Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here It Is

My boy is already drooling looking at this chocolates. He said he will grab a lot tomorrow and put it on his bag lol. I will be watching them so close tomorrow to make sure they don't eat to much chocolates and candies. It will be hard but, I have to do it. We are going to have a big argument about it I'm sure.

Most of the time we end up with too much chocolate and candies after awhile I just throw them away. I am not into chocolates and candies so, hubby and the kids are the one who is eating them. I will be the watcher hehehe. Getting do late in here now I am done baking so it's time for me to go to bed. Good night everyone...

Ready For Tomorrow

We are ready for the Halloween tomorrow. I am working on the dessert right now. The kids want me to make a confetti cake for Halloween. Also I am making egg custard. I need to cook the rest tomorrow. I just bought a cookies at the store tonight so I don't need to bake it. Chocolates are also in the big bowl waiting for the kids tomorrow.

I am trying to save some money on our savings account right now. I am going to apply for citizenship soon. Anyway the kids will be so tired on Monday because of the Halloween. We are going to try to be done by 9pm tomorrow. That way it won't be too late for the kids to go to bed. We are going to bed early tonight we have to get up early to go to the boat storage to pay. The kids doesn't want to go to bed yet. They want to stay up and watch TV.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A kid friendly kitchen

Guest post written by Josh Currant

We have our first baby on the way and even though we have three months left until she gets here, we're doing our best right now to make sure that we have everything in order for her arrival. We're putting the finishing touches on the nursery but we thought that since we're almost through with it that we'd concentrate on other parts of the house that we could make more kid friendly when we have the time (and our sanity) now.

I thought that one room that we needed to switch around would be the kitchen, so I looked up some more info on what I could have done to the kitchen. We ended up getting some new appliances, including a flat surface stove so we don't have to worry about little hands poking fingers into the burners. Also, We got our oven moved further up into one of our cabinets so that it would be harder for a little kid to reach up to it and open the door. Hopefully all this work will make the time to the delivery go by faster!

Another Picture Of Eggplants

I just took another picture of my eggplants in the backyard. This time I have more eggplants coming out. Its such a joy to see your plants growing. I can't wait to do my second harvest. Anyway it is so hard to type in here while I have a little boy sleeping on my shoulder.

He must be so tired at school today. His head is getting really heavy on my shoulder lol. How we are going to leave with this when he is sleeping. We are going to eat dinner late again today. We have to go to the store and pick up something to eat for dinner. Since my son is asleep we have to wait for him to wake up before we go otherwise he will be so grumpy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Looney Tunes

Thanks to Jonathon Woods

What ever happened to Looney Tunes? When I was a kid, it seemed like you could turn it to like 5 different channels and watch Looney Tunes. Those were and still are some of the funniest cartoons ever created. Now you would be lucky to see them on basic cable, and you normally have to watch Looney Tunes on satellite TV from

I think Looney Tunes was one of the best cartoon ever. I wish that kids these days could still watch them. Now the cartoons are all trippy and hardly make sense. Looney Tunes always followed a plot and had hilarious slapstick comedy for both kids and adults.

The reason Looney Tunes isn't played anymore, is supposedly because it is too violent for children. This seems a little ridiculous to me and I seriously don't understand how they can not play Looney Tunes but still play some of the crazy shows they do. Looney Tunes wasn't THAT violent. It was mainly slapstick comedy. Sure, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were constantly getting shot at by either Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam, but it was all playful.

I really wish that they would bring Looney Tunes back. Sometimes I will see a Looney Tunes marathon playing on Cartoon Network but it seems like it only happens one day a year. Let's hope they return one day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have been bugging hubby to change the flooring in our kitchen. It's getting too old and I don't like it that much anymore. So now we are in the process of checking out store and comparing prices. Last night we browse around the online and found the They got a lots of stuff that are very nice. Now we are planning to put Tiles in the kitchen floor. I think Tiles would be good it makes my cleaning a lot easier.

If you are like me looking for tiles check out their website today. They have Subway tiles and more. You can also check out the their closeout and on sale stuff. Anyway I need to get up and start cleaning my bathroom. I am not feeling really well but I have to get up and do it today. I don't want to wait for another day to do it.

I can use a hand right now but, everybody is out in the house. So, that means I have to do it all myself. Being a stay at home mom is so hard and so much stuff to do. How much more for those moms that work and still do all the house chores alone.

The Pumpkins

Here is the result of our first time pumpkin carving. The whole family had so much fun doing this. So, we are now planning to do the pumpkin carving every year. My son was so happy that finally we did that. He is been waiting for us to start carving the pumpkin since last week. Finally last weekend we did it. The part that has more work on carving pumpkin is the cleaning the inside.

The kids got so tired after cleaning the big pumpkin. I end up finishing the other two. Then of course after the carving part we put candle inside and it was awesome. The kids really like it. Tonight I need to put those pumpkins outside. The kids keep it in the counter.

Not Much Sleep

I did not have much sleep last night. The kids gave me their colds my throat was hurting and I also cough a little. I hate it when I'm sick I can't do much stuff around the house. Today I need to scrub the two bathrooms. I been planning to clean the two bathroom for days now and today is the day. I have to hop in the treadmill first before starting the cleaning.

Yesterday I moved all my herbs plants indoor. I will keep them in the screen room for the winter. We like to eat fresh veggies, it is always good to keep yourself healthy. Specially for me I have two kids to take care. I always try things to keep myself more healthier. I can't afford to be sick. So, I have to keep on taking my vitamins to help me boost my immune system. Cold weather is coming and the kids starting to bring home colds that they caught from school. Then now they transfer it to mommy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Did Some Shopping

We just got back from the store hubby was looking for a timberland pro steel toe boots. But, he did not found one that he likes. So, we are going to look around in the other stores. We don't have much time to go around on the other store today because tomorrow is back to school for the kids. The three day weekend that we had went by so fast. Tomorrow we are back to normal again.

While in the store I got myself a couple of levis 501. I love those jeans it last a lot longer compare to other brands of jeans that I had before. I also got hubby the Levis 514. Most of his pants now are levis. Anyway my kids are reading books right now. I need to get up and do some book logging for them.

We Carved It

We had so much fun with the kids yesterday. We carved 3 pumpkins and it was really fun and messy. The hardest part is the cleaning inside the pumpkin we have to scoop everything out inside. My son was the one who did not surrender with the job. My daughter left us after awhile she doesn't like to get her hands dirty lol. She was excited at first but when she saw all the work she went to her room and watch TV.

My son help all the way to the end. On Wednesday will be carving pumpkin again at school for my son's class. He can't wait for us to do that. I got a bunch of pumpkin seeds now I dry them all then later I am going to roast it. It's my first time to roast a pumpkin seeds I don't know if it's going to turn out okay. We have to see I guess. Have a happy Monday everyone! I will be posting some photos later.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Favorite Reality TV Show Is The Biggest Loser

Guest written by our friend Jan Petersen

Reality TV has come a long way from where it first began. My favorite Reality TV show is The Biggest Loser. This show offers it's contestants a way to lose weight. These people are pretty big and seeing the way that they are able to transform is amazing.

It's nice to be able to watch The Biggest Loser on my direct tv packages family; this allows me to record it and fast forward through the commercials. The show has inspired me to begin a workout program and to eat healthier. My favorite trainer is Jillian, she is really tough on the competitors, but they work extremely hard for her.

For the most part the contestants seem to get along and root for each other. I prefer that to when they fight and back stab. This show is there to support them in living a healthier lifestyle. The challenges are fun, although I'm glad to be watching them as opposed to participating myself. The challenges look really hard. The food challenges that are provided would definitely temp me.

The show gives them advice on how to dress; I have taken some of these tips to use for myself. It's nice that at the end of each show, they let you see how the person who had to leave is doing. They look so nice with their weight loss.


Trying a wig at the Halloween store. Both of my kids had fun trying on wigs. My son was the one who started it. Then of course the sister followed. I also took a picture of my son I put it in my other blog. I had a busy day today but, nice day. My friend's son was with us almost all day. We really had fun playing with the baby. He was a good baby all he do was giggling a lot.

I love to watch him because he is such a good baby. I hope to spend time with him again soon. So late mow and I am still awake our son is already sleeping. While my daughter is wide awake. She is still watching TV. It's okay because there is no school tomorrow.

Bathroom Cleaned

I did cleaned my bathroom yesterday so I don't need to think about it tomorrow. I just hope that the kids won't make a mess in there again. I visited the website of and I find a lot of nice stuff in there. I want to buy that shower head that they have in there it's really nice and kind a wide. So, if you are planning to renovate your bathrooms visit their website today. They have a lot of nice tubs and sinks. It is so nice to do some update in the bathroom. Sometimes I get bored with the same stuff in the bathroom so I try to make the decoration changes once in a while.

Right now we are planning to buy and new bathroom sink for the kids bathroom. Hubby want to buy the two sinks so the kids won't fight all the time. They always have argument on who goes first to brush their teeth and they end up fighting. Right now I try to make them go one at a time so no arguments. I think it would be a lot better with two sinks too. Their bathroom is big enough to put two sinks. So, that is our next project aside from the kitchen flooring. Well, I need to get the house ready my friend's baby will be staying with me for awhile. I am going to have fun with that little cute boy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter Vacation

Winter is fast approaching once again and I known that there are a lot of people like to go for a family vacation. Right now you can visit if you want to visit North Carolina. You can check out Myrtle Beach hotel and resorts in Myrtle Beach. For us will be enjoying the holidays at home this year. We use to go to the mountain of Giorgia and enjoy the mountain, rivers and water falls. But this year we can't go.

Anyway I just realize that I have too much work to do here. Time is moving so fast it's already after ten. I'm still stuck here in the couch lol. I need to start moving and get on with it. I hope to finish at least half of it. We also want to do a yard sale this weekend. Hubby want to get rid of the stuff in the garage that we don't use anymore. So tomorrow will be a busy day for us to gather everything for Saturday.

We want to visit Myrtle beach on summer. It would be good to check out the place. We never been there yet. Since we are a little closer to North Carolina we want to drive there and explore the place. We like to see new things, I really like to travel by car. Traveling by land is so nice you get to see so many different place that you never seen before. So, Myrtle beach is definitely on our list to visit.


My husband is going to wear a costume this year. This is the first time that he is participating on Halloween costume since we got married. The kids are excited for daddy to wear his werewolf costume. It's kind a scary but it's cute lol. I will be a midnight fairy walking with the werewolf hehehe. My daughter will be a bumble bee with her brother wearing Super Mario costume. My friends are all wearing costumes this year too. So we have to see I will be taking a lot of pictures.

We are planning to go to the spooktacular at the zoo next week. The entrance fee is kind a expensive but we have to see. The kids has been enjoying the zoo for the past 3 years. I guess we can't skip that one this year. Well, it's up to the kids if they want to go. They have new attraction this year. I don't think the kids would want to go on that one though. They said it's too scary if you have a weak heart do not go inside lol. Very creepy indeed.

Early Today

We got to the school a little early today. I woke the kids up a little early because we have to pick up my friend's son. I have to make some egg roll today for the party on Saturday. We have to attend on the annual Halloween party of the momslikeme. I can make the egg roll ahead of time and just freeze it. My Daughter is so excited to wear her costume. I told her to just wear the dress that she had couple years ago. It's a princess dress with fiber optic.

Anyway do you need a cabling installation? If you do visit They can help you make your project to be a successful one. They can also do a fiber optic installation, electrical contractor and more. So, if you need help just check out their website and learn more about the service that they are offering to their costumers. You can also request a free consultation at their website and if you want to talk to a person they have the number in there too.

I am going to the kitchen in a few minutes to start making my egg roll. I want to watch my soap opera but, I can do that later. So happy that tomorrow is already Friday. The weekend is getting so close.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Guest post written by Betsey Williamson

My husband and I have been thinking of ways to stay active since we retired, and so far we’ve been going full throttle. Last week we took tennis lessons, went bowling together, and took a leisurely hike in the state park. We’ve nearly worn each other out.

Maybe it’s cheesy, but we want every day together to be an adventure, so we’re already planning exciting things for this upcoming week. I think Jim wants to go to the beach, play mini golf and go bird watching. I love the beach so I’d never say no to that…the other two, we’ll have to see about. Ha!

As far as we can tell, we are going to continue this pace until we absolutely HAVE to rest. I hope my husband can make time to go in for his appointment Thursday to have a Miracle Ear hearing test done, though. I think if he got the hearing aids he’s wanted for a while, he’ll enjoy our newfound active lifestyles a lot more!

Soon, I think we might try to do some more things in Florida and see some new sights. And if I know us, we’ll canvass every inch.

Look At The Picture

My son want to have those words on his hand so he don't feel sad at school. Well, it work for awhile but, after that he was sad again. He told me that when he washed his hand the whole thing disappear. Until now he still cry a little when I drop him off in the morning to school. I hope I can find a way to make him stop crying.

Anyhow we went to the library yesterday and they got 10 books each to read every night. They also use it for their book reports and book logging. Book report is my less favorite homework. My daughter like doing book reports. In a few days we need to go back to the library to get more books. I like to do it every Tuesday because the library is right next to my school.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Eyes Checked

Finally we got our daughter's eyes check today. The result she is nearsighted so now she has to wear eyeglass when she read a far distance. We got the eyeglass ordered today and we should have it by next week. She was so nervous at first because she doesn't know what the eye doctor is going to do. But, when we get to the exam room everything was fine. She is so excited about her new pink eyeglass lol. Hubby and I was a little worried about her now, we feel a little better that we know what is the problem. We just have to wait now until her eyeglass will arrive.

I have to finish my house work tomorrow since I did not have enough time to finish it today. Anyway you can now get an asbestos survey just visit They can give you information on how to remove asbestos in your home. So, get the solution you need on dealing with asbestos check out their website today.

I have so much work to do this week we need to attend to a Halloween party on Saturday. So I have to plan what kind of food I have to bring for the pot luck. The kids are so excited and want to bring their friends with them. There will be a lot more people this year compare to last year. Well, have a wonderful night and sweet dreams.

Online Games

My two kids are addicted with their online games. The good thing on is that all the places where they play is very safe. I watch them all the time on which site do they go. Even me I am addicted the the games in the computer. I am hook up with the zumas revenge game. Now I got hubby to join me on playing the game lol. I am actually in the higher level compare to him my son is playing it too. But, then he always asked me to play for his player.

Our daughter is the only one who is not very interested on the game. Any I need to get ready for my laundry job here. I have so much to do before the kids will come home from school. I don't even have time anymore to visit my FB. Have a great week ahead everyone... Because me I have a very busy week again this week. Starting tonight my daughter have an appointment with the eye doctor. I think she will be wearing eyeglasses soon.

Fried Rice

The kids had fried rice for breakfast with a spam and scrambled eggs. They like it a lot that they even bring some for their lunch. So, now they have oven roasted turkey sandwich and a fried rice. The two foods did not match up I don't really care as long as they like it. I am glad that the girl dress up really quick this morning compare to the previous weeks.

We have to see tomorrow if she will be quick again. My son cries a little when I drop him off this morning. The good this is that he stop crying once his inside the classroom. I guess throughout the day he forgot about missing mommy. Anyway I will be getting off here soon I need to iron the kids clothes in the hamper.

Great Day

I am having a great day so far. I went to four different stores this morning and thank god I found everything I needed. My daughter was getting worried that i won't be able to find a nail polish for her costumes and eyeshadow. But thankfully mommy is very patient on looking for those stuff. Now all I need to do is practice on how we are going to put it on.

She will be so happy when she gets home from school. Anyway I want to purchase a pulse oximeter for the house. But, I need to wait until I have enough savings to get it. For now I need to clean out my medicine cabinet and throw away all the old medicines in there. I have so much to here at home today and I did not even started yet.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eat And Play

Today we went to the community annual fest and the kids had so much fun. They have bounce houses and games. The kids favorite spot are the snow cone and cotton candy. They just love it so much. The homeowner association did a wonderful job on today's get together. They had so much foods from burger, hot dogs and chicken barbecue. Also they had so much stuff for desserts.

Anyway I want to put a walk in tubs in the house the we are building in the Philippines. I check out and their website help me decide which one I would buy later on. Right now I stop the construction since I don't have a job to continue the building. But, the house is almost done. My parents sometimes sleep in there since it is a lot cooler upstairs.

I can't wait to finish the house but, the question is when? Well, I guess whenever we can afford to finish it. Right now we are not in a hurry to finish it since we are not planning to move there any time soon.


We are so ready for the Halloween. We got our costumes and this year all of us will be wearing a costumes. Usually we only dress up the kids but, this year hubby and I will also wear a costumes and join the kids for the fun Halloween. My daughter end up buying the bumble bee costume since the one that she like is out of stock. Our son will be super mario.

Then, hubby is werewolf and I am midnight fairy. So, the whole gang is so ready for trick or treating. We are going to wear our costumes at least three times. First we are attending the momslikeme annual Halloween party, then the spooktacular at the zoo and finally the Halloween night. It will be fun for everyone I can't wait for it to come. I have a couple of friends that are coming to our house on Halloween and join us with their family to go trick or treating.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family fun at the Akron Zoo

Contribution by Terrance Kirby

My kids really love the Akron Zoo. Living in Wadsworth, Ohio it's so easy to get to the Akron Zoo. I simply pack the kids some snacks, set my ADT Home Security alarm, hop in the car and we arrive in about 20 minutes. The penguin exhibit is near the entrance of the zoo. That is where my children typically run first. The zoo has recently put a lot of effort and money into upgrading the penguin area. The kids cannot only watch the penguins swimming via a glass wall but, also now have a stairs leading to an overlook where they see them from above! This is an outdoor exhibit as I believe the Akron weather actually suits the penguins!

The second place the kids like to go is to the new indoor exhibit which features crocodiles and komodo dragons. I think this zoo may be the only place I've actually seen live komodo dragons. They look friendly, but, the zoo officials make it clear to the kids that these reptiles are extremely poisonous. After the kids have stared at these animals, we are off to watch the silly antics of the otters. And if you know anything about kids and otters, I can barely get my kids to leave this exhibit! I highly recommend you bring your family to the Akron Zoo.

Wine Opener

My friend asked me if I can give here a rogar estate wine opener for Christmas. But, she said that she was just kidding. Both of she and her hubby like to drink wine. So, they always like to collect wine opener. Her sister in law got her the champion wine opener and she really love it. Now she is keeping it as a collection. She also have the estate wine opener on her collections. Some people have different type of collections my friend like to collect a wine opener. While I like to collect snow globes and angels.

My schedule for today is full already. After blogging here I have to start cleaning the house. I got done with the laundry now it's the house cleaning is next. But, I have on problem here my butt stuck in the couch again hehehe. I am going to make myself a soup for lunch before starting to do my cleaning. I need a little energy first.

Orange Chicken

My daughter's favorite Chinese food is orange chicken. She always order orange chicken whenever we eat in Chinese restaurant. My son doesn't like it at all. He doesn't like any food that has a sweet sauce in it. Hubby and I love to eat mushrooms but, our kids hate mushroom. If they see that there is a mushroom in the food they're not eating it.

Hubby and I basically can eat anything. Specially me I am adventurous in foods I like to try new flavors from all over the world. That is why I am having so much problem losing weight lol. Anyway I need to shampoo the floor today. I suppose to do it yesterday but, I have to help the teacher at school. So, today is the day that I am going to clean up this floor.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie

Thanks for the post from Noble Schultz

My ultimate favorite halloween program to watch with the children is "Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie." The kids love it and I think it is pretty cute too. We will be watching it this year on satellite tv from

It takes place in the Hundred Acre Woods which is haunted for Halloween. Roo's new friend Lumpy, who is a Heffalump, is so excited because it will be his first time trick-or-treating. Tigger warns the two about the Gobloons. He says that the Gobloons will turn them into "jaggedy lanterns" if he catches them.

The program is not too scary. My little ones have watched it since they were 2 with no problems. Most little kids love Pooh and this is a super cute way to get them into the Halloween spirit. Last year my son was so smitten that he decided to be Roo for Halloween. We looked all over for a Roo costume but had no luck. I ended up making it which was harder than it looked. But after it was all said and done we had a super cute costume and a great Halloween.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Donut For Breakfast

Kids want donuts for breakfast so, we went to buy donuts and now they are enjoying it. I am not eating donuts today. But, I got myself a whole grain baguette and it's so delicious. Tomorrow is another day of work and school. I finally done working with the laundry now I need to work on my kitchen. I need to buy new spices I am almost out on everything.

I am planning on buying one on those jk adams spice rack so it will last longer. Hubby and I like to cook at home so we always make sure that we have everything we need when we cook. Sometimes we like to eat out also but, only on the weekends. During week days we always cook and eat at home. I also like the jk adams cutting board I love their designs. There is one thing that I really want on my kitchen the pot racks and I saw a jk adams pot rack that I really like. Once I save up enough money I am going to buy those things.

I like to spend time in the kitchen and cook. No wonder why it's so hard to to lose weight lol.

Had Fun Last Night

We took the kids to adventure landing to play. They had fun playing on the machines and won some tickets. They got a toys in exchange of the tickets they won. Both love to play on the place we have 100 tokens last night and did not last long. So, next time we need to buy 200 tokens that way it will last longer. I'm just happy to see the kids happy.

It seems like the adventure landing is going to be one of our favorite place to hang around on the weekends. We did not go fishing this weekend because the high tide is so early in the morning. Hubby and I was working on the yard yesterday. Also we put out the Halloween decorations outside. The kids is been bugging us about it so finally yesterday we got it out.

Friday, October 8, 2010


My daughter come home from school yesterday with a fever. When I check her throat it was so red so, I called the doctors office and thank god they took us in. When they do the test for strep it came out positive. So, now she is at home taking her medicine. I am glad that the fever went away already. Good thing that I took her to the doctor right away. Otherwise she'll be in terrible pain today. Her throat is a lot better today and she seems to be fine. She has to take that antibiotics for 10 days.

Anyway Have you heard about Ezuza? You can use enzuza for mobile payments solution. You can make mobile payments, online payments on the go. If you are interested about their services just click the link. Also the have Ezuza Mexico for Spanish people. Check it out today and see the other services that they can offer you. Have a wonderful Friday everyone! I am looking forward for the weekend. I hope that my daughter will be okay by tomorrow so we can do some family bonding moment outside the house.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Laundry Day

Working on my laundry right now I need to get this done today so I can have a relaxing weekend without thinking about the laundry. I am in the process of ironing and folding clothes. I should be done before the day is through. The kids clothes are all cleaned I just have to hang them in their closet after I fold the rest. We have a cold weather today and I love it. My car warranty has expired already last month and now we are thinking of getting extended warranty. I am trying to find Auto Warranty Quote and see if I can find an affordable one.

We don’t have budget for it but, if we can find one that we can afford why not. I have been to Their extended service contracts include Bumper-to-Bumper, Full Comprehensive, Power train, and vehicle product warranties for an array of otherwise costly issues. Backed by reputable providers, their new and used Automobile coverage is reliable and affordable. Included for the customers’ convenience are overviews of their extended coverage's. Now that I browse their website I need to wait for hubby to decide if we are going to get an extended warranty for my car. Now, I need to go back to my work here. I need to be done before the kids come home.

Pumpkin Patch

Posing at the pumpkin patch at store. My son was so excited when he saw a bunch of pumpkin at the store. He asked me if I can take a picture of him and his sister. So, here it is the picture of them. He want to bring home at least five pumpkin lol. We told him that it's too early to buy the pumpkin.

This weekend we are going to pick up some pumpkin. Anyway I am falling asleep in here again hehehe. The cold weather makes me feel so lazy. Yesterday my daughter come home with a fever. No wonder why she was so grumpy when I pick them up from school. She told me she just need a nap because she feel so sleepy. But then when hubby check her she was hot. I gave her some medicine and the fever went away. I hope she's okay at school today.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Great American Pastime

Post contributed by Heath Key

If you have never been to a baseball game, you have to go. Oh, and by baseball game, I mean Major League. Of course everyone loves Little League games, but there is nothing like going to the home team's stadium on a bright summer day to watch a game. It's one of those rare days where it is okay to eat bad food and hang out in the hot sun without worrying about everything else.

Anyone used to the fast pace of pro football might have to wind it back a bit to enjoy a baseball game. At a major league baseball game, it actually gets quiet enough to say something to those sitting next to us with a hope of being heard. Plus, there is nothing like a chili cheese dog from a vendor wandering around in the stands. “Hot dogs! Peanuts!” Oh, I can just taste that combo right now, and it has my mouth watering. My boy just has to have nachos and cheese with extra jalapenos. Hey, what can I say? He's my boy!

It's amazing how the crack of the bat against the ball can be heard even up in the cheap seats. I'd almost swear that they mic the bat for a special effect! Heartburn is a certainty in the evening on a game day, but it's worth it. When it just doesn't work out for us to get to the game in person, my son and I stay home and watch professional baseball all day on satellite TV from Mom makes the nachos and chili cheese dogs then, while dad and the boy get crumbs on the couch.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Day

What a long day I had today I spend half of the day ironing clothes. Then off to pick up the kids at school. Then we have to go back again to the school for my daughter's 4th grade program. The program was really nice. My daughter was so shy she doesn't even want smile lol. Anyway we just had a rain the other day. We just put out our garden rain chains I am also planning on buying the gutter rain chain. My favorite of all is the copper rain chains I would like to buy one someday.

Tomorrow will be a busy day again. The teacher of my son asked me if I can come tomorrow to help her at school. She want to finish her testing. I thought I will get done with my laundry tomorrow but, I have to cancel it. I have a duty at school tomorrow. I really need to get this laundry put away so I can start cleaning the bathroom. I guess I have to do it on Thursday and Friday.

It will be a short day at school tomorrow since tomorrow is early release day. Will be home an hour early tomorrow. So, maybe I can finish some of my work by then.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Bored

I have a very quiet house right now all I hear are the birds outside. I open the back door since it is nice and cold out there. I haven't done much around the house today. My son keeps on reminding me to buy a pumpkin. Hubby and I have to carve a pumpkin in front of the kids this month. Since both of us doesn't know how to carve a pumpkin yesterday we bought one so we can practice.

So, we are carving it tonight with the kids. We have to see the result I'll be taking picture to share it with you guys. The kids want to start carving their own pumpkin and I think it is really nice for them to do that. They never been experience pumpkin carving because I always buy the plastic one every year lol. I want my kids to try to play and carve a real pumpkin this year. I'm sure they'll have fun doing it.

Perfect Weather

The weather is perfect outside and I'm loving it. Now that the weather is starting to cool down I need to buy myself a Coffee Pods. I am not a coffee drinker but, I like to have some during cold season. Today I was checking out the K-Cups at You can even order Office Coffee in their website. So, if you are looking to buy a coffee for your office just visit their website.

They have all the stuff that you need in there. You can also buy Gift Baskets at their website it is really nice to surprise somebody with a gift basket. Anyway I went outside to check on my plants at the backyard. My kids played with a ball yesterday in there and today I found out that they broke on of the branch of my eggplant. The branch that broke has flowers and eggplant on it already. So, because of what happen I lost about 10 eggplant on that branch. I need to have a long talked to my little creatures later about it.

Walking With The Family

Walking with my family almost every afternoon around the neighborhood is really awesome. The kids like it a lot and sometimes they rode on their bikes while hubby and I walked. We are enjoying it a lot. One time we went walking a little late and the bugs was really bad. The kids was screaming and scared on those little bugs that is so annoying. Next time we need to walk while the sun is still out. Anyway do you need debt consolidation? If you do visit They have certified counselors that can help you find ways to solve your problems. Nowadays there are a lot of people getting credit counseling to help them control their financial problems.

Check out today to find out more about debt consolidation. They have a live help on their website who can chat with you. They also have testimonials on their website. Anyhow I think I am going to end up taking a nap after all. I can barely open my eyes I need to go to bed early so I don't feel so sleepy in the morning.

Hello Monday

I am not a morning person but I have to get up and get the kids ready for school. I went to bed so late last night and now I am so sleepy. Thinking about all the stuff I need to do here at home it takes my mind away of thinking to go back in bed. My kids and I are very surprise about the weather this morning. It feels like winter outside when we come out the door. My son was so happy he said this is my favorite weather mommy.

Now I have to get all the jackets and long sleeves out. After a long day at the river yesterday my back is hurting now. I woke up with a body ache but that's okay because we had so much fun about our fishing trip trip yesterday. Have a wonderful week ahead everyone! I am getting off here to start ironing the kids clothes.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Investing Gold

My friend and I was talking about jewelry today. She like white gold and silver jewelry while I like the yellow gold. She was laughing because I told her that I don't like wearing them all the time because I don't want to break it or something. For me is more like on collecting them lol. Anyway some people invest in gold coins and Gold Bullion and that is really good investment because gold is always high in the market. If I have a money now I would love to invest in Bullion.

Couple years ago my neighbor invited me to come over for a gold buying party. You bring your broken gold jewelry and they will buy it from you. Good thing I come over because I sold my broken jewelry for hundred dollars. Good thing I did not throw it away. Anyway if you are looking to invest in Gold IRA visit If you have any questions you can live chat with the expert before you Buy Gold.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency is one way to advertise your company so, people will know about it. The more you advertise the better. People will know your products through effective advertising. For company owners who are looking for advertisement agency to help their business visible to everyone, visit

Check out their website today to know more about their advertising strategy and more. Business needs exposure to be able to survive in this very tough economy. Advertising agency is the place to go to get help. My friend just recently started her restaurant and she put up a lot of advertisement so people would know about it. Now her place is always full of customer.

Anyway my feet are killing me because of walking today. We couldn’t find a parking space near the restaurant. So, hubby had to park a little further away, that means we have to walk. I wore my high heel shoes and it was too high and my feet was killing me lol. Lessons learn wear flat shoes next time. Spending time with hubby was really awesome. Tomorrow will be another day of family bonding with friends. My son wants to ride in the go cart again. He said he like it now and he is not afraid anymore. We have to see tomorrow. I hope that the weather will cooperate tomorrow so the kids will enjoy the party. I am getting really tired now I have been staying up so late for the last couple nights playing games in my computer. It’s almost late already the kids are in bed so I guess it’s time for me to go to bed too.

Have a Nice Weekend

Have a nice weekend everyone! The kids are so excited to see their friends tomorrow. We are going to attend on a birthday party of my daughter's best friend. The two of them is like sisters. I can't believe how they grow through the years it seems like it was just yesterday when both are so little. Now my daughter is almost as tall as me.

She will be a lot taller than me in a few years. Anyway we had a good day today hubby and I had our lunch date. The kids enjoyed playing with their friends after school today. Now we are just watching TV and trying to relax. The plan for tomorrow is canoe fishing but, since my friend called me today about the party we have to cancel it.

The Florida weather is getting a lot cooler in the morning. But about noon the sun is still too hot to handle. Sunday is the best weather it will be only high on the med 80s. My son said he can't wait for the cold weather to come.