Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Happy Family!

Here is a picture of us during Christmas day. We had a very fun and exciting Christmas. Kids was so happy for all the things they received last Christmas. We don't have much material things, but we are one big happy family!I am so thankful every year and everyday that I have a wonderful husband who always there for me and gave me two beautiful and smart kids. And That is a lifetime present there that you can't buy anywhere:)...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Now we are heading to a brand new year!!!

Single Mom

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Being a single mom has been challenging to say the least but it’s fun for me to get to make all the decisions for our little family. When I was tired of the New Jersey weather I packed up my little girl and all our stuff and I moved us down here to Florida– how’s that for being able to think on the fly? I found a cute little house only a few miles from the beach and I spent a lot of time looking into Florida adt home security and good babysitters and all that to make this place feel more at home. I love being a mom and my daughter is just the light of my life but it really is a big responsibility working full time and taking care of a child. I don’t know how people do this AND have time to carry on a relationship but I’m thinking about trying online dating as a way to meet some single dads. Who knows, maybe I will!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not Feeling Good

I don't like this because finally it's Saturday and here I am can't even enjoy it because of my sinus infection. My head is hurting so bad and I just feel like crap today:(... The kids are enjoying watching movies. I have my quiet time right now. I just want to make a quick post in here before we go out for lunch.

I hope that by the end of this day my sinus will get better. Otherwise I'll be like this the whole weekend. I can't wait for the school winter vacation. I am ready to get that break. I have been so tired lately with not much sleep because of my sinus keeps making me up in the middle of the night. Crossing my finger that this medicine will work this time.

Friday, December 9, 2011

We Need A Break!

Last week hubby had colds and now I am the one that is sick. It is so hard because I can't get much sleep that I needed, I have to get up early to take care of everybody. I am just glad that today is Friday that means I can sleep longer tomorrow. This family need some vacation already. Maybe Travel somewhere we can use this two weeks of winter break.

One more week and it's vacation time for the kids and me. Anyway, if you are looking to travel this Christmas visit the link I have here on this post. I know that there are so many people going on a long vacation this month, my family and I just want to see a snow. The kids wish to see a snow every year. So, we are going to see if we can drive on the nearest state that have a snow.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not Much Sleep

My body is getting use to go to sleep so late, now I am having problem falling asleep early. So, I end up with pimples on my face. Plus my blackheads are driving me crazy I need some Acne medicine. I hate this because it's so hard to get rid off. I need a very strong medication to get rid of this acne.

Anyway, I just hope that I can get rid of this soon! Also I think I need to start going to be early it will help me reduce the appearance off pimples. I need to get ready for a family outing kids and hubby are done dressing up. Have a great weekend everyone!

Another Cold Weekend

Kids woke up so early and start playing very noisy. So, I don't have a choice but to get up. Now, here I am trying to get this blog moving a little. Anyway, we are going to the town center tonight for the lighting of the big Christmas tree out there and after that they have a fireworks display. First we are having a hot cocoa for a very cold morning. But, it should go up to the 70s so, it will be fine later.

So, we don't want to miss that, that is why we want to go their a little bit early today so we can find a parking spot. I know a lot of people are going in there today. Kids are excited about it we watch it every year. Tonight we are going to have some fun out there.

Home is just THAT!

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

Our home is just that – ours! My husband and I got married a few months ago and we’ve been looking for a new house since just before the wedding. We finally found the right one at the right price and we moved in about a week ago and now are slowly working on making it ours. I’ve been doing all the girly stuff like painting and making flower arrangements and stuff like that and my new husband (that sounds so weird!) has been doing things like looking into ADT security RichMond and trash pickup – all the things boys should be concerned about. I’m so glad we didn’t go over budget with the wedding so we’re not entering this phase of life totally broke like some of our friends – we’ve got the money we need to keep ourselves afloat and not live paycheck to paycheck. I can’t imagine being like that and I don’t understand why so many people put themselves in that position right in a new marriage, as if the marriage itself isn’t hard enough!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Deals

I went to the store this weekend and found so many good deals out there. Like the Christmas decorations both of the craft stores I check out had a 50 to 60%off. So, I bought some but I was a little disappointed, because I did not found one Christmas decor that I was looking for. I am hoping to find it next weekend. I love decorating for Christmas, our Christmas trees are up and I love the way it come out. I will take some picture soon and I am going to post it here so you guys can see it.

It is so nice to find something on sale. There are places online that you can find good deals in your area. You can find chicago deals at So, if you want to found out what is the good deals near you visit today. Soon we are going to find a lot of special deals at the stores for the Black Friday sale. I am sure that there are a lot of people out there who is waiting for the black friday sale.

Get your budget ready for the biggest shopping day of the year. I am not sure if I have any budget to go shopping on that day. But, I will surely drive around and look for something good. The kids are already starting to make their Christmas list, but I don't have any idea what they put on their list yet. I will take a quick look at it this week if I can find it.


I am done decorating the Christmas trees, now I can relax. I don't have to do that next week. So,now I can start thinking on what to make for Thanksgiving. We already bought the turkey and other stuff. Next weekend we are going to buy the ham. I don't know what to make for dessert yet,so I have to start thinking about it this week.

I just want to make sure I know everything what we are making before the Thanksgiving is here. Kids are so excited about it. I still have few things to do here at home, then I;ll be done with the Christmas decoration.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shopping For Christmas

My friend asked me if I can join her to go shopping this coming Black Friday. I said I have to see if I have a budget for it. I also told her to visit the upromise black friday for the coupons. You will get additional discount if you have the coupons. Last year I got lazy, so I stayed home and did go for the black friday sale. Now, I am thinking of going with my friend and see if we can find some good deal.

At you will also find macy's coupons. So, if you are planning to go shopping this coming black friday visit this website for coupons. They actually have so many different store coupons on their website. If you like to to save and check out those coupons just click the links I have on this post.

Anyway, I am a little tired today we went out for lunch and go to the store to buy more Christmas decorations. I am tired now, but happy because I am done decorating the big tree and the small tree is half way done. Tomorrow I only have few more things to do with the Christmas tree, then I am done. Hopefully I'll get this all done by next week. I need to get this decorating job done, so I can start thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Tree

The kids are so excited about Christmas, that they even have the Christmas tree out and now it is up with a light. Now, they can't wait to put on the ornaments. I told them to wait because I need to buy some Christmas ribbons first. I am going to pick up some ribbons at the store today so we can get this tree done.

We like our tree up before Thanksgiving come. So, after Thanksgiving we can just sit down and relax. The kids like that idea since we're been doing it for so many years. It is kind our tradition to put up our tree before Thanksgiving. So, I will get that tree up before this weekend end.

Some Entertainment

For people who love to read jokes and more visit yitz grossman at He have plenty of jokes on his website. So, if you feel bored and nothing seems to entertain you check out his website and have some laughs. We all can use some fun time and for me, I go for reading a very funny jokes online. I have some friends who like to do that too.

Anyway, the website of yitz grossman also have something about love and caring. So, if you're interested just visit yitz grossman website on the links I have here on my post. It seems like we are going to be stuck here at home today and tomorrow, because of the cold weather. Now, I am planning to spend sometime on reading yitz grossman jokes. Then, also I have to start putting all those Christmas stuff up. I already have some idea on what color we are going to use for the big tree. I'll let the kids decide how they want to decorate the little tree. Anyhow, I have to get this kids something to eat for breakfast first before I continue blogging.

Here It Is Again

Here we are again with the cold weather. Today and tomorrow suppose to be freezing, so we can't go fishing then! Anyway, I have to do a lot of stuff at home I guess I just use this cold day to get things done around the house.

I was planning to sleep late today, but the kids woke up so early and start playing and screaming, so that woke me up. After that I couldn't go back to sleep anymore. Now I am up and blogging I need to finish some task here online. I hope everyone will have a great 3day weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

I know that there are so many people out there who is looking for a Medicare Supplemental Insurance. If you are reading this and want to know more about it just visit Insurance is very important otherwise you will pay big out of your pocket if you don't have any. I know that there are a lot of seniors that need this kind of insurance. Also at their website you will find Additional information on how you can save.

In addition you can also check out the You can get your free quote when you visit this website today. This post remind me to update our insurance plan this month. I have to check if how much they cover for vision screening. My daughter's eyes need to be check again. Even with her prescription eyeglasses now she is 30/30. So, I need to take her to get her eye check again. I am sure she will need a new eyeglass.

Christmas Tree Is Out

I got my Christmas tree out from the attic the other day. Hubby and I was cleaning up the attic and I decided to take the Christmas tree down already. The kids and I will be working on that tree this coming days. Whenever we have a free time we will try to put the Christmas tree up. Kids are excited to do that. We always put our Christmas tree up before thanksgiving day. So, it should be up before then.

Right now I am trying to clear the place where we going to put the tree. We basically have all the christmas decoration down and now it's all over the garage and the living room. Anyhow, I got hurt when we're cleaning the attic I scrape my back with the nail sticking out from the roof it was painful, but thank god I am okay. Good thing I did not punch it down my back.

Nice Engagement Ring

My friend just got engage last week and I am so happy for her. She is marrying the man of her dream. They look really good together and the guy is very nice. I know that they have a good life together ahead. They are planning to have a baby right away, so I am excited to see that. We video chat and she showed me the nice titanium ring that her fiancee gave her as their engagement ring.

She's been telling me that she wanted a titanium ring. In the past 6 months all she do is searching online for titanium rings. Now, she is so happy that her fiancee choose the titanium ring. They're already planning for the wedding and I know that it's going to be a beautiful wedding. Anyway, talking about titanium I check out and I like their tungsten rings. It is very nice and affordable. So, if you are interested in buying a titanium ring visit the website on the link I have here.

Rainy Morning

We have a very wet morning today. They only thing I like about this morning is that the temperature is really good. I didn't even wear a jacket when I drop the kids off to school. It is warm and rainy:).. I just hope that the rain will stop this afternoon.

I am glad that I finally finished ironing all the clothes that I have in the hamper. It took me almost all day yesterday. Now, I can relax for one day because tomorrow I have to do laundry again. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Let The People Know

I have a friend who is going to open up a new Filipino store here around our area. She is so excited and at the same time she is trying to find way to let the people know about the store. She wanted to make the grand opening a successful one. I told her that she need to start putting advertising about her store, before she do the grand opening. Advertising your business to people can make a big impact in your success. She wanted me to go over with her with the advertising part and see what we can come up.

Anyway, I am also going to suggest on using an Advertising Agency. This way she can really have a big chance on bringing her business to the public. An advertising agency can help you make your business more known to people. Everybody wants to have a successful business and before you get there you need to do a lot of work.

Anyhow, I can't wait to go shopping at her Filipino store. She is also planning on putting a little restaurant on the side of the grocery store. I think that is a great idea because it will bring more people to the store. I also want to introduce her to the She can check that website out for online advertising and more. Also if you guys are interested about it you can just click the link and check it out yourself. Have a great night everyone and enjoy your weekend.

Very Cold Day

I really didn't like the weather today it was too cold for me. I am wondering where did the nice fall weather went. I hope that the freezing temperature won't come yet, I am not ready for it. I just want the fall weather to stay a little bit longer.

I hope that it will warm up tomorrow so we can do something. I am so tired today and I need to get that good night sleep tonight without worrying about getting up early. Thank god it's Friday!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stock Trading

Learn about today by visiting their website. This is the right place to visit if you are looking for Online Trading. Because of all the technologies we have nowadays it easy to manage your account even in your phone with their Mobile Trading. It is a lot easier to manage your using your phone, you can check it whenever you want too.

You can also check out their retirement planning. There are so many people who have IRA Accounts and manage it good for their retirements. You will find more tools and other information about IRA at their website. There are so many other information that is so helpful for everybody who want to have a nice retirement life after working for so many years.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend. My family and I had so much fun this weekend and the fun will continue tomorrow for the kids. They can't wait to go trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Field Trip

My son has a field trip to the zoo today and for the first time I won't be able to go with him. So, hubby is the one who is chaperoning him to the zoo. It is a good father and son bonding time. I got their lunch pack and they just left a few minutes ago.

Due to my work schedule I won't be able to go to the field trips with the kids, but that is okay I see them at school everyday anyway:). Next month is my daughter's field trip to the zoo again. Anyway, I am glad that there is no school tomorrow. So, tonight we are going to the spooktacular at the zoo. Right when I get off at work gotta run home to get the kids ready in their costumes. The spooktacular start at 6pm, so I don't have much time to get ready. I'll try my best to get those two kids in their costumes.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Relaxing

We have a cold weekend, so we decided to just stay at home watch movies and relax. I just woke up from a quick nap. Before I start cooking dinner I wanted to do a little blogging in here. I am here in our screen room and the temperature is very nice not too cold. I just wish I have a couple of Adirondack chairs here because I like the way they designed it, it look so relaxing.

Anyway, last weekend we attended a fall fest here in our neighborhood. There are so many people attended and the kids had so much fun playing. The only problem is that, they don't have enough sit for everybody. When they're serving foods some people just eating standing and some just sit on the grass. It would be nice if the home owners association will purchase some Picnic Tables so everyone can have a good time.

Most of the people didn't even stay long because of no place to sit and just relax. I can't wait to see even just a Park Benches to be put down around the back pool. I think it look a lot better if they have some of those around the area. The kids want to play on the play ground, but it was kind a boring because it is for little kids. They need to put some more playground equipment for bigger kids. I don't know when it will happen, but I hope they will do it so everyone can enjoy the park.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Freezing Morning

It is freezing outside today the kids are all bundle up. Right now I hot chocolate would be nice. But, I checked my pantry and I was out of hot chocolate mix. Later on today I am going to the store to buy hot chocolate mix. The kids was asking for it this morning too.

Tomorrow suppose to be a lot colder than today. So, we have to see if I have to bundle up the kids when we go to the school fall festival or not. Its going to be a long day tomorrow we volunteer to watch one of the game. I was hoping to take the kids to the spooktacular at the zoo, but we won't be done there early. Now, the plan for spooktacular has change to next Thursday since there is no school the next day. Kids are excited!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video Converter

Are you looking for video converter for mac or dvd ripper for mac? If you do, you can visit They can help you with that! You will find other interesting stuff on their website also. So, check them out today and see if you will find that video converter that you are looking for.

While on their website you can also check out their ipad video converter. This is a great place for my friend to visit. She's been looking for ipad video converter. I am going to email her this website later. Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner, this would be a great idea for a gift.

Anyhow, I have over an hour to take a little nap before going to work. I am thinking, do I have to take a nap or do some laundry??? I have to choose laundry so it won't pile up on me again. I have to go and do that before I start snoring in here:)...

We Missed It

We missed the garbage truck this morning grrrr. Hubby forgot to put the garbage out last night. So, now we have to wait until the next garbage pickup. Good thing we don't have much garbage out there like last week. I just wish that the garbage man doesn't come so early. If they don't come so early we have plenty of time to put the garbage the next day.

Anyway, I am getting hungry and I have some fried rice in the kitchen. Kids are at school now and soon I'll be leaving to go to work also. I hope that it won't rain later on dismissal time. I better bring my umbrella with me today.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Enjoying It!

My kids are enjoying the free games online. After they are finish with their home work they go right into their computers. The good thing about the game is educational games. They got the website from their teachers. I am glad that they got all this website that have free games. Before I also got so crazy on playing zuma, but now I got over it.

Some of those free games online can be so addicted. For me I don't have much time anymore for playing games. I don't even have enough time during the day to do all the work that I have at home. I feel so tired after the day at work. All I want to do when I get home is take a nap lol. Tomorrow is another day and I am looking forward to it.

Need Some Sleep

I want to say good night to everyone here online. I am going to bed soon I have to get up so early in the morning for the kids. When you have kids that go to school you need to get up so early to prepare their breakfast clothes and more. Sometimes I get so lazy to get up in the morning, but I have to get my butt up for my kids. I am so sleepy now I have to get ready for bed. SO much work to do tomorrow.

Okay We Need Some Rain

We did not much rain here for two weeks now. The weather is keep going hot, warm and cold. They said that this Wednesday is going to be so cold low in the 40s that would be the first cold day of the year. Anyway, my friend just bought a rain chain the other day and it look nice. She got a couple of copper rain chains and she got it in her garden.

I browse around before at and they have plenty of rain chains. They also have the japanese rain chain. So, if you are looking for rain chain check out the link I have here and it will take you right to their website. I want to buy one, but maybe later on after we move. I have been so busy lately, but I am going to be back into writing on my blogs again.

He Got So Nervous

My son got so nervous and scared during his dental appointment this morning. The dentist pulled one baby tooth out and he got so scared. But, we got it done today and now is all over. It is time for tooth fairy to come tonight.

After the dental appointment I took him right to the school. The rest of the day he was okay and now he can't wait for tooth fairy to come. He went to bed so early tonight for tooth fairy lol. Well, I am glad that all of that baby tooth problem is gone. It suppose to come off early this year, but it didn't. So, I called the dentist office to make the appointment. Now it is all done!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Need New Mailbox

My friend is now looking for a new mailbox. Couple days ago somebody knocked their mailbox down and now it's all broken to pieces. I don't understand why there's a people like that, I guess they got nothing to do. Somebody did that to our mailbox before too! I have no idea what got into those peoples mind why they do things like that. Anyhow, I suggested my friend to check out the Classic Mailboxes at

They also have the Gaines Mailboxes and Keystone Mailboxes. I really like the design of those mailboxes. My friend told me that she is going to visit this website to look for a new mailbox. I hope she find one that she like. Anyway, speaking of mailbox it was really weird last Monday because the mail man did not showed up. I am wondering why there is no mail last Monday hmmmp. I have to go to bed gotta get up early tomorrow. Nighty night everyone!

What a Hot Day

I can't believe how hot it is in the past two days. I thought the fall weather will stay, but it didn't. The weather man said that it's going to cool down again this weekend and I really hope so. Also I hope the rain will stay away this time, so we can go fishing. We had fun fishing couple weeks ago catching big fish.

Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait for the weekend. I love my work because when my kids are off I am off too:).. I always have the time for them even I work and if hubby can't pick them up on dismissal time they wait for me until I am done. My kids always have a smile on their faces whenever they see me at school. Have a great night guys:):):)

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Like It!

We have lockers at work where we can put our bags while we are working. I am glad that I finally got my own key, so I don't have to ask anybody anymore when I want to put or take my stuff out. I really like the employee lockers because now I don't need to drag my purse around with me. They also have another lockers in the back side where other employees put their things in it.

Those school lockers are really useful for somebody like me, who can use it everyday. Anyway, tomorrow is another day for work, so I need to get my good night sleep tonight. I need to be in bed a little early. I need all the energy that I can collect, so I am ready to face the challenge tomorrow:.. Thank you all for visiting me here I really appreciate it. I am trying hard to put some updates here whenever I have free time from work.

Rainy Week

Our weekend here was very wet due to the heavy rain. So, we spend our weekend just at home cleaning up the garage. Also the only time we went out is when we go to the grocery store. I am glad that our garage is clean now. We throw away a bunch of stuff that hubby doesn't need anymore.

Kids had fun playing while we are cleaning. But, of course the weekend went by so fast and now it's back to normal again. Work was okay today not much stress thank god! Tomorrow is another day and I hope the sky will clear out. All day today was so gloomy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Flowers

My friend just told me the other day that she is getting married. Preparing for a wedding can be very stressful specially if you don't have much time to do everything. I was glad that I have my whole family with me to help me on preparing my wedding. Anyway, here is a place for you to visit if you are looking for flowers, wedding flowers Toledo can help you get you flowers ready for your big day.

The wedding florists in Toledo have plenty of flowers for you to choose on. I just saw this beautiful bouquet in their website. So, if you are searching for Toledo wedding florists just click the link here and it will take you right to their website. They also have other stuff like wedding items that you can rent, so check it out today.

Butternut Squash Soup

I made a butternut squash soup last night for hubby and my daughter. They love it, so I have to make it at least once every couple weeks. My son doesn't like it for some reason. It is very healthy and yummy. That is all I ate last night and it was good. I forgot to take a picture, so next time I will take a picture to share it here with you guys.

I am almost out of time here at home, soon I have to get ready for work. But, before getting ready I need to get one more thing done here, then I am good. I have to start packing soon and I have to look for more boxes to put stuff in.

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Time really fly, now we are only two months away from December. The kids can't wait for Christmas to come. They already started on making their Christmas list:)… I am glad that I bought all my Christmas décor last year when I check out the best after christmas sale. I like to shop after Christmas because you can get a lot of stuff in a very low price. Now, all I have to do is worried about the present shopping. Couple years ago I spend so much money on Christmas decoration, but I am not doing it again because I know now when to shop for Christmas décor.

Holiday shopping can be stressful specially if you don't have any idea what to give to somebody. I am going to try to find a coupons for my holiday shopping this year. My kids want to have the Nintendo 3DS for Christmas. Hubby and I are planning to trade in their old ones. We have to see what we can do.

Anyway, I want to send a box to my family in the Philippines, but I still don't know what to send them. I had the chance to talked to my parents this morning and I am so happy to hear their voice. I wish I can come home and spend Christmas with them this year, but that is impossible to happen maybe next year.

Cooler Weather

I am loving the cooler weather we have now. It is so good to have this kind of weather after the very hot summer. Kids are at school now and they got their light jacket on for the first time going to school. Mr.sunshine is out, but the temperature still 60F.

It will warm up a little later on but not much and I like it. I probably wear a sweater when I go to work today. I have a little time left before going to work I need to use this time to get done with my task. Have a great Tuesday morning everyone!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I remember when we had our vacation 5 years or so ago we rented this beautiful cottage and the whole family love it. We are planning on doing that again on our next vacation. It is so nice and relaxing, plus we got everything that we want in one place. It was right next to the beach and also they have a private pool. We are still looking back in all the picture that we have. This kind of vacation is fantastic and relaxing plus no stress at all. Also there are a lot of cottages around the area, but we pick the one next to the beach which is great!

Just like the They got UK cottages that you can check out if you are looking for a very nice and stress free vacation. Also one good thing to remember, making all the plans ahead of time can make your vacation much better and less stressful. I mean, we already tried it before we planned everything ahead of time and we end up happy and stress free, plus we enjoyed our whole vacation. Going on a vacation is very much exciting. But, we also have to remember that picking a location is the most important part. Now, if part of your plan is visiting UK , then I suggest you check out the cottage holidays.

When you visit their website they have plenty of nice places you can visit. Plus you got everything you need in the cottage. I just love staying in the cottage on a vacation, because you can have a very comfortable place to stay and at the same time you can save money on food because you have a kitchen where you can cook. Most of this vacation cottages has a very beautiful views that you and your family can enjoy.

I am really hoping that we can do this kind of vacation again soon. Before anything else I need to save money so we can go on vacation comfortably and not thinking about anything else. So, right now I need to work and work to get that good relaxing vacation that I wanted for my family. It has been a while since we had our last nice vacation, so it is about time again to do it. We have so much things to do already this year, so I am thinking about planning it next year. I have some links here on this post that you can visit if you are looking for a beautiful place to go for vacation, just click on the link and it will take you right to there website.


We went to this one store today and they got plenty of pumpkins already. The kids had so much fun posing next to the pumpkins and after that they asked me if they can have a small pumpkin. Well, I got them both one each so they can practice carving. And it come out great! they did it without my help and they really enjoyed their time doing it.

Now, they told me that they are ready to carve a huge one lol. I said they need to wait because it is a little early to do it. It will go bad before Halloween is here.


Here is a place you can visit if you are looking for Commercial Mailboxes or Cluster Mailboxes it's They got plenty of design to choose on and the prices are very affordable. It is so important to buy a commercial mailbox that is strong and reliable this way you don't waste money on keep changing your mailbox. Just like when we put on a new mailbox we made sure that we bought the strongest one that can last long.

So, if you are in the process on looking for Apartment Mailboxes check out the link I have here on this post. On their website you will find a nice CBU Mailboxes. I hope that you will find the mailbox you are looking for on the link that I have here on this post.

It is almost dinner time, my chef just called me to get ready for dinner. I am so glad that hubby like to cook.

Weekend is Over Again

Tomorrow is back to work and back to school for the kids. It seems like I didn't have enough rest at all. It has been a very busy week in and out the house. We spend whole day fishing yesterday. So, now is the only day to do all the work here at home, but then there are so many people want to see the house. I can't wait to get rid of this house soon!

I also have online work that need to be done. I have to see how much work I'll get done tonight. I am just glad that hubby is cooking for dinner so I can work here. I have some laundry to do, but it can wait tomorrow. I'll be working on it before I go to work.

Cleaning Again

I had the house cleaned today and now it's time to relax. It was very tiring job to do, specially the shampooing the carpet part. But, it's okay because now my house is clean. Now that I am working it seems like I don't have much time to do all the work at home. Like the laundry part I use to get them all done in one day, now I can't do it anymore.

Anyway, I was just checking out the to see if I have to hire somebody to clean my carpet next time. Cleaning the carpet at home can take whole day to do it and it is not an easy job. I had somebody did my carpet before and I really like the result. Since I am working now I don't have all the time to do it, so I feel like hiring somebody to do it for me. Anyhow, here is a place for you to visit if you are somewhere in sunset valley check out Carpet Cleaning Sunset Valley today.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Yes! Finally it's Friday and I am looking forward on going to the mall later after work. I have to buy gel for my son's hair and some little things. I like walking around the mall and look for a sale stuff. Also I need to get the rewards for the kids for bringing home good grades on their progress report.

My son has been bugging me about it for two days now. I told him to wait, so today is the day to get it. He is so excited about it. I don't know what my daughter want yet. I guess I'll find out later.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A great fall clutch to get me through to winter

Guest post written by Deanna Winters

I really hate the fall season because it's an end to the summer. The summer is my all-time favorite season and I'm always just so sad when it comes to an end. So you could say that the fall season is my mourning period. That means that I need to cheer myself up just to get myself through to winter. Winter I like because it's so jolly, filled with great food and lots of Christmas specials. But fall I still hate.

I thought that this year I would try and find a really cute fall clutch, which are really popular right now, to try and cheer myself up a little bit. While I was looking online for one of them, I ran across some info on internet packages and showed it to my roommates. After a little roommate meeting, I decided to change over our current service to one of those packages.

I was really excited about this oversized fall clutch that I found. I know that I'll be able to fit most of my regular stuff in there, which will be really nice.


I am sick with a colds and sinusitis. I hate it because it makes me feel so tired all day even I am not doing anything. Today I have to get my butt off the bed because I have to go to work. Thank god I had a good time at work and no problem at all.

Tomorrow is another day of work and I hope that I feel much better tomorrow. Also it has been raining all day today. This kind of weather makes me feel more sick lol. I don't like it when I'm sick. I guess nobody want to be sick at all. I feel a little better now and hopefully by tomorrow I am back to normal again no runny nose and more.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Medical Training

Do you or someone you know want to take a consultant interview course or medical teaching course? If you do, there is a website that you can visit who specializes in these kind of courses. Just visit They can help you achieve your goals in whatever course you want to take. It is always a good idea to go back to school if you have the time and money to do it. Collecting more knowledge can make you better in whatever path you are planning to take professionally.

So, while you are still thinking about it and trying to decide, you can check out their website to get more information about the courses that they are offering. The medical management course sounds very interesting to me. Also they have a teach the teacher course and much more. Check out their website today to see more additional information about these courses.

I have so many plans, but for now I don't have the time. So, maybe later I can do it. For now I am just concentrating on my job and trying to learn new things everyday. It has been a challenge so far. I am crossing my fingers and praying that I will have a good week next week. I will be working with different people for an hour each day next week. I am hoping that they are nice people to work with:) So, wish me luck:)...

Left It Open

I woke up this morning to find out that our refrigerator was wide open all night. So inside the refrigerator was so warm. I have to throw away a lot of food. I have no idea who left it open. But, one thing for sure almost everything inside the fridge went bad. Now I have to go to the grocery store to replace it.

I cannot believe that happen I can't blame anybody because I did not know who did it. Good thing the freezer side was okay. Now that is more work for me to do. I better get going now I have so much work to do and I still have to get ready for my job.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Plan

Our plan is to move to the Philippines in the future. I have been checking International Movers and I think I have an idea now which one we need to contact when it's time for us to move there. International Moving is not an easy job to do and it take awhile before it arrive to the destination. The most important to remember is to pick a International Shipping that you can trust with your stuff.

We want to make sure that our household stuff arrive in good shape. I also check out this website if you are interested it is, You can visit this website for all your Overseas Moving needs. I am getting excited just thinking about moving to my country. I miss my family and I want to spend holidays and other family gathering with them. Anyway, I need to get off here I have to go to work now. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tomorrow Is Another Day

It is another working day tomorrow and I have so much work waiting for me in there. I will try to finish most of it tomorrow. Well, I also hope that they'll give me at least 2 to 3 hours to get that going. We will see tomorrow what they want me to do. I just wish that my schedule does not keep on changing.

I don't like to ran around in three different places lol. But, in fairness there is only one place that I really don't like the rest are great. And today was my first day to be assigned on that particular place and I did not like it much. Maybe will get better tomorrow since I already know some things about it. I need another super good luck tomorrow:)

Fixing Up The House

We are trying to get rid of our house now. I am trying to keep it nice and clean so that when somebody want to see the house it's always ready. I want to buy some window boxes so I can put a nice plant to make the house look a lot nicer. I have browse around in store for window box planters. Also I already browse on one site and they have have nice looking window plant boxes.

I have to see what I can do and how many window flower boxes do I need tomorrow. I had seen so many house that have a window plant boxes and it always makes the house look nice and more welcoming. If you are like me who are looking for window boxes check out this website that I visited today, it is

Extra Hour

I am working one more hour now everyday. Now, I don't have much time to hang around the house. Anyway, my day ended not so good today:( but, I have to fight, fight, fight:).. I can do this and I just have to ignore the person who is not so nice to me today. She is still in my mind I am still a little upset with her but I am going to just keep my cool and I am not going to let her ruin my day tomorrow.

Anyway, I am so exhausted today and I can really use a relaxing time. But, so much work to do here around the house. I guess I just need to go to bed early tonight. I want to have a better day at work tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers already:)...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

House For Sale

There are so many for sale houses around our neighborhood lately. And soon ours will be in the market too. I can't wait to get rid with this house and move on to the next level:).. Tomorrow the realtor will come and talk to us about the house. The house value now is so cheap and it dropped really bad in the past 8months. So, hubby and I decided to get rid of it so we don't need to deal with it later on. We have some other plans and now we are trying to start working on it.

For those of you who are looking for a new home check out Dallas Homes for Sale. There are so many listing at their website about Dallas Real Estate. I like to look around online first before going out to see the house. That way you get an idea already and know what to expect. I had look online the other night about the for sale houses in our area and there are a lot of for sale homes.

For all of you around Dallas area visit Dallas Homes For Sale at Search for your new home online today. Anyway, it's really getting so late I better go to bed now. I have big day tomorrow.

Last Time

Today is the last time for my family back home to see my dear niece Bea. I think right now they are in the church. I am so sad I couldn't even see her for the last time:(:(:(... This is a very tough time for the whole family and I am praying that god will give my brother and his wife strength to get back up again. I know it won't be easy and it will take time.

I am going to continue praying for my niece's soul and also for my brother and his wife. I can't imagine the pain that they are going through right now:(... Also my 7 year old nephew I am pretty sure that he is so heart broken about what happen to his sister... Very very sad and it's so hard to accept the she is gone. Lord god hold her in your hands and make her happy wherever she is now! Goodbye Baby Beatrice:(


Have you heard about electronic cigarette? There are so many new things nowadays. I remember before there is no electronic cigarette. But, now it is really high tech because even cigarette has electronic. If you are curious about e cigarette visit there website today by clicking the link above. There are a lot more information about this on their website.

For you out there who wanted to try or find more about electric cigarette checkout their website today. For what I read the electronic cigarette doesn't have any harmful side effects. I guess that is really good for those who smoke and want to be healthy at the same time.A few friends of mine are very interested on trying this one.

It's getting late here already and I have to get up early in the morning. Kids are going to school and I am going to work after. I am looking forward for my week at work this week. Last week I had fun at work hopefully it's the same this week.:)

I Am So Tired

I am so tired today cleaning the house. It took me forever to clean our bathroom because it's big and so many things need to be clean. I also finally got all the clothes folded and iron. Now the couch has no more mountain of clothes. I really want to get all the cleaning done today because tomorrow I am back to work.

I don't have much time to sit around anymore so, I need to use every single free time to do the household chores. Also I got the bed cover changed. All I have to do now, is go to bed early tonight so I get enough energy for tomorrow. The kids are already in bed. Tomorrow is back to normal again getting up early and everything.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fast Forward Academy

There is no age limit on getting your education. Even me I am planning to do it. Some of you might want to know more about the enrolled agent continuing education requirements. You can click on the link on this post, it will take you right to their website where you can find more information regarding this course.

For those of you who are interested on enrolled agent continuing education just visit their website. I have so many plans and I want to achieve them all. But I have to see which one I have to do first. Going back to school is really on my to do list. I don't know when but I will try to make it happen. For now I have to focus on my job and get everything squared away. For you out there who has the time and money, do it now. Here's another link If you still wondering what is ea cpe just click the link and read more about it on their website.

Super Sad:(

I was so heart broken when I heard the news yesterday that my niece pass away. It is so sudden and she is so young. It's not fair at all she is just a baby. I wish I can be with them in this tough time but, I can't and it makes it more a lot harder for me. All I can do now is pray for her soul and pray for my brother and his wife.

I was on the phone a lot yesterday talking to them and it's so painful hearing them all crying. It is so hard to find a right words to comfort them. It breaks my heart hearing my brother crying. My beautiful niece I know that you are in gods hands now I want you to know that Auntie love you so much. RIP baby girl!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yummy Corn

I am hook up on eating white corn lately. Every time I see a white corn at the store I always grab a few. The white corn is way sweeter compare to the yellow corn. Soon the corn will be out of season. While I still see them in the super market I make it to the point to buy some while still there.

The whole family like corn. My daughter not into yellow corn though, but she like the white corn. Anyway, my quiet time is almost over. The kids will be here soon. I need to take advantage of this quietness for a another hour after that the house will be back to normal again:).

Finally They Changed It

We have neighbor here that their mailbox was so broken that it almost touch the ground. The mail man have to get off and bend down to put the mail inside lol. It was like that for months, I mean how hard it is to look for residential mailboxes?.. They even have some cheap once. But, then last week we saw one of our neighbor put a new mailbox. Now, finally the mail man is happy.

Anyway, speaking about mailboxes check out They have a wide variety of different mail boxes. They have plenty of mailboxes that I really really like. But, I don't need a mailbox right now. For those of you who are interested or looking for mailboxes visit their website today.

I have to go and pick up the kids at school. Time just went by so fast it seems like I just drop them off now it's pick up time already.


I cant believe it rain so early here this morning. When I took the kids to school it was so gloomy. After a few minutes the rain start pouring luckily the kids are already inside the school. It looks like we are going to have a rainy days this week.

It's good though because it make the temperature go down a little. Right now the rain stop, but looks like only for a few minutes because the sky is full of dark clouds. Hopefully there is no rain later when it's dismissal time. I don't want my kids to get soak.

I Need To Do It

I really want to find time to work on my other blogs. The other one I need to buy a domain for it. Then after that I have to look for a good web host. I am going to read on the article about web hosting news later. I want to have a good and dependable web host the one that doesn't give me headache:).. Here a place you can also check out if you are looking for a web host like me it's They have a lot of useful information on their website.

Plus check out the top ten web hosting for 2011. While in there browse through their Hosting FAQ for more info. I have one blog that I only have 3 or 4 post on it. I really need to get that blog working so I can add it to my other blogs. I want to make more, but I have to see if I'll be able to work on it without neglecting my other blogs.

Lunch Time

I need to take my break it is lunch time after all hehehe. Next week I am going to have lunch with the kids at school. I have been so busy lately that I miss having lunch with them in the past week. I will make up for it next week. My son keeps on asking me when I can come to school to see him on lunch time. I said very soon!

Anyway, I am going to have some left over today. We have so much left over from last night and that's good I don't have to cook. After lunch time I have to think on what to make for dinner tonight. Hubby and kids always so hungry by the end of the day.

I Want To Switch

I want to switch our security alarm to other company. But, I found out on the paper works that we still have 2 years contract with them. So, I guess I have to deal with this one for awhile. Anyway, if you are in the market of searching for a home security check out home security cullman if you live on that area. It is nice to know that your home and your family is protected.

Time really fly so fast it is almost lunch time already. I haven't done much here, so I need to speed up to catch up with my work. I just check the mail today and I received a good deal from Direct TV. I am going to check this deal for more details later on. Speaking of mail I keep receiving a bunch of junk in my mailbox lol. I am tired of keep throwing them away. It's too much in one week time.

Glad And Happy

I got the chance to chat with my niece just a few minutes ago and I am so happy for that. We had fun chatting and I hope that we can do it again soon. I miss them so much and I am glad that there's facebook to connect to them. My day started with a smile and I am so happy.

I don't have much time to hang around at FB lately. When I have time I am going to upload some pictures from our summer vacation. I am one busy mommy and really don't have much time to hang around on facebook all day. But,I do check my messages.

Searching For A New Home?

For people who is searching for a new home check out Edinburgh Apartments. They have beautiful apartments picture on their website that you can check out. Here is another link to their website that you can visit It so nice to browse around first online before you make the appointment to see that place, that way you already have know what to expect.

It is a lot easier to look for apartments and house nowadays. Before you actually have to drive around. Now the internet makes everything a lot better. So, when your have time to browse around just visit their website and see their listing of apartments. I personally like the East Craigs Apartment it look so nice. Well, I have to get going I have to drop the kids off to school.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Night Everyone!

Have a good night everybody hope that everyone of us will have a wonderful week ahead. It's going to be busy again but I am ready for it. I hope that it will cool down soon because this heat is driving me crazy. It just too much hot weather already and I don't like it anymore. It sounds crazy because when the winter comes we wish for the hot weather.

I like it warm, but not so hot like always in the upper 90s and it feels like over a 100F outside. I am ready for fall to come. I love fall so I am waiting for it to be here already. Anyway I have to get off in here and go to bed. Sweet dreams guys!

I Need Spice Racks

I cleaned the kitchen today so I don't need to do it tomorrow. I noticed that I have so much spices and I need some spice racks. I already have one spice rack and I just realized today that I need more than one. I would like to have one wall spice rack to save some space in the counter and cabinet. I have too much spices in one cabinet and most of the time it's hard to find the one I am looking for.

I really need to get that kitchen spice racks to make my cooking time a lot easier. It is nice to find the spices that you need without digging. I hate it when I am trying to reach on something and the one in front start dropping on my face lol. And sometimes I'll be spending a lot of time rearranging everything. That is why I really need to organize it. I am going to be working on it this week ad see what I can do first.

Bed Time Soon

Kids are going to bed soon I hope that they don't give me hard time. Sometimes they get into playing and it's hard to put them to bed. I will find out in a few minutes. I have to go to bed early tonight too. I don't want to be so tired getting up in the morning. I have to get up before everybody so I can prepare their breakfast and lunch.

Speaking of bed time I need to be in bed in an hour I need my beauty rest hehehe... Well, weekend is done and now I am ready to face the coming days. I hope that I will be successful on what I am doing this week. Wish me luck everybody! I am crossing my fingers now and praying that god will guide me this time. Have a great night guys!

A Lot Better

I finally got all the dirty clothes washed and already been folded. Now all I have to do this week is to clean the house and organize everything. I asked the kids earlier if they are ready to go back to school tomorrow and both answer me YES! I guess they love going to school now. My kids are having a great time so far and I hope and pray that it will stay that way.

My son just finished reading two books tonight and that is good. Now mommy have to log it in on his planner. I am planning to go to the library tomorrow to pick up some books for them. I think if I do that while their at school it's a lot faster and no stress lol. I'll take them with me to the library on Friday so we have plenty of time to spend there.

Cheap Web Hosting

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There is always a way to pick a right web host for your website. And can help you do that. Just browse at their Hosting Guide and you will find a lot of helpful information in there. I just made a reminder today, about when I have to renew my web host. Hubby also have the reminder on his phone but, I want to make sure, so we never forget to renew it.

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend yesterday was fun. We went to St,Johns Town Center shop around then, we ate dinner. The kids was so happy because ate in our favorite restaurant. After dinner we went window shopping. Then when, we got home hubby and I help each other mowing the grass in the backyard.

Today is just relaxing day we stayed home all day since it's too hot to be outside. We are planning to go fishing next weekend. We miss fishing, but since it has been so hot lately we choose not to go out and fish.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Are you searching for office lockers? If you do visit Right now they have on sale prices. So, take advantage on the sale price and get your used lockers football, steel lockers and more. Just visit their website and check out what in store for you. At my kids school I seen a lot of new stuff that they added to the school this year. Including new lockers and new wall paintings.

The kids was so excited to see the new look of their school. Anyhow, at they also carry aluminum bleachers and accessories. Shop online today and save money you will see the huge selection of lockers at their website too.

I have to get off here for now my kids are home and I need to take care of them. My son just told me that he is so hungry. Mommy need to serve some snack now.

A Week Of School

A week of school is finally over and the kids enjoyed it. Now we are looking forward to have fun on the weekend. My son asked me if he can stay in bed until 9am tomorrow because he really need more sleep. I said of course you can! He has to get up early too because my daughter need to be at school before 8am.

My son asked his sister why she has to be a patrol, now he has to get up early too. But I guess it was a good practice this week. We always arrived at school on time and that is a good start this week.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sleepy And Tired

I wish I could get more sleep, but I can't I have to get up early for the kids. My daughter doesn't want to eat in the cafeteria at school, so I have to make breakfast and lunch for her every morning. My son is okay with the school cafeteria food.

My daughter use to eat lunch at the cafeteria too, but she stop when she saw a hair on her food. Now, I can't make her eat in the cafeteria. She was so happy today because I made her favorite salmon and potato top with cheese. She said mommy I can't wait for lunch time:)... Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

He Wants It!

My son is been playing with hubby's Telescope and he doesn't want to give it back to his dad now. So, now hubby is looking for a telescopes for sale. My son really wants that telescope so, now he got it. His been playing with it for days now even we're in the car he uses it. Today when we are at the store our son saw a piano now he wants us to buy that too lol... We will get it but not now maybe on Christmas or next year.

Right now hubby is actually browsing around on different types of telescopes online. I have no idea if he decide which one he wants to buy. I guess I will find out later. Anyway one more day and the kids are back to school. They are both excited about school now and I am happy for that. We are going to face this school year with the positive attitude!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Super Happy!!!

I would like to say HAPPY 13TH YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO MY HONEY BUNCHY!!! I love you so much and thank you for everything. Thank you for making me feel so especial! Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and a father to our kids. Thank you for loving me each and everyday!:):):)... I love you so much and I am always here for you!

Back To School

My friend decided to stop her schooling for this year because she has some other priorities that is more important than going back to school. Her reason is very valid for not continuing her studies but, she did went to school for a year and I admire her for that. Now she has to take care on something more important. Early this year she actually look into Online Courses but it seems like its not going to fit on her busy schedule. She even check out the To find a right school for her but just recently she decided not to do it this year.

I know that there are a lot of people out there who wanted to go back to school but they don't have the budget. But also there is a website that might help you get a student aid it is you can try the free application on their website for federal student aid. There are so many online degrees that you can get now like online degree programs in computer engineering. If you really want to go back to school and get your degree check out the link that I have on this post. You can try to see it yourself first and then decide later.

Here is another link that might interest you too it's There is no such thing that is too late to go back to school. So, if you are up to it go ahead and grab it!

The Big Clams:)

My son got so excited when he saw this cherry clams at the seafood market. He would not leave if we don't buy him some. So, we end up buying a dozen of this clams. The soup was good and yummy. But I think I like the flavor of the smaller clams better compare to the cherry clams. Anyway I just want to share the picture with you guys.

Have a great night everyone! Weekend is almost here again:)... We are going to enjoy this weekend because on Monday the kids are going back to school.

Investing For The Future

Nowadays it is very important to invest so you can have a nice and comfortable retirement. For me here I don't have any investment yet lol. But, I am hoping to have one someday and I am working on it. Like for example I heard about this Online Portfolio Manager it is very nice because it will let you build and manage your retirement account.

I was reading about it and it is really interesting. I am going to share this website with my husband and see what he thinks about it. If you are interested about this you can also find out how their Portfolio rebalancing software works. You can try it now with their free 30 day trial. If you want to start working on your retirement visit today. Give their Do It Yourself portfolio management a try and see if it's right for you. There is no harm on trying something that can make your future a lot better.

Pizza For Dinner

We had pizza for dinner tonight and it was really good. I got lazy to make dinner so we took the easy way ordered a pizza:)... We watched two movies tonight and now we are getting ready to go to bed. We are trying to practice the kids to go to bed early and get up early. So far we are doing good on that.

So hopefully it will stay like this when the school start next week. We are going to meet the teachers on Friday morning. The kids are excited to say hello to their new teachers. Well, I have to go to bed soon I want to work on the yard again tomorrow.

Easy To Move Around

I want to check out laptop carts and see how much is it. I think it is a lot better to move around with a laptop cart. Sometimes it's hard to keep carrying the laptop around when you move room to room. I always go room to room in this house when I iron clothes and do other stuff and it is hard for me to keep moving my computer. I think the cart would really help me a lot.

I am also looking for a laptop storage it is safer to have one especially when have a very active kids in the house. My kids likes to run around the house and sometimes I am so afraid that one day they will knock my laptop down to the ground. I want a safe place for my laptop when I am not using it. I can't afford to buy a new one so I better take good care of this one.

I Need A Nap!

I need a nap very badly my eyes are closing on me while typing lol. I got up so early this morning and now I am so sleepy. I am thinking about taking a nap. I have an hour before dinner time so I might take this time to nap. I wanted to do it since this morning but I can't because I have so much stuff to do.

I still have to hang all the clothes that I iron this morning. My son is right here next to me playing with his robot lol. I am going to ask him if he wants to take a nap with mommy. I can't keep my eyes open anymore....:):):)

Need Some Cash?

Visit Little Payday today if you are short in cash, they can help you with small loans. Just click the link to visit their website and find out more about it. Sometimes we need cash fast but, the problem is most of the time the payday is still a week away. That is why there is a small personal loans you can get. Just submit your request for a small loan and get your answer in seconds.

So, if you are interested in short term loan visit the link above to visit their website. I have a couple of friends that already tried this kind of loan and it really helps them. Anyway, I am trying to get a lot of work done today. But, it seems so impossible to do it in one day. I have to keep stopping earlier to cook food for the kids. And soon it is dinner time already and I don't know what to make yet...

Counting The Days

The kids are counting the days before going back to school. We got everything they needed for the school. My son is excited to see his friends at school once again. The summer went by too fast. Now we are going back to our normal routine. Going to bed early and getting up early. We are going to the school on Friday to meet the teachers.

Hopefully my son won't cry anymore. I have to sort out all the school supplies later tonight. The kids are not 100% ready for school yet but will get in there. It is the same feelings every year.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Almost Done

The kids summer vacation is almost done. But, I am happy that we're able to take them to Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. It was a very nice trip for the whole family. Also on our way back home we stopped by in North Carolina and South Carolina. Hopefully on our next vacation we can visit another state. Like New York City and Las Vegas Area.

The kids and I would love to see more places. My son have this thing now that he talked a lot about hotels he really like the idea of staying in the hotel on vacation lol. Also he want to stop in every Restaurants he seen. It was so funny listening to him the whole time we are driving. He keeps telling me that he really like the indoor pool at the hotel. But, anyway I am happy that the kids had fun on our little vacation. Soon they'll be back to school again and this time they're going to deal with lots of homework. I hope that they enjoyed the summer vacation because next week is back to school already.

Monday, August 15, 2011

More Cleaning

I have more cleaning to do today. My kids love to make a mess so mommy have to clean up all the mess. I have so much to do today and all the school supplies that we bought are still sitting all over the big table. I have to sort them out later on today.

Beside that cleaning I need to work on my garden later this afternoon. We bought some mulch yesterday and I have to work on that too. I started spraying a weed killer in the yard early today. The sun was already biting at 8am. How much more now the sun is way hot to be working outside. Anyway have a great day everyone and thank you for visiting me here:)

Getting It Ready:)

Our Camping stuff are all cleaned and everything. It is ready for the next camping trip again. In all the camping gear the tarps was the dirtiest because the last day of camping it rain. So all the stuff in the ground stick to it. The clear tarp was okay and easy to clean. It takes time also to clean the camping stuff. But, hubby did most of the cleaning and now it is back in the storage place.

The blue tarp was the one that we had to clean both sides because there is too much dirt on it. Other than the cleaning, the camping part was wonderful. We don't have any plan on when we are going to go camping again. The kids love camping but, next time we are going to make sure that there is a stream next to the campground. The kids like it better when there is a flowing water near the campground.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sleeping Boy

My son fall asleep while eating lol. Good thing I check because his mouth was full of food. I have to wake him up to spit the food out. And now he is back to sleeping. I told them that I will take them to the arcade to play tonight or tomorrow. I have to see what will happen today if I get done early with my stuff here at home then I will take them there today.

So much work to do and soon is also back to school time again. I still need to clean up my daughter's closet. She got so much clothes in there that she never even wear. I want to get rid of them so she can have more space.

Sports Clothing

I like to buy sports clothing because it's so comfy. Just went to the store today and they got a bunch of clearance sale of tennis apparel. It is so cheap so I buy some and I want to go back later to buy more. The tennis clothing that I bought today is so nice and comfortable. I just realize that I could buy more for a very low price. My sisters would love it.

So, I am planing to go back in there later to buy some more. I can't believe how cheap it is now. The tennis wear are so cute! Even my daughter like it. They have plenty of different colors. I got a pink and blue combination:)... Anyway, it looks like it is going to rain today it's so gloomy outside but still so hot. It seems like this is the hottest summer ever.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Break Time

I am taking a break from cleaning for a few minutes after this break I am going back to that work again. I am almost done! Hopefully I get it all done before hubby gets home. We want to take the kids somewhere fun. They need a little fun thing to do. This two is not complaining being in the house almost everyday. I guess they don't like going out in the heat.

It is so hot outside and every time we go out the heat makes everything not so fun. Sometimes it's too hot to handle. So we are trying to find things to do that is indoor. The kids will be back to school in a couple weeks. For now I want them to have some fun!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Supplies

I got the kids their backpacks for school already. I can't believe how much are the backpacks nowadays. It's too expensive! I also got my boy a shoes since they have some nike and sketchers on sale. But, my daughter is so happy with her backpack because mommy got her the one that she really like. Well, it's kind of expensive but she like it so I just bought it while my eyes are close hehehe.

My son haven't seen his new shoes yet because when I got home he is sleeping. Until now he is still snoring lol. I am sure that he would love the shoes mommy got him. He wanted it so bad before but I told him I will get it for him next time. Good thing I didn't buy it then because now I got it for a very low price. We bought his backpack yesterday and he was so happy about it. But, he told us that he is not ready to go back to school.

Real Estate

Are you interested in real estate in Hawaii? If you do check out the link that I have on this post and it will take you right to the information you needed. You can browse around on the videos that they have and check out the pictures and information about it. Hawaii is a really nice place to live your close to the beach and the mountain.

I would love to live in Hawaii if I had a choice:).. It must be so nice over there and probably feels like your in the Philippines. Someday I will visit Hawaii with my family. I really want to see the beauty of that island in person. So, I better start saving now so one day soon I can take my family there. I also have a lot of friends who live there so, it would be so nice to see them too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nice Place

Finally I had visited Washington, DC. The place was really beautiful and nice. I enjoyed all the place we visited and my favorite one was the capitol building and the Lincoln memorial. The only problem was the heat it was unbearable. My goodness it has to have a heat wave on our vacation:(...

But, other than the hot sun it was okay. I took a bunch of picture and I am going to post some in here when I get it out in my cameras. The kids like the place and it would be awesome if the day was perfect without the heat wave that is. Anyway, we are going to come back and visit DC again but not in summer. Maybe during fall and spring:)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Renovating Novices

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My husband and I had always wanted to try our hand at renovating an old house. I guess we’ve watched one too many episodes of “Flip That House.” We took the plunge and bought an old antebellum home in Greensboro, a small town about 20 miles from where we live. We both have jobs so we were trying to work on the home a couple of nights a week and on the weekends. It was fun at first but quickly turned into work, when we got into the nitty gritty of demolition and rebuilding. It seemed to make a lot of sense to leave all our tools and supplies there rather than loading, unloading and hauling them back and forth each day. To protect our things, we looked at to find a system to install at the home. We couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that the house didn’t have a working toilet but it would have a high tech security system. We are 3 months into our project and know it will be a long haul but we think it will be worth it when we can sit on our front porch sipping mint juleps!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going To Pack Up Soon!

We are going to start packing our stuff soon for the vacation. Everybody is getting so excited specially the kids. My daughter already put away some of the toys that she want to bring with her. I am going to pack up some stuff on Monday because that is the only free time I have. My son has a dental appointment on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday I am babysitting. So, I really need to save one day just to pack some stuff.

Hopefully we will get everything ready by Friday. We have about 12hours drive to the place where we going. So hubby have to sleep super early on Friday because we are leaving so early. Kids can't hold their excitement anymore:)...

Still Playing

I am still playing Dress up Games with my daughter once in awhile. It is fun to play with her it's like our bonding time together. She still have her barbies and sometime we played on that so we can have a break from the computer. But, most of the time we play a free online games. There are so many nice games online now that you can play for free.

We can't afford to buy GAMES all the time so we play a free online games. Like at they have plenty of games for kids even a kindergarten games. There are a bunch of games to choose from. So, if you are into games check this place out you will happy to see all the games they have. I just finish playing with my daughter so now I need to be here and trying to make some updates on my blog.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Eggplant

One eggplant tree plenty of fruits. I just counted the other day and there are over a dozen fruits in one plant. I wish I have more plant that grow like that one that produce a lot of eggplant. We already harvested about a dozen and more eggplants coming out on that one plant. Hubby made a stir fry tofu with eggplant and ground meat. Even the kids love it.

It is so nice to just pick your own vegetables right at your own backyard. I don't have a big garden but it is big enough for me to plant different kinds of veggies. Right now my string beans are already having lots of flowers so we have to see in the coming weeks if how many string beans will come out.

A Trip Away From Home

We are going on a road trip next weekend and It's going to be fun! And for you out there who is planning a trip also check out chicago airport shuttle service at They can help you with the airport shuttle. Just visit their website to find more about the services that they offer. The trip is a lot easier when you plan ahead of time. So, if you need this kind of service check them out today.

By clicking the link above you will be taken to their website. Start planning today so you will have a pleasant vacation. About vacation we are going to pick up some foods that we need to take with us next weekend. I haven't done that because I want to wait until we get closer to our departure date.

All the stuff that we are going to need on camping is already ready. Now, is the waiting part is the hardest thing to do lol. The kids are keeps asking me when we are going to go. So, I gave them a calendar to look at now, there at it every day counting. We can’t wait to see the states that we are going to visit it will be the kids and I first time to visit two states this time.

Have A Nice Hump Day

Here we are it's already Wednesday we are heading to the weekend again:)... The kids are counting the days before we go for our camping vacation. Everyday they look at the calendar and last night my daughter was really getting so excited. She asked me if she can start packing her stuff lol.

I am excited also finally we can have a week away from home. I really can use a fun and exciting adventure. The kids are hoping to find a river near the campsite. We have to see when we get there. Plus we are going to have a family reunion this is going to be a fun trip for everybody!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Too Much Noise

My car had been in the repair shop when some lady hit me in my rear end. Her insurance took care of all the damages. Now that I have my car back I notice that every time I close my trunk it makes so much noise. I hate it it use to be so quiet when I shut the trunk down. Now my goodness me it's like a big boom! I need to take it back to the repair shop.

I was browsing around at this website for car repairs and it is very interested. It is You can get your estimate online for free. This is the best place to check out if you have problems with your car. You can get your estimate online before you take it to the repair shop. You can visit their website and check out all the other stuff that they have there. You can even hear from the expert and track your service. Or if you have any questions you can ask them and you will get an answer.

Pancake For Breakfast

Kids asked me if I can make them some blueberry pancake for breakfast. Now they're enjoying it with the pancake syrup. I have to see what can I make them for lunch now. Summer vacation and I am spending so much time in the kitchen cooking for my kiddos. I like cooking but, sometimes I am out of idea what to make. Then, when it happens like that it is so stressful lol.

I still have some clothes that need to be iron and I have to wait later to do it. I have some company coming so I have to put the ironing work aside for now. The kids are once again excited to play with their friends. Soon my house won't be too quiet lol.

House Cleaning

I have been cleaning the house this week and I also I notice that one of our leather sofa is cracking. Now I am planning to look for leather tufted sofa to replace it. I can't believe what happen to that sofa all of the sudden it start cracking and now it doesn't look good at all so much stuff to be replace.

Anyway, I was browsing around at today. And I can't believe how much stuff that they have at their website from furniture to garden and plenty more. So, if you want to do some online shopping check out their website today. I just love the antique white bar stools that they have.

They also carry a extra wide pet gate for those of you who have pets at home you need to check it out. I know that it's hard to find an extra wide pet gate so, if you have time click the link here and it will take you right to that page. It is always nice to find a website like this that has almost everything you are looking for.

Super Hot Summer

I can't believe that we are having a very hot summer this year. Also the heat start so early! We can't stay too long doing outdoor stuff because it's so hot. The kids always want to go to the pool and I told them when the sun goes down. But, when the sun goes down the rain come! I wish we can have just a bit cooler week.

The heat is unbearable and sometimes not even a wind so, you really feel the heat. Anyway, We are not going to make this temperature stop us from having fun. I am going to take the kids to the pool later. And I am going to be swimming too this time:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Didn't Do Much

I have been so lazy lately that I haven't even doing my exercise. I got my hand full since the kids are at home now. I really need to get back in shape and do the exercise again. It is so hard to hop on the treadmill because the kids want to do it too. I need to find something else to do without them hopping on my back:).. Anyway, check out this Health Directory it's very neat you will find all the latest health news and more. You can also check out the Fitness Directory that they have. They have plenty of information in there website that might interest you.

I was just checking the Health and Wellness Directory and it is very helpful. You will find a bunch of information at their website so, check it out today. For me here I really need to get back and get serious with my exercise again. It's been almost 2months that I did not do my exercising and dieting. I guess sometimes lazybones strikes and I have to fight back hehehe. I don't know what else to do to lose weight it is so hard and the foods are so tempting it is really my weakness. Anyway, I need to do something I am not going to let myself gain a lot of weight again!...

Stuck In The House

The kids and I are been stuck in the house for days now. We can't do anything outdoor activities because of the hazardous smoke from the forest fire. It just that the smoke is too thick and it is not good for us to be out there breathing it. I hope that fire will be gone soon this is the first time that we experience bad smoke in the whole city.

Even just going out in your yard is hard plus the heat from the sun is not helping the situation. I hope it will rain soon! I haven't been outside yet I am hoping that there is not much smoke today so I can take the kids out swimming. Both of them are been so bored and wanted to go outside. We have to see today if it's not that bad I will take them to the pool for a swim.


I just finished cleaning the floor today and I really want to change the kitchen floor into tiles. Also it would be nice to have those mosaic wall tile I have so much stuff on my mind but, we don't have the budget yet. So, for now I just have to keep on making list on what I want to do. I really like the blend of glass mosaic tile. Well, maybe someday I can save up enough money and buy some glass tile for my kitchen.

I just checked out and I like all the design that they have in their website. If you are interesting on glass tiles and more visit the link above. It is always nice to browse around first before you buy something that way you can compare prices and designs. I just don't like my kitchen flooring right now it is getting really old and hard to manage. That is why I want to have a tiles in there and get rid with the old flooring.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Blog

Hubby made me another blog it is Carlson Outdoor Aventures and until now I haven't work on that blog yet. I need to start working on that soon. I get tied up with the house and the kids that the next thing I know the day is through already. I guess I need to put a whole day just working on it to get it started. So far I only have a couple of post in it. Anyway, I miss my shows today I better start recording it so I can watch it later on.

For now I need to plan on what to make for lunch. I have to ask the kids what they feel like eating. Sometimes I am out of idea on what to make. If we can't agree on what to cook for lunch today I will take them to drive thru:)...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Party

We attended a birthday party of my friend's son last Saturday at Chuck E Cheese. The kids had so much fun playing with their friends. Anyway have you heard about the can help you organize an event whether it is a fundraising dinners or corporate meetings and more. You can visit their website today to learn more about the services that they have in store for you.

Also you will find events on their website. Check it out today and find out more about They also have a phone number if you want to speak with somebody. So, if you want to do some event promotion and more visit them today they can help you.

I am getting a little hungry in here I need to get up and make something for myself:) have a great day everyone!

My Boy

Here is a picture of my son with his awards from school. I am just so proud of my kids! School is done for now it's time to enjoy the summer and do some fun stuff. All the kids want to do anyway is to go swimming in the pool or go to the beach. Every time I asked them to go shopping they don't want to go. I guess it save me some money lol.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Swimming

Summer means swimming and fishing time in my family. We spend a lot of time out in the beach and the boat during summer. The kids already starting to enjoy the pool swimming and last weekend we had fun at the pool. Now they want to swim in the pool everyday lol. My kids can now swim and I am so happy about that. Now, whenever we go to the pool I am more relax knowing that both of my kids can swim.

Winter is done and now it's time to take off all of the winter pool covers. The sun is so hot outside and being in the pool is really nice and relaxing. Good thing there are two swimming pools in our neighborhood. The kids love it! Anyway, you can visit the link above for pool covers and more. Today the pool is close for cleaning. The kids can't wait to go to the pool tomorrow. We will go in the afternoon.

Movie Marathon

The kids have been watching movies all day while mommy is cleaning the house. Both behaving so good and I am thankful to that. I can accomplish a lot when they get along. I am planing to do something with them on Thursday. I am going to be so busy in the coming days and will be available after Wednesday. We have plenty more days of summer vacation so we are going to have some fun.

For now mommy need to caught up with the house chores. I was so busy in the last couple weeks that my house is a big mess. So this is it I am cleaning to the max lol. I am tired already and I am not even close to finishing it. Oh well, I have to keep going here, you guys have fun the rest of the day. I am falling asleep in here already, this is the problem of not getting enough sleep.

Super Tired

I am so tired already after cleaning four rooms in the house. I got more rooms to clean and I am already exhausted. I am not looking forward on cleaning the bathrooms lol. I hate cleaning bathrooms. If I am not going to finish cleaning all of it today I will continue tomorrow. I am happy that my day is so productive today. I still have a bunch of clothes that need to be iron I am planning to do it that tomorrow.

Anyway, hubby took a video of our kids awarding ceremony and the battery died before the ceremony was over. So, now he is looking for a bigger Camcorder Battery that way it will last long. We also need a backup battery so we don't need to worry again. We are going to use that camcorder a lot during summer. We are going camping and I want to have a souvenir in every place we go. If you are someone like me who is looking for a camcorder battery check out the link above.

7th Birthday

My little boy turn 7 this month I can't believe how time fly so fast. My little boy is not so little anymore. He was so happy turning 7:) and of course he got the stuff that he wanted for his birthday. Next school year he will be in second grade. He can't wait to find out who is his teacher. I told him to just relax for now and enjoy the summer. We will find out who is his teacher by August.

I just hope that they will get the teacher's that I requested for the next school year. Although the school already send out a notice that they are not honoring any request this year. But, still I try to request you never know...


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Anyway, time fly I need to start cooking breakfast for the kids. I have so much to do today and I need to get going. First stop is watering the plants outside then, start cleaning inside the house. Have a great week ahead everyone! Enjoy your summer vacation...

First Week Of No School

Okay today is the first day of the kids summer vacation. And both of them are still snoring because they went to bed so late last night. My son woke up earlier and told me that he had a nightmare and then went right back to sleep. I am enjoying my quiet time right now. I have so much clean up to do today. I hope I can finish at least half of it today.

My son thought that he is going to school today hehehe. He was asking me last night if he is going to school today. I explained to him that it is summer vacation time and he doesn't come back to school until August. He was so happy and start jumping around lol. I need to plan something for them to do this summer. Hopefully we can do a lot of fun stuff.

Dresses and More

I just checked my daughter's closet the other day and she got a lot of dress that doesn't fit her anymore. So, we cleaned her closet and put away all the clothes that doesn't fit her. I need to bring her shopping to the for more dress later this week. last weekend we went to the mall and there are a lot of nice cheap prom dresses. My daughter was browsing around the clothes but, it was still too big for her.

I think we went on every clothes store in the mall. We even end up looking at the junior bridesmaid dresses. My daughter and I love to shop for clothes. But, my daughter can really take forever to decide on which one she like. I mean I am like that too but she is worst when it comes on deciding on which one to buy lol. Anyway, I enjoy going shopping with my girl it is our bonding time together.