Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have been bugging hubby to change the flooring in our kitchen. It's getting too old and I don't like it that much anymore. So now we are in the process of checking out store and comparing prices. Last night we browse around the online and found the They got a lots of stuff that are very nice. Now we are planning to put Tiles in the kitchen floor. I think Tiles would be good it makes my cleaning a lot easier.

If you are like me looking for tiles check out their website today. They have Subway tiles and more. You can also check out the their closeout and on sale stuff. Anyway I need to get up and start cleaning my bathroom. I am not feeling really well but I have to get up and do it today. I don't want to wait for another day to do it.

I can use a hand right now but, everybody is out in the house. So, that means I have to do it all myself. Being a stay at home mom is so hard and so much stuff to do. How much more for those moms that work and still do all the house chores alone.

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