remember back to the golf I've watched and to try to mimic the techniques that actually work for golfers.

I'm never going to be on the PGA circuit. I'll probably never even win a local tournament. Despite this, I'm having the time of my life enjoying sunny days outside playing golf. While my home is secured with Home Security devices I'm not ready for any kind of competition yet, not even against some buddy of mine that might go easy on me, but I'm having a great time attempting to improve my game and learn more about the sport that I've watched for so many years but never truly tried to play on my own. So far so good as of now.

I Had A Busy

I am so tired now after a long day at school. I love to help the teacher and I actually enjoyed helping the kids. My feet is hurting a little standing up most of the day. But it's okay now because I am home. I need to relax before starting to make dinner I'm sure hubby will be hungry when he gets home.

The kids are doing their homework while I am relaxing in the couch and blogging. Well, I feel like a can use a little nap. I have a little headache to I probably need my nap. The only problem is the kids are awake, when their awake I can't take a nap because they will start making too much noise. When that happen it will just give me more headache. So, I am just going to keep my eyes open and make dinner soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Remembering Our Trip

My daughter can still remember our trip to the Philippines over 5 years ago. She just love to play with her cousins. The next time we visit Philippines we are going to meet 3 new family members. That was a wonderful trip we had. It was a very inexpensive trip for the four of us luckily I found cheap airline tickets. So we got the vacation packages and the trip was all worth it.

Anyway check out this cool website I find it very interesting. Also if you need to find travel guide visit I always wanted to visit my country and spend time with my family. But the budget is kind a tight right now to have a trip for four to the Philippines. We need to save more money for that trip.

My son was just 9 months old when the last time we visit my family. So, he did not remember anything about the trip. He told me that he doesn't want to ride in the airplane because its scary lol. He don't have any idea on how many hours we stayed in the airplane just to make it to the other side of the world.

My Boy And The School

My son was already asking me this morning if today is early release day. I said my boy the week is just starting so,do not think about early release yet. also there is no early release this week. Then he asked me if he can come home early lol. So I have to talked to him on how important it is to have Education. After I talked to him he was completely fine but he asked me if I can come for lunch.

I was just browsing around at The Chronicle and read about the state election. They have great news on their website. Anyway I was thinking about going back to school so I checkout Walden University. I want to see what kind of courses they are offering for online schooling. Now I need to saved up some money so I can do what I want to do in the future like going back to school.

Right now I am looking for a part time job. Hopefully somebody is hiring out there. I tried applying online and I hope that I will receive a call soon. For now I am going to keep on searching.

Halloween Costumes

The kids are excited for Halloween costumes. They already want me to buy them their costumes yesterday. I told them to wait because Halloween still a little far away. Maybe in the middle next month I'll buy their costumes. Right now I need to find a place that is doing a sale. I can't believe how time fly now it's already fall. But the weather in Florida is still summer I can't wait to cool down a little.

My daughter still can't decide what costume she is going to wear for Halloween. My son want to be super Mario lol. He is crazy about Mario so he want to be super Mario this year. Also he asked his daddy if daddy can wear Luigi hehehe.

I have so much ironing to do today and the washing machine still washing. It will be a all day event for me. I won't be able to go and meet my boy for lunch. It's okay I will be at school all day tomorrow.

New Sink

Hubby and I was looking around in the store yesterday for a new sink. Now we know what kind of sink we are going to buy. I want a deeper sink so it's easy for me to clean the pots and pan. We are going to buy the stainless steel kitchen sink and it is a lot deeper compare to the one we have here at home right now. Hubby will get the new sink next month. I also want to have one on those butcher block countertop.

We want to buy new stuff for the house and one thing that I want to replace is the flooring in the kitchen. Later on if we have money I also want to put the glass window for the Florida room. Right now we just got it screened, but it is ready for glass windows. Soon the weather will start to cool down that means we ca spend more time in the screen room and the gazebo in the backyard. I want to buy adirondack chair I am just waiting for hubby's go signal lol.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Is Done

Now we are facing Monday once again. The kids are ready to go to school tomorrow. Both are asleep already. Hubby and I work on our yard yesterday and today. We are happy that the grass seeds that we put down are finally growing. We are hoping that the new grass will cover all the bold spot. I planted new flowers in the front yard after three of my plants died. The summer was too hot so, the old plants did not survive.

I hope that this new plants will stay alive for long time. Also I am hoping that the new plants will survive the winter weather. My eggplants are growing big and all of them have a flowers on it. I can't wait to see the eggplants fruit start hanging on the plants. Right now I am looking for more vegetable plants.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night Lights Is Excellent Drama

Written by Fermin Washington

This year, I was excited to see that "Friday Night Lights," one of my favorite television shows, was finally recognized with some major Emmy nominations. Although the series didn't win, it bodes well for the possibility that the show may be properly recognized after its final year.

"Friday Night Lights," which I watch on satellite TV like nfl sunday ticket, is a series that deals with the hopes and heartaches of the residents of the small town of Dillon, Texas. In Dillon, football is king. The whole town shuts down for the big game on Friday night, and disc jockeys seem to talk of little else.

At the heart of the drama is Eric Taylor, a coach who spends a great deal of time mentoring students both on the field and off. Impressively played by Kyle Chandler, he is a doting husband to Tami, played by the formidable Connie Britton, who serves as a school counselor.

Each season, different teenage characters are highlighted. One of the most lovable is Matt Saracen, who unexpectedly finds himself quarterback in the first season, when he must balance the new challenges that come with that role with the responsibilities that he has as caretaker of his grandmother. Another great character is Tim Riggins, a brooding character who tries to become a better person.

Full of complex characters, "Friday Night Lights" is truly exceptional.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cleaning The Bathrooms

Today was my cleaning day at home but I did not got them all done. So, tomorrow is another day of cleaning. I am really getting so frustrated about our shower heads because it keeps on getting loose. This time I want to find a shower head that last longer. It is a waste of money on keeps on buying a new one at the store and after 3-4 months is already broken.

I would like to visit and check out their Fire Hydrant Spa shower head. We also need to change the kids shower head on their bathroom. Anyway tomorrow is Friday already and I am excited for the weekend fun. The kids want to watch movies on Sunday.

My eyes are so tired now I need my beauty rest soon. Before I go to bed I have some left over foods to put away. Is anybody else saw the planet Jupiter tonight? We had fun watching it earlier it looks so close to the moon. I tried to take a picture but it come out so little I need the professional camera lol. Have a good night everyone.

Everyone Was Happy To Meet Kyle Brady

I had the chance to meet Kyle Brady last Tuesday at the church. He was big and so tall my goodness me. Everybody had fun taking a picture of him. Anyway I am wondering who is the next guest speaker next week. I have 3 of his cards with his signature on it. I did not expect to even meet a former football player. I only see them on TV but this week I actually meet one of them.

I even had the chance to hold his football helmet that he wore when he played the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots. I was surprise on how heavy is the helmet. My gosh if I put it on in my head and run around with it I think I'll break my neck lol.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Vegas eats

Guest post written by Harry Miller

I've been to Vegas lots of times and settled on the all you can eat buffets because I'm starving and think I'm saving more money that way. But this time when I'm going I did a little more research and have come up with some great new places to try to go and get some food.

I was watching Anthony Bourdain's show on the Travel Channel and saw where he went and ate at all these great Las Vegas restaurants. I took note of them and decided to try out a few. I called a made reservations for some of them, just in case. I figured that if they were that good then they're probably hard to get into without reservations.

But when I was preparing for that, I also decided to look at hearing aid cost and get one so that I can enjoy my trip more this time.

My hearing has kind of been a big problem here lately so I wanted to be able to enjoy more trip more than be all worried about it.

Going To A Field Trip

My daughter is going to have a field trip today to go to Imax theater. I will be coming with her that is why I am up early. The kids are still sleeping so, I have time to blog a little here before getting dress. I also need to watch my Filipino channel I missed a lot of shows. I also want to check out pinoy 24 tv to see what is the latest news.

My friend and I like to watch the show together but we're been both very busy lately. She is looking for a for HUD apartments for rent for her daughter. So, that way her daughter can afford to pay the rent on her own. Anyway Do you want to know what is selling structured settlement? If you do just click the link. I need to get the kids ready so we can go to school early today.

Tomorrow I will be helping my son's teacher again. I have to take care of the class while she's giving a test. Yesterday I helped her until lunch time. The she asked me if I can come back on Wednesday. I don't want to say no the a very nice teacher that needs my help.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wonderful Dinner

It was a very nice night for the whole family. After going shopping hubby took us out to dinner. We went to California pizza kitchen their foods are so yummy. Kids was so happy with their pizza. After we had our dinner we went to Justice because my daughter want to go and get something there. She got a pair of clothes and some little girly things.

Anyway our weekend is so awesome so far tomorrow is another day to enjoy. Then after that back to a busy schedule again. I will be helping at my son's classroom on Monday again. Then by Tuesday It's another big day daughter is having a field trip. Plus on the top of that I have so much work here at home that it has been piling up on me. I am one busy mommy.:)

I had the greek pizza with grilled chicken in a whole grain crust yummy!

Benches and More

After working at the front yard the other day I thought of buying a stone benches. It would be so nice and perfect to have in the garden. I saw a garden benches at and I saw a couple of stone garden benches that is so nice. Now that the fall is getting closer it is nice to sit outside every afternoon. Kids like to play with their bikes in the front yard and it would be nice if we have at least a couple of stone benches to sit on.

Also in their website they carry a memorial benches and plenty more of other stuff to choose. Anyway hubby took us out to dinner last night and the food was really good. We are planning to come back again on that restaurant soon. I will be sharing the pictures that I had taken in my next post.


Here is a website for people who is looking for a franchise for sale it's The is your one stop shop if you are searching for franchise and business for sale. Their website is very helpful and easy to navigate. This is your chance to find that business you are looking for. I wish I have this opportunity to buy and start my own business, but I don't have the money yet maybe someday.

It's free to dream big so you never know maybe it will come true someday. For now I just have to focus on what we have and be happy and thankful for it. Their are so many people out there right now that doesn't have any work at all. The kids are getting too loud now, I need to talk to them so I can have a quiet time here. They really need to go to bed soon. We don't know what we are doing tomorrow, but whatever it is I know it's going to be something fun for the whole family.

Waiting For Daddy

This picture was taken at the front door of the store. Hubby was inside trying to buy a second charger for his new phone. It was so nice because they have a couch and tv out there for you to watch while waiting. I took the picture while their watching toy story.

Today was a very busy day for us and I am so tired. We did all our grocery shopping today and went to 7 different stores. Finally we are home and hubby made a steak and salad dinner. Now I am full and ready to go to dream land lol. Kids still have so much energy they're playing the wii right now.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Favorite Show About Fashion

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

At the end of a long day, I have a routine, make some late dinner, and curl up in front of my Cannon Satellite tv to watch my favorite shows. In this state it may not be clear that I am very much into fashion because the pj's are definitely on a this point, but believe it or not, I am. My favorite show about fashion is most definitely the Rachel Zoe Project. Rachel Zoe is one of the best celebrity stylists in the industry and having the opportunity to watch her in action is something everyone should take note of. Why not enjoy free lessons in fashion and style for someone who gets paid millions by celebrities to do the same? She leads such a glamorous life watching her takes me to an entirely different world, a world where Channel is an option not a luxury and fashion week is just part of the hustle. The ideas she has and the ways she pairs so many different items together that I would never think of makes me look at my ( low budget) wardrobe with a totally different insight. Although Rachel Zoe's lifestyle seems so out of reach and unattainable to the average Joe, or Jane in my case, watching her show, The Rachel Zoe Project, makes me feel just a little closer to couture.

Kids Are Done With Homework

Kids are done with their homework now I can continue on my work here. But before that I have to think what to make for dinner. I think I have enough time to do this one then I have to get up and make dinner. I am a little hungry since I did not eat a real food today. I just snacks on some crackers and ate some fruits.

Now my tummy is complaining on me. The fastest dinner to make that I can think right now is spaghetti. I have to ask everybody if they want spaghetti for dinner. If they don't like spaghetti I have to continue on thinking hehehe. Now I remember I have some corn in fridge that I need to cook. Everybody love corn so on the corn part I'm sure I will make it tonight I don't want the corn to go bad.

Need To Renew

I need to send the payment of my web hosting very soon. The year goes by so fast now we are in the ber month again. The kids are exciting for the Halloween it will be next month. I can already smell the fall air. This morning was cold and very nice outside. The kids will busy again to think what they want to be on Halloween. I hope they pick the cheap costumes this year because they only use it once then done.

Anyway visit for your web hosting needs. You can also check out their managed hosting and colocation. When you are ready to look for a web hosting just visit their website and they can help you in all your web hosting needs.

My goodness me half of the day went by and I am still here in front of my computer. About in an hour the kids will be home. I need to help them do their homework then I have to think what to make for dinner. Its look like I have to finish blogging tonight. But I will try my best to finish as much as I can before they get here.

My Star Student Of The Week

We are so proud of our little boy yesterday he bring home a certificate award from school. He is the first star student of the week in his class. Mommy and daddy was so happy for his achievement. The school just started while ago and now he is bringing home a bunch of good news.

My daughter is the same way they are making me so happy. That's all I want my kids bringing home good grades I love it. They really make mommy so happy!!! Anyway I am trying to get my work done here at home before the kids come home. My friend is the one who's going to pick them up today. So I have to use this time to finish everything.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking For A New Home

My cousin is in the process of looking for a new home. They don't want to rent anymore so now they're looking for a new place to live. I hope that they will find the house that they are looking for. Now is the best time to buy a house because of the very low interest rate. I was browsing around at Their website is very informative and easy to navigate.

I certainly share this website to my cousin so she can start looking for a low interest rate. I am pretty sure that they are going to get a loan fast because they have excellent and perfect credit scores. I can't wait to see their new home.

The houses around here is really cheap now compare on the year we bought our house. Maybe they'll find a new home here near us. That would be so wonderful.

Daughter's Room Is Clean

I finally clean the room of my daughter today. Now I am happy to see the room clean and organize. I hope that she will keep it clean this time. She like to make a mess for mommy to clean lol. Now all I have left to do is the laundry, I don't have time for that tonight so I have to do it tomorrow afternoon.

My son's teacher ask me to come over tomorrow to help her. Of course my son is so happy about it because mommy will be with him tomorrow. I am pretty sure that tomorrow will be a no crying day for him. He even ask me if I can go and help the teacher everyday.

I will have a very busy day tomorrow so I need a good night sleep tonight. Have a great night everyone! I have to get off here and wash the dishes in the sink. I don't want to come home tomorrow with a sink full of dirty dishes. So I am getting up and will start cleaning.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nice Big Wave

My kids was so happy today playing in the beach. My son keep on screaming "this is the best day ever". He is so happy because we let him ride around the wave. I have to be right next to him so the wave won't bring him out to the deeper water. Then My daughter joined us after just watching around. She is always afraid to go on the water, but today she was jumping on the wave with me. It was so hot but the water temperature was really nice.

Anyway if you are looking for commercial mailboxes or community mailboxes visit They carry a lot of different color and design. So if you are looking for CBU mailboxes, apartment mailboxes just check out their website. They are offering a free shipping right now, plus 16% to 20%off on their cluster mailboxes. Take advantage of this deal today and save some money.

I am going to bed early tonight the beach outing makes me so tired. I don't know why I feel so tired after a day at the beach. So tonight I will be in the bed a little early. I don't know what we are doing to do tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Security Alarm

Working on my blogs right now and I am trying to decide if I have to try the Key logger. I have to ask hubby about it and see if he wanted too. I am so happy that today is Friday the kids are so excited for the weekend too. I just got back form dropping them off to school. When I got back at home I realize that I forgot to turn on the security alarm in the house. I hate when I do that.

Since we have the security alarm in the house, I can sleep well at night without worrying about the kids are alone in their room. I feel a lot safer with the security alarm is on. There are so many bad people out there and you want your family to be safe all the time.

I was browsing around at and now I want to buy that gps tracking device for my kids. It is so much better when you know that your kids are safe all the time. Also I am interested on buying a surveillance Camera for the front yard. I want to know who is that crazy person who throw eggs in our mailbox.

Go Kart

The kids and I had so much fun on go karts. My daughter is too afraid to go by herself so I have to drive for the two of them. We don't want to get out there it is so much fun. My son was afraid at first and he keeps telling me to go slow. But after awhile he was okay and want me to race with the others.

We are planning to go back next weekend and play mini golf and go on the go kart again. On Sunday we watch a movie with the kids and we are still trying to plan what else we can do this weekend. The kids are looking forward on the weekend now that they are back in school specially our son. He cannot wait on the day that there is no school. He is such a baby he cries every morning when I drop them off.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Up Early

I was up so early today and make hubby's lunch for work. Now I am waiting for the kids to be done eating their breakfast. I feel so sleepy and I want to go back to bed lol. Anyway if you are a doctor and want to go back to school for consultant interview course or medical management courses visit Also you can check out their teach the teacher for doctors course.

Take a look at their website and see which course would you like to get. Be prepare for consultant interview and get the help you can get at They can help you get ready for your big interview.

I have a very busy day today once again. I have to finish my laundry and I have to plant my vegetable plants outside. But first I have to do my exercise so I don't feel guilty later. I don't like missing my workout. Yesterday I end up doing it at around 3pm. I want to start early today. I also have to go to school later so much stuff to do for me. I better get started so I finish all my plans before the day is through.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Dream Car

Posted by Arden Wallace

When looking to purchase a big ticket item it is always beneficial to use the internet oif you use hughesnet to dial up as your best resource. I was recently searching for a car and had absolutely no idea where to start. I didn't know too much about cars to begin with so it was helpful to do a little research. I found out what specifications I needed in my vehicle and some features that I would really like included.

I was able to compare the prices of thousands of cars with just a few clicks of my mouse. I could look at cars from many dealers all over the state and find the absolute best buys. It was worth it to drive almost ninety minutes to get the car of my dreams. It was the perfect color and had all the specifications I really needed and wanted. The reason I drove all that way though was the price. I got it for nearly two thousand dollars less than I could find it anywhere around my home town. If I would have gone to all the dealers in my area I would have wasted a lot of time and energy and end up spending ten thousand dollars on a vehicle. Instead I just pointed, clicked, and found the same vehicle for only eight thousand dollars. It was certainly worth the drive and the time I spent looking online for my dream car.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mommy And Kids

Kids and I pose in front of the camera again. I am getting ready to go in the backyard to plant some vegetables. I bought some eggplants today and I have to plant it in my garden. I got the place cleaned yesterday. So it is ready for planting I hope that the bugs won't attack this time.

Most of my plants that I planted for summer got destroyed by the bugs. I have to keep an eye on this batch. I want to make sure that this time I will have a healthy garden. My filipino vegetables are doing really good. Now I am in the mood of planting again so I have to take advantage of it.

New Niece

Just received the news today that my sister in-law just had a baby. So now I have a new niece and her name is Beatrice. I can't wait to see the baby's pictures. I'm back of being alone at home again. Hubby is at work and the kids at school. Now I need to go back into my workout. Today I have to do extreme workouts since I miss my workout for two days. But I have to do it later in the afternoon because my morning is pretty much occupied with something else.

I want to try the turbo jam workouts and see if I can handle it. I been trying to do a different workouts because I am getting bored on my treadmill. I tried Zumba and also jogging in the neighborhood. Will it seems like it works for me for now. Hopefully I can lose more weight in the coming month. It is so hard but I have to do it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Garden Is Clean

Hubby and I work in our yard today. We got it cleaned and now it looks really nice. I also pulled all the weeds in my vegetable garden. So tomorrow I am going to the store and buy some vegetable plants. I am happy that we had a very productive day today. After cleaning the yard today it reminds me to buy a new garden rain chains. I bought a couple last year and now it is all rusty. I want to buy the copper rain chain so that way I won't have that problem again.

Tomorrow after I drop the kids off to school I am going straight to the store. I hope they have the plants I need. Also while in there I am going to look for new rain chain. I have so much stuff to do tomorrow. I was happy that finally got my butt off the couch and work in my garden today.

Hubby and I help each other mowing the grass in the backyard. Tomorrow the kids can play in the backyard after homework. They want to play in the backyard last week, but I never let them because of the tall grass. Thanks to hubby for mowing the grass. I need to check out that japanese rain chain and see if hubby will like it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Baby Boy and Me

Hubby just took this picture a minute ago. Just want to share this one with my family and friends. As you can see he is such a mommy's boy, he always come to mommy and give mommy a bunch of hugs. Right now he is so happy because tomorrow is no school day and they are going to a birthday party.

Have wonderful weekend everyone! Will be working in the yard tomorrow we are trying to keep the grass alive. We have a couple of spot that the grass is dying. So tomorrow we are going to put grass seeds and fertilizer. Hopefully by doing that the grass on that spot will be green again.

Kids Had Fun

The kids had a lot of fun today. After I pick them up from school we went to my friends house and they play with their friends. I went to the school today on lunch time my son was so unhappy again. When he woke up this morning he doesn't want to go to school. I talk to him and told him that I will be there when it's lunch time. So he was okay with that plus I promise him that I am going to bring him a happy meal for his lunch.

Anyway I arrived at the school a little early so while waiting I was reading on the bulletin boards. Most of the stuff that they have in the school bulletin boards are stuff from last year. I also check the bulletin board near the cafeteria but it's the same old stuff from last year. I was glad that the class of my son come to lunch on time. He was so happy to see mommy standing on the corner.

Hubby and I feel so bad this morning because he was crying really bad. Hubby said we are babying him too much lol. Anyway he is happy now because tomorrow is no school and also it is a 3 day weekend.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picture Day

Today is picture day at school so the kids dress up nicely. My daughter was not very happy because she can't wear a dress. They are going to have PE today, so the teacher told them to wear a clothes for PE. She was so unhappy and spend a lot of time picking a clothes in the closet. Finally after almost an hour she decided which clothes to wear.

My son ask me to come to meet him for lunch again. But I am not sure if I can I have so much things to do at home. I have been going to lunch since he goes back to school. I think I am going to have a break today. I just hope that he will be okay. I fell like going to bed and take a nap. Thank you for visiting me here everyone. I need to get off here and start my exercise before my lazy butt strike lol.

Watching films with the girlfriends

Written by Fermin Washington

My girlfriends and I spare boyfriends and husbands the painful task of going to see romantic comedies by having a cocktail and going together. Yes we readily admit it. Over the years, there have been times where we don't go as much and times when we can get together more often. We've seen the Sex and the Cities, the Notebook, He's Just Not That Into You, the break-up ones, the rebound ones, the family ones, the impossible battle-axe ones, you name it. My city has great choices for movie theaters so it's always something we can do for fun.

Some nights my friend will come over, and we'll listen to music and have dinner or maybe go on a run. Then get dressed and head out, setting the Adt alerthome alarm system first of course so we don't have to worry on a girl's night. We'll meet up with the rest of the group at the theater, engage in the drama and watch the guy do something noble to get a woman, and then commiserate later over whether it was good or not.

It's a blast! Highly recommended, and we don't owe boyfriends a kung-fu or muscle movie afterward (unless one of us is so inclined).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Announcing the lineups

Guest post written by Rick Hamilton

When I was a little boy and said that I wanted to be a sports announcer, I’m sure that the adults around me thought that it was one of those outlandish career goals that little kids want and then realize that they’re nearly impossible to achieve a few years later on.

But I was luckier than most and actually followed through with my dreams. Now I’m an announcer for minor league softball and have made a lot of other sports announcer friends around the country.

I noticed a few months ago that I was having a harder time hearing during games, even with my headphones on. I went to miracle ear ATLANTA after I had heard from another announcer that he had bought some hearing aids Jackson and his friend had got some hearing aides GREENVILLE. I had considered getting them before but I was afraid that they would interfere with my work.

It ends up that they are compatible with the headphones I have to wear at work and I’m even more excited about my job and on top of my game.

Fun Party

Kids had a blast on their friend party last weekend. I even join them in the bounce house I jump and play with them. Both was so happy and enjoyed the party so much. Now I am planning to bring them back in there to play. We have a coupons now to go there and I only pay one child the other one can go for free.

I will be jumping with them again. Another party is coming on Saturday we are going to adventure landing this time. My friend son is celebrating his 8th birthday at adventure landing. My kids are so excited once again. Another nice venue for a birthday party. I am sure the kids will have fun again.