Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekend Get Away

My kids want to go camping on the weekend at the campsite near us. Hubby said we have to see, so the kids have to wait for daddy's decision tomorrow. If he decide that we go camping I want to go to the store and buy another tarp. We had a blue tarps before but we sold it on a yard sale. Now we have to buy a new one. After we go camping in the keys over 5years ago we never thought that we are going camping again lol.

I guess now we have to keep everything because the kids love to go camping. I am thinking on buying a clear tarp. I don't know if hubby would agree with me lol. Anyway today was a very hot day. If we go camping this weekend we might have to buy a portable air conditioning. Very hot out there today, but then it rain this afternoon and it cools down a little which is good. Tomorrow will be a lot hotter, so the kids and I have to stay home again.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My son and I ate our meat with rice. Hubby and our daughter had a sweet potato fries with their barbecue. Everybody was happy about the dinner tonight. Plus I have some left over for lunch tomorrow. Right now everybody is full and the house is quiet. You know when the kids are still hungry they don't stop opening and closing the refrigerator and pantry lol.

Anyway we are ready to see the new addition on my friends family tomorrow. She's going to have a baby boy. I am planing to come and visit her tomorrow afternoon. I am so excited for her:)

Tough Time

The economy still not good and there is a lot of people that are looking for a job. I am one of those people who is looking for a job. I am hoping to find a part time job when the kids go back to school. But I don't see anybody hiring right now here in our area. There are a lot of people seeking help on credit repair services. If you need credit repair try DSI Solutions and see how they can help you. In times like this you need all the help you can get even on how to Improve credit. I just hope to find a part time job soon, so I got something to do while the kids are at school.

Right now my part time job is blogging and I am loving it. I can stay at home and work a little at the same time. But it would be great if I can find a part time job out there also.

Had A Blast

We went to the beach late afternoon yesterday. It is so hard to go to the beach in the morning or noon the sun just too hot. So we always go when the sun is almost down. Tomorrow suppose to be over a hundred degrees. I think they're going to issue a heat advisory for tomorrow.
I was hoping for rain today because the grass start to turn brown a little. Hubby put some fertilizer on it and there is no rain so he has to turn on the sprinklers.

A Proposal in Umbria

Thanks for the post, Veronica Lowe

A few weeks ago my life changed forever. My boyfriend (now fiance!) of five years and I were touring a vineyard in Umbria. We were about to eat dinner when he got down on one knee. I was so stunned I could not say anything for a moment but, of course I said yes!

Now, I back home and beginning to research my wedding! I wanted to start my research immediately but, my hughesnet satellite internet is so much better compared to the weak signals in a small Italian cafe! I am just starting to look but, I have found many useful sites.

At first, I was overwhelmed with all the information available for brides to be. One of the best websites I found was It is the online portal for a magazine of the same name. They have some incredible features that include a dress, ring and cake selector! They help you narrow down your decision by price points and style. I will definitely be going back for inspiration before I shop!

One of my favorite features is that you can create your own wedding website. You create something similar to a Facebook page (only more personalized and classier!) but, it's for your wedding! You can upload pictures and tell your story!

I am so excited to continue looking for my wedding with hughes net!

Battery Was Dead

I went to my car this morning and when I try to open my car with my remote it won't open. Then I realized that my driver's side door was not completely close. There for the light inside was on all night, so my battery was dead. Hubby jump start the battery when he got home. He also brought my car for oil change and tune up. Now I am happy that my car is up and running again.

I talked to my friend today and her husband got her a Acura Integra. She was so happy with her new car. Anyway if you live in Texas and looking for a car repair place visit Houston auto repair today. I'm just glad that my car is okay now because I have to visit my friend tomorrow. She's going to give birth tomorrow morning and I am planning to go and visit her in the afternoon.

I need to get the kids to the table now the dinner is ready. The food smells so good barbecue is for dinner tonight. Filipino barbecue that is yummy! Kids and hubby love it and I am happy.

Blueberry and Strawberry Crepes

The kids really like their breakfast I made this morning. I made them a blueberry strawberry crepes. It was really yummy and my daughter ate a bunch this morning. They ask me If I can make some more tomorrow.

I am happy that the kids like it. I need to buy more blueberries I am out right now. So the kids will have a strawberry crepes tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My kids had to see the Doodlebops

This guest post from Werner Rogers

When my kids saw the commercial saying that the Doodlebops were coming to town I knew that I was in a world of trouble. My children absolutely love the Doodlebops and thought that the world was going to end if they did not get to see them in concert. They begged and pleaded to try to get to go. Day in and day out they told my husband and I how much it would mean to them if they could go. Finally we gave in and decided to bundle Clear and DirecTV and buy the tickets using it was the best option. We searched to make sure that we were getting the best deal before making a final purchased. We bought the tickets and decided to pick them up at the theater. We did not tell our kids and just took them to the theater the night of the concert. My husband went and got the tickets for us and the kids while we waited in the car. The kids kept asking what was going on and where we were. We didn't tell them anything. We just went inside and sat in our seats. When the Doodlebops came on stage the kids were so surprised and excited. It was totally worth every penny.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lazy But Busy Day!

I am a little lazy today I did not hop in the treadmill yet. I do the laundry first and then later the treadmill. I am working hard on my diet and it seems so hard to follow sometimes. I am wondering if I try some of those Protein Snacks. Earlier I had oatmeal crackers and nectarine. Now I am thinking what to eat for lunch.

Maybe I am going to make myself a salad for lunch. The kids are not hungry yet they had a late breakfast. Maybe I can make them some instant noodles they like those. Anyway I have so much stuff that I want to do right now. But I am just trying to work on it one at a time. I just want to finish some stuff today so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Kids are going back to school soon and I have to spend more time with them. But of course the house will be a lot quieter when both of them go back to school. Then I am back to that moment again that I will miss them both all day lol. I just hope that my son will not cry anymore on the first day of school.

Rearranging Furnitures

I am rearranging the furniture in our house once again. While browsing around today I saw a lot of very nice modern furniture -. There is a set of bedroom furniture - that I really like. I think I need to start saving now for that, so later on I'll be able to purchase it. I also like to replace our dining room furniture - to a nice one. I like those chairs that comes with cushions on it. Ours is the old style one I have to buy cushions for it.

I have a busy day cleaning here and moving furniture around. The kids are not helping much all they do is playing and watching TV on their rooms. I need to go to the store later to look for a tennis shoes for my daughter. Her feet has grown and all her tennis shoes are tight now.

Kids And I

Last night we got nothing to do the movie that we are watching was over already. So I grab my camera and gather the kids then we posed. We had so much picture last night. For some reason both of the kids is in the mood to pose for me. I like collecting photos of us so I take picture whenever I feel like it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Next month the school is back again. I need to label all the stuff of the kids that need to be labels. Last school year my son was crying because somebody took his lunch box. Lesson learned I need to label all their lunch boxes so it is easy to find. I can Custom Label it so nobody can claim that it's belong to them. We are starting to buy school supplies we got them backpack already. Now all I have to do is use my Custom Labels to put their names address and phone number on it.

Getting really late here now and the kids still awake. I will put them to bed soon before the time hit 1am lol. They sleep late today and now they are so wide awake. What a noisy kids out there I need to keep them quiet because hubby is sleeping already. Have a great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yummy Cake

Almond joy cake the kids was so happy that daddy got them a cake. Kids and hubby like it a lot I am not a big fun of sweet stuff, but I did try a little and it is too sweet for me. So hubby and the kids have more cake. Anyway I just want to share with you guys the picture of the cake. I am falling asleep now, so I better get off here and go to sleep. Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Back To School

Soon is back to school again and the kids are not ready yet lol. They want 2months more of vacation hehehe. But they are so excited to go shopping for their school supply. Our daughter got her backpack already. So tomorrow I am going to look for our son's backpack. My friends son will be going to high school this school year and he is excited to see the School Lockers. He is so funny about wanting to see the Lockers at school first.

Anyway I hope he like his Locker. My kids can't wait to find out who is their teacher for this school year. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that both of them will have a a wonderful and nice teachers. Last school year my kids had awesome teachers. I did request I teacher for them and I am hoping that my request will be granted. We will find out before the school start.

Got More Sun

We had more sun today and the sunburn is burning. So hot out there today, but the kids had fun playing and eating. We just finished our dinner and we had fried shrimp and fish tonight. And now here I am in my laptop trying to relax before going to bed. The kids are full and happy they are watching TV on their bedroom. Hubby is watching America's most wanted and I am here blogging lol. I am a little tired and I had too much sun so thirsty right now I have been drinking a lot of water today. I want to browse around for a web hosting, but I am so tired already so I’ll just visit hub hosting tomorrow. I hope all you guys had a fun Saturday today. My family and I are almost ready for bed. I am so tired but my brain is still wide awake. But I have to try to close my eyes and fall asleep I need some sleep I got up to early this morning. I got up early to make some food for our lunch. It was a good idea to bring lots of foods because the kids are always hungry

Thursday, July 22, 2010

His Cake

Here is the birthday cake of my son on his 6th birthday. He want shrek cake so mommy got it for him. He enjoyed his birthday celebration a lot this year. Anyhow gotta get up so I can put the kids to bed. It is getting really late for them. Have a wonderful night everyone! Tomorrow is Friday and I am so looking forward for the family bonding on the weekend.

Online Sports

If you like - online sports betting visit I m sure that there are a lot of people around the world enjoying - sports betting online. Visit the link if you want to learn tips and tricks about sports betting. I love sports I use to watch basketball with my family when I was growing up. I miss those moment that all of us having a good time watching the game.

Anyway I had a good day today with the kids and we enjoyed our day inside the house. My daughter had a manicure and pedicure today and she asked me if she can put some makeup. So I said yes so she can be happy. After taking few picture she washed her face and now she is playing on her DS.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Kids got bad sunburn:(

Here is some of the fish we caught last week. I am saving the big fish picture for my other blog. I will be posting the picture of the flounder that I caught last week in fishhookandmore. Kids like to touch and hold the fish. I will be updating my other blogs tomorrow. I haven't update couple of my blogs so tomorrow I have to work on it.

Sweet dreams everyone!

Web Hosting Directory

Finally my friend and my cousin found a - webhosting that they like. I am glad for them now they can rest and concentrate on their website. They are working so hard on it I can't wait to talk to them tomorrow. For me here I am just enjoying my blogging and whenever I have free time I browse around to my friends blogs also.

It is always good to browse around about - web hosting directory first before you decide. That way you can read the reviews. I found a lot of web host out there and it is very affordable. Anyway I need to get ready for bed now. Hubby and kids are in bed and it is so quiet in here. So I guess it is bed time for me too.


Here is a picture of my son helping me grilling some pork and chicken in the skewer Filipino style. He like to help around in the kitchen when I'm cooking. On the picture he was brushing some barbecue sauce on the meat.

My kids love this food especially my daughter. Anyway they are getting ready for bed now and I am surprise that they did not argue with their dad. I guess I have to go to bed soon too.

My Car Is Clean

Kids help me clean my car today. They had fun playing with the hose and spray water all over them lol. But we got the car clean and I am happy about it. My car is getting old but I love it, maybe someday I can have a bmw 5 series hehehe. I guess when I win a lottery. My daughter likes the smart fortwo. Talking about car my cousin can't decide if she will buy the volvo xc90 or subaru forester she like them both.

For me it will be a while before I can have a new car again. My car works perfectly fine so I don't need a new one. Well, anyway I have to put the kids to bed early tonight they need their good night sleep. Last night they went to bed like almost midnight then they got up so late this morning. So mommy have to make them go to bed early tonight.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Happy

I am so happy to receive a phone call from my family in the Philippines. My sister in-law just give birth to a healthy little boy. Welcome to the family John Taylor Neri! I can't wait to see a picture of you and your dad. This is the first child of our youngest brother. I am pretty sure that he is so happy and excited when he saw his son. Congratulation to you Tonton and Marge.

My other sister in-law is due next month. I think my brother want to have a baby girl since they already have a boy. Our family is just keep growing and growing. I miss them all and I hope that we can visit Philippines soon. We have 3 new family members that we haven't seen yet.

To Be Continue

I need to continue the rest of my plan tomorrow. I did not have enough time to do all the stuff today. So tomorrow I'm going to be a busy mommy again. I cannot wait for our vacation I need another get away from home LOL. I look at this website today I love all the photos that I saw on their website. The beach was really nice and the view is beautiful. They also have wonderful golf courses, some people that like to play golf can take the golf packages.

The place alone is breath taking. I hope hubby can decide where we have to go on our vacation. For those of you want who might be interested in myrtle beach visit this website The kids are been asking me where we go on our vacation and I told them I do not know yet.

In The Tub

I am working here in my blog and the kids was so quiet. So I went and check and guess what? Both of them was in the tub taking a bath. I can't believe that they didn't even tell me what they're doing. My goodness me this two creatures of mine think that they're old enough to do everything. Now it is time for them to dress up and go to bed.

Have a safe night everyone!

He Can Swim

Finally my little boy know how to swim now. Not like a pro but he can stay a float and he can paddle. Now he is so excited about it and he said goodbye to his floaters. I still keep and eye on him so close though. My daughter can swim also but to scared to explore in the deeper part which is good so I know that she is always safe.

Hubby didn't see his son swimming by himself yet. So when we go with him next time our little boy will show him. He is so excited to show his dad.

Done Cooking

Finally I am done cooking and everybody is stuff. We had jambalaya for dinner and it was so yummy. I just ate too much again:( my goodness me what happen to my diet wahahaha. I am still going for it I still keep my exercise and salad at day time. Anyway we are watching wipe out now and it's so funny my kids love this show.

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Taking a Day Trip

Contributed by Johnny Graves

Nostalgia is a great thing to remember the good days when your dad and mom would pack up the car and shove off for a day of fun and adventure. My parents were no different from any other parents. We had the new car, color television, a clean but modest home, and a middle-class lifestyle. Certainly we were not rich but we always had a home and food on the table. My father worked very hard to provide for us and when the weekends came, he played just as hard as he worked.

Our day trips were always on a Saturday and we would take off early in the morning. Of course my mother saw to it that we packed more than we needed and my dad would check the windows and doors then set the security alarms system before leaving the house.

This particular Saturday our adventure destination was San Diego and Sea World. There is to this day, not an aquatic park in the country that can compare with Sea World. They have so many different exhibits and shows that it was nearly impossible to see everything in one day. One of my truly enjoyable experiences growing up in Southern California was going to Sea World with my parents. My favorite show was the killer whale show and still is.

I live in Colorado now, and find it hard to get back to where I grew up, but wish one day to return to Sea World and take my family.

Need To Get Done

I have to finish my work in the kitchen and finish blogging later. I should be done there in no time. My kids want me to bake some strawberry cupcakes so mommy have to get up and do it. They only request once in a while so I have to honor that request lol. I also need to thaw some chicken out for dinner.

I don't know what to do with the chicken yet, but I'll think about it while making cup cakes. My son can't wait for me to get off here because he want to help. If he is helping me my kitchen will end up messy, but that's okay. The most important thing is that he will have fun while doing it. My daughter is not interested on joining us so just me and my boy.

The Vacation

We are still in the process of where we going for our mini vacation. Hubby and I was browsing around online last night and we end up at Grande shores ocean resort is amazing. It really look so nice, but we are still trying to decide. Myrtle Beach hotel is one on our list. Right now we are trying to compare and looking for the best Myrtle Beach vacation deals. The budget is a little tight so we have to make sure that we pick the right one.

We also want to enjoy our stay while in there so we need to plan it good. We don't want to waste any time. We are hoping that the kids will have a memorable vacation and that also they will enjoy the trip. I will you all know when everything id final. For now I need to keep on looking.

Online Brokerage Firm

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If you are interested just visit their website and see what they can offer you. Anyhow I am running out of time here. I have so much work to do and so little time. I wish I can multiply myself and do everything in one. But I can't do that so I have to keep myself busy. I still have to think what to make for dinner tonight. So hard when you're on diet because I have to think what can I make for my family and for myself. I better start working on what to make for dinner.


I love to eat watermelon especially during summer. My son love it too, but hubby and our daughter doesn't like watermelon. So more for me and little boy hehehe. I had watermelon for snack today and it was so sweet. It makes me want to eat for more. We just finished the last half so I have to go to the store and buy more.

I feel so tired today I started my day with the exercise. Then iron clothes I have more to iron but I am taking a break from standing up for so long.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Have a Wonderful Night

Have a wonderful night everyone! I am ready for bed just finishing some stuff online and then it's bed time for me. After cleaning in the kitchen today I would really love to have one on those enclume pot racks. They are very nice and if I have one that would be perfect. The enclume pot rack have a very unique designs and if you see one you really want to own it. It will add up some beauty on the your kitchen.

So on Christmas Birthdays Remember my friends I want enclume potracks for my kitchen:-) Now that I see all the stuff that they have on their website, I am now dreaming of owning one of them. I also like the enclume gourmet island that they have it's perfect for my kitchen. Anyway gotta go to bed now have a great night everyone. I have to get up early tomorrow morning there are so much work that I have to finish.

Back To Normal

After almost a month of not doing my exercise because of my slip and fall accident I am now back. I don't have the pain in my chest anymore when I run. Today I actually ran and I feel fine after that did some stomach crunch and now I feel good about myself again. I started on going back to eating salad during lunch and fruits for breakfast.

I am hoping to at least lose about 25 to 30 pounds more. I don't know if I get there but I will try:-)I just have to do everything I can to get rid of this extra pounds I have lol. I am enjoying my exercise it is hard in a first few minutes but after I start to sweat it is okay.

Pantry Cleaned

I spend most of my time today cleaning the pantry and now it's all done. I would like to buy some spice rack. Now that I have all the space in my pantry. I want to look for a spice racks that I can put a lot of stuff in it, and at the same time its a space saver. I have to see if I can find one like that or maybe a wall spice rack would be awesome. Just want to organize everything.

I have some kitchen spice racks but they're getting old. I need to replace them soon. Tomorrow I have to rearrange all the stuff in the cabinets. I have to get through to all my lunch boxes. I have too much it's time for me to get rid with the old lunch boxes that we never use anymore.
Anyway I need to give my eyes a break and finish the rest of the job tomorrow.

Soaking My Feet

I am having a foot spa right now while blogging lol. MY kids want to join me in soaking my feet in a nice warm water with citrus spice on it. It feels really good. Hubby and I decided to take another many vacation before the kids goes back to school. We haven't decide where we going yet but we are looking for a nice place near us. I am looking online at

We are also considering looking on the prices at Myrtle Beach hotel. Maybe we can try a few round of golf and other stuff while in there. Kids would love to have a time away from home one more time before the school is back. They get a little bored when we got nothing else to do around the house but watch TV.

Hubby and I also heard about all the nice resorts in Myrtle Beach and we are so excited to check them out. It's also our 12years wedding anniversary. This is going to be a very interesting trip for all of us. I need to get my feet out in the water now I think I have enough lol. My daughter is waiting for me to do he nail she want to have a pink nail polish on it.

With a Friends

Here is a picture of my kids and their friends. They love the water and even their skin start to wrinkle they still want to keep swimming. We suppose to go hiking with them this week and go to the beach, but the heat out side is too much to handle.

I don't know if we have to go with the plan or not. If we do we have to go late afternoon that way it won't be too hot for everybody. We have to see what we can do... But for now I have to get up and clean out my big pantry. The small pantry looks okay but the big one is a mess so I have to work on it today.

If You Love Gold

Here is a website for those of you who love gold This is a good place for you to find a bullion. They have a lot of gold bullion coins in different design. So if you like to collect and buy gold bullion check out this website. I was browsing to their website and I really like the design of the gold American eagle. I have a friend that is investing in gold and she said she is enjoying it. She usually buy bullion, I am wondering if she know about this website. I will call her later and let her know about it.

Anyway my little guy just woke up and he is asking for a breakfast now. I have to get off here and serve him some food lol. The other one still snoring in my bedroom. She climb up to our bed in the middle of the night because she cant sleep. Then she end up sleeping in our bedroom. Anyway gotta get up for a moment.

Having Fun In The Water

Kids and I are always in the pool almost everyday we go swimming. It is so hot here in Florida right now so we go swimming in the afternoon when the sun is going down. Last week we had friends come over and we went to the pool. It was very hot that day and the sun was biting to our skin I still have my sunburn right now and its not fun. I guess next time I have to put a lot of sunblock.

Cleaning and More

We have so much stuff to do around the house. I want to repaint the exterior of our house and we need a new House numbers. I was thinking about buying a address plaques and numbers. But we have to see, that just a plan. I also need to order wall address plaques for my parents house in the Philippines. My sister told me it is easy for the mail man to find the peoples houses if everyone have address plaque. Anyway I'm not sure if we can do everything in my plan in one time, we have to work it out a little at a time.

Plus hubby is working right now he doesn't have much time to work in the house. I am also hoping to find a part time job once the kids are in school. I guess we have to work it out whenever we have free time. Right now I just want to enjoy the summer vacation of the kids.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Here we are again starting a first day of the week. Kids are still sleeping and it's so quiet in here. Anyway I have a very busy day today I have so much plan on what we are going to do. But first I have to work here while the kids are still in bed.

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I need to get up and grab something to bite and make some breakfast for the kids. I will be working on more stuff here today. I have to start my day so early today. Have a good week ahead everyone!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Here is a picture of my daughter and my nephew. They are getting ready to roast some marshmallow. It's so nice to see the kids playing together and having so much fun. It seems like the time we spend on camping is not enough. Maybe next time we can make it to 10days. My kids and I love the mountains and the rivers. Mountains and fresh water river is a couple of things that you can't find here in Jacksonville.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I now know Wall-E by heart

Guest post written by Arlene Weston

My five year old granddaughter has a favorite movie. That movie is Wall-E. It is fast becoming a favorite of mine as well. We have had countless discussions on all the different emotions his eyes are able to convey. He's a robot! How do they get him to look sad so convincingly? Plus you can actually see the love in his eyes when he looks at the girl robot, Eve. My grandkid had made plans to marry Lightning McQueen when she grew up. Now Eve had better watch out because she has some competition for Wall-E's affections. I've even used the butterballs who got that way from no exercise as an example to get my grandkid out of the house and on her bike. I admit that sometimes I give in and we watch the movie again instead. Yesterday I went out and bought a Wall-E pillow for my granddaughters bed. Things are getting out of hand with this. The poor Lightning McQueen pillow is now collecting dustbunnies under her bed. I considered buying a Wall-E pillow for myself. Now that would have been totally out of control. Thank goodness that direct tv prices in North Carolina are so affordable. It's time to go watch it again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Hot Day

I pulled some weeds in my vegetable garden in the backyard and it was way too hot for me. By the time I was done I sweat like crazy. I wish the weather will stay cool for a little while so we can enjoy outdoor activities. The thunder stop and there is no rain. I thought it will rain so at least it will cool down a little, but it didn't.

I want to share a picture of me and my family on our stop over at North Carolina. My daughter and I love the yellow flowers that they have in the garden there.

Get Your Tickets Ahead Of Time

Do you like to go on a concerts, sports or theater? If you do you can buy your tickets ahead of time at I will give you a few links to some of the event venues that you might like to visit. WANG THEATRE TICKETS, BOSTON OPERA HOUSE TICKETS and Air Canada Centre Tickets. Anyway I have to go to the store soon I need to pick up some stuff. If I don’t get up now my butt will be stuck here in the couch all day lol.

Kids are so quiet playing in there room and I like it that way. Sometimes they’re like cats and dogs, but I guess that is normal for siblings there is really times that you don’t get along. I had a big fight with my sister before when we are young and she scratched me lol. But after a few days we are friend again and back to playing with each other.

Creeper Trail In Virginia

We had so much fun on our Virginia vacation. We spend time with hubby's brother and his family. Together we had so much fun especially the kids. The creeper trail is one of the best place that I like during our vacation. My whole family would love to visit Virginia again. The kids and I missed the mountain view and the cool weather.

My son told me that he want to go back there and play in the creek next to the camp ground. He love to play on that water. Anyway my FIL also joined us there with Mommy Judy. We are so happy that we took that trip because it was so much fun.

Hubby and Kids

My Daughter with a beautiful view of the mountain on her back.

The Carlson Family is ready for adventure!

My Garden

I can't believe how much bugs there is in my vegetable garden. They keep on eating the plants some of them are already dead. I used a bug spray and it seems like it's not working. Now I am thinking about indoor planter after all the frustration of dealing with the bugs in outdoor planters. I need to try to put a few indoor planters and see if that will work for me. The heat is also killing my plants out there. Even it rains every afternoon the ground still dry after.

I just check a couple of my outddor planter and everything that I have in it is dying. Now I have to redo all my plants and start a new over again. There is a couple of plants that I want to save and put in an indoor planters my Filipino vegetable. I will keep it in the screen room to keep it away from the bugs.

My rosemarie herbs is bushing out in there. I have so much in one plant. You can buy rosemarie at store, but it is kind a expensive for a few short branches. So if you guys want some just came and visit and take as much as you want:-)

Big Boy's 6th Birthday

At Virginia

At School

At Home

At The Pool

Our son was so happy for his 6th birthday. He celebrated 4 times, first in the school, second in the house, third at the pool, then fourth in Virginia during our vacation. I am so happy that he like it. Still can't believe that he is now 6 years old. Enjoy the pictures above my friends and family!!!

It Was A Very Hot Weekend

We had a very hot weekend the temperature was 100+. I can't stand the heat that's why we stayed in the pool a lot. The kids love the pool so it's like heaven to them. Anyway We are trying to find a new mailbox but until now we can't decide which one we want. I saw a victorian mailboxes online they are very nice and unique mailboxes. But hubby is not into it so I have to keep on looking.

Some crazy people hit our mailbox and now either we have to buy a mailbox parts or buy a new one. I did went to a couple of stores and I can't even find a flags for mailboxes. So I know for sure we have to look for a new mailbox. Anyway It looks like it is going to rain I just hear a thunder. Gotta continue to look for mailboxes etc.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Good morning everyone! I am here once again I need to work more on this blog. This is my very first blog and I want to bring it back to life hehehe! I been busy lately and sometimes I don't have enough time to work on my blog. But now I am back here for real and want this blog to be back like before.

Since the summer start and I have the kids at home I am busy taking care of them. We usually spend more time in the pool than anywhere else. Right now it's a little too hot for us so we stayed home, but we are planning to have a Friday night out. So we have to see what else we are going to do today. Here is a picture of my kids now my friends.