Monday, September 6, 2010

Garden Is Clean

Hubby and I work in our yard today. We got it cleaned and now it looks really nice. I also pulled all the weeds in my vegetable garden. So tomorrow I am going to the store and buy some vegetable plants. I am happy that we had a very productive day today. After cleaning the yard today it reminds me to buy a new garden rain chains. I bought a couple last year and now it is all rusty. I want to buy the copper rain chain so that way I won't have that problem again.

Tomorrow after I drop the kids off to school I am going straight to the store. I hope they have the plants I need. Also while in there I am going to look for new rain chain. I have so much stuff to do tomorrow. I was happy that finally got my butt off the couch and work in my garden today.

Hubby and I help each other mowing the grass in the backyard. Tomorrow the kids can play in the backyard after homework. They want to play in the backyard last week, but I never let them because of the tall grass. Thanks to hubby for mowing the grass. I need to check out that japanese rain chain and see if hubby will like it.

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