Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bonding Time

On Friday we have our bonding time with the kids I will spend time with my daughter by going with her on her field trip. While hubby will take a day off and spend time with our son. The kids are really exciting. Hubby will bring the boy somewhere and he said they will have a lot of fun.

I told hubby okay you boys can shampoo the carpet that is your bonding time hehehe! I was just kidding, of course I want them to have fun on Friday. I will bring my girl shopping after the field trip.

Shop Online

It seem like everything is easy nowadays, like you can now shop online you don’t need to go out at your home to do this. It is very convenient and easy, we can do so much stuff online that’s why I can’t go anywhere without my laptop. Hubby likes to order stuff online too. Internet is really useful in our family. I even start purchasing clothing online and its fun and stress free process.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At The Medieval Fair

Here's some picture of our trip to gainsville to see the medieval fair. The kids really had fun on that day. My girl was so happy to see all the big horses.

Workingout Harder

Running on the treadmill is really hard especially when no one is around I get bored. But I am fighting that feeling so I can reach my goal on losing weight. I am good on controlling my cravings towards the food that I like, so I hope this will continue.

I also go to bed a little early so I can get much beauty rest that my body needs lol! Anyway today is early release day I need to get ready to pick up my little girl.

Get The Right Webhost

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello Friends

Sorry if you didn't see much update here lately I been busy with my sick kids here. Anyway I have a little time tonight by myself that's why I'm here typing some update. My daughter is home today because she is sick the teacher send her home yesterday afternoon because of her fever. I bring her to see her doctor today and now she is taking her medication I hope she feel better soon.

About her party last weekend it was wonderful she really had fun with her friends playing around and eating. Anyway I will put a couple of picture here and I will add some more later on.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Little Big Girl 8th Birthday

I can't believe that my girl will turn another year older tomorrow. She is growing so fast. I have some picture of her that I put on this post when shes a baby and now that she is a big girl. I'm a little busy in here because my hubby and kids are sick I just hope that they will get over this colds soon. To my baby girl Mommy, Daddy and Ian love you so much sweetheart I hope you will have a lot of fun on your birthday and I wish you good health and may all your dreams come true!!!

MY Little Girl Before

My Big Girl Now!