Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I now know Wall-E by heart

Guest post written by Arlene Weston

My five year old granddaughter has a favorite movie. That movie is Wall-E. It is fast becoming a favorite of mine as well. We have had countless discussions on all the different emotions his eyes are able to convey. He's a robot! How do they get him to look sad so convincingly? Plus you can actually see the love in his eyes when he looks at the girl robot, Eve. My grandkid had made plans to marry Lightning McQueen when she grew up. Now Eve had better watch out because she has some competition for Wall-E's affections. I've even used the butterballs who got that way from no exercise as an example to get my grandkid out of the house and on her bike. I admit that sometimes I give in and we watch the movie again instead. Yesterday I went out and bought a Wall-E pillow for my granddaughters bed. Things are getting out of hand with this. The poor Lightning McQueen pillow is now collecting dustbunnies under her bed. I considered buying a Wall-E pillow for myself. Now that would have been totally out of control. Thank goodness that direct tv prices in North Carolina are so affordable. It's time to go watch it again.

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