Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not Much Sleep

I did not have much sleep last night. The kids gave me their colds my throat was hurting and I also cough a little. I hate it when I'm sick I can't do much stuff around the house. Today I need to scrub the two bathrooms. I been planning to clean the two bathroom for days now and today is the day. I have to hop in the treadmill first before starting the cleaning.

Yesterday I moved all my herbs plants indoor. I will keep them in the screen room for the winter. We like to eat fresh veggies, it is always good to keep yourself healthy. Specially for me I have two kids to take care. I always try things to keep myself more healthier. I can't afford to be sick. So, I have to keep on taking my vitamins to help me boost my immune system. Cold weather is coming and the kids starting to bring home colds that they caught from school. Then now they transfer it to mommy.

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