Friday, January 21, 2011

TGIF Everyone!

Here I am in this Friday morning in front of my laptop blogging and browsing around. The kids are having ice cream while watching movie. It's so cold and they are having ice cream lol. They are having a movie marathon while waiting for daddy to be home. Later on we are going out to the park. I hope it won't rain because it's so gloomy outside.

Unlike yesterday the sun was so bright and beautiful. Today is so different it looks like the rain is coming. last night was pouring and it seems like the rain is going to continue today. I hope will warm up later this afternoon so we can go out.

Okay I have to get off here and make lunch for my kiddos. It will be a very easy lunch because they only asked me to make them the instant noodles. So, instant noodles it is! Have a good day my family and friends thank you for visiting me here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What A Busy Day I Had

What a busy day I had today. First I dropped off the kids to school then, the teacher asked me if I can come back after lunch to help her. After that I went to the store and pick up some groceries. Then go back to the house and work a little. Then off I go to the school again.

Anyway my son was so happy that mommy was in the classroom with him. I will be back to school on Thursday to help the teacher again. While at the store today I saw a lot of summer stuff already including above ground pools and swimming suits. Is that mean that the weather will start to warm up soon? Well, I hope so I am kind of tired with the freezing temperature already.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Strawberry Dip In Chocolate

My son made me make some strawberry dip in chocolate tonight. At first he was eating the strawberry just plain. Then, he asked me if I can dip the strawberries in the chocolate. So, I did and they enjoyed it. I am not a big fun of chocolate but my husband and kids love chocolate.

I will be sharing the picture that I took later on. I have to download it to my laptop. I have to go to bed early tonight. The kids are in bed already because they got school tomorrow. The 3 day weekend is over and 3 more coming up this weekend. No school on Friday and the kids are already excited lol.

My daughter asked me already if her best friend can come over on Friday for another sleep over. I already say yes to her so she is looking forward on Friday. So funny because sometimes they talked together and planned on what they are going to do, without asking us parents. My son is so jealous because he doesn't have any close friend yet to sleep over with him. So, he end up playing with the girls lol! Poor baby.

So Crowded

The last time we went to the Christmas tree lighting was not very fun at all. It was just too crowded and when the show was done it was so hard to fight the crowd to go back to our car. They do have some crowd control but, only in one spot. They also have stanchions on the entrance where the singers go in. It was a velvet rope and my son want to play with it lol.

I guess the kids was a little bored and it was just too much people for them. Next time we have to go early and find a good spot that way we can park closer to the event also. We want to park closer when we got there but all we see was a barricades. So we park a little far away and walked. Anyway next time we make sure to come early.

I Like It!

I really like the new printer that hubby bought me for Christmas. It has a cheaper ink compare to the old one. I can print more picture now for my family in the Philippines. With the cheap ink I don't have to worry about spending too much. I hate my old hp printer because the printer ink is so expensive. So, finally we have a new one and I really like it.

The old printer is in the attic now lol. I still have a couple inkjet cartridges left for the old printer but, to make that printer work I have to put 3 in it. I just put it away with the old printer. Now I am in the process of exchanging all the picture frames at home with the latest family photos. I am hoping to finish working on those frames soon.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun Night

The kids are having a very fun night tonight and last night. They have friends come over and it makes them so happy. Right now they are watching movies with hubby in the family room while I am blogging here in the living room lol. I don't like to watch a movie that I had already seen before. So here I am in the computer blogging.

They are watching how to train your dragon I think. The kids love that movie so much. I am glad that they are watching a movie. Now, I don't have to worry about the running around and screaming kids. All of them are so quiet concentrating on their movie lol.

I have to get up earlier because they asked me for a blanket. The heater is on but still feels so cold inside the house. I don't like the heater so high because we don't want to pay a big bill of electricity. Also when the heater is above 70 my nose start to dry out and it makes my nose bleed. So, we have to keep it on 68F.

New Case

I need to buy a new case for my daughter's new camera. I have to put a reminder on my phone the next time we go to the store. I keep forgetting to look then on the way back home I remember and it's already too late. So, Next time we go to the store I make sure that I look for it. Anyway I have been cleaning my kids closet and take out all the clothes that doesn't fit them anymore.

So now I have a big pile of clothes in my bedroom ready to be send to the Philippines. We are planning to clean out the backyard but it's too cold to get out there. Maybe we have to wait on a warmer day. We saw a very nice arbors at the store the other day and there is one particular arbor that I really like. I can use one in the backyard and one in the front the wooden arbors are really look good.

How nice it is to have one of those garden arbors. I always want to have one maybe someday. Anyway we don't have any plan for tomorrow yet. If the weather is going to stay this cold tomorrow we probably just spend the whole day inside the house.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Redskin Peanuts

I am having a redskin peanuts right now it's my favorite. I can eat it all day lol. I am having another quiet day here at home. But, soon it will be noisy again when my kiddos is home from school. Anyway if you are looking for a victorian mailboxes just click the link. One of my friend just bought one and it's really nice.

Now I want to have one replace our old mailbox. Anyway you might want to check out victorian wall mailbox and victorian pedestal mailboxes also. You can see all the different designs on their website. So, visit their website today to see more nice designs. For me here I need to get up and start doing my exercise. Have a nice day everyone..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Will Dance Again

It seems like I am getting into dancing lately. I am going to try this kind of workout everyday and see if it's going to work. I have to give the treadmill a break for awhile. I am getting bored hopping on the treadmill everyday. So, now I need to try some other workouts and dancing is seems to be more interesting to me nowadays.

I sweat more while doing dancing and I like it. I am enjoying it with the whole family. Yesterday I had at least 1 hour and half of dancing and it feels good. Aside from dancing I am doing a stomach crunches also. Hopefully this kind of workouts will help me lose weight.

Taking my Hobby to the Next Level

Guest post written by Bud Warlick

I've always been interested in birdwatching. It's something I've done since I retired, now that I've got the time. It's funny, the closer I started paying attention the more I noticed that the same birds come around at the same times each day! It's so interesting.

For example, I have this one robin that comes in at about 12 p.m. every day, then, there's a few jaybirds that come around shortly after, around 1 p.m., followed by a few crazy crows. Of course, they don't come around much this time of year since it's so I started thinking about how cool it'd be to have my own birdwatching web site, which I now have time to build since we're in the off-season so to speak. I'm seriously considering it, especially after seeing what has to I'll be able to show my family what I see, too. I'm sure they'd love it, and itd give me a chance to catalog them. Sounds win/win to me!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hitting the clubs for New Year's

Guest post written by Heena Ansari

Even though I love my parents, I was a little relieved to get back to my apartment where I could just relax and not have to share a room with my 14-year-old sister. I'm also really excited to go out and hit some of the clubs for New Year's because I haven't been out with my friends since like the beginning of December because we've all been so busy with work and family stuff.

Somehow, I kind of became in charge of my circle of friend's New Year's plans, so I've been checking out what some of our favorite clubs are doing for the holidays. One night when I was online doing that a few days ago, I came across the website and after I looked through it, I signed up for the internet service at my apartment.

I have it narrowed down to a few different clubs that I'm going to run by my friends because we're only going to go to one for the NYE party because cover charges are so expensive for the holiday.

Just Got Home

I took my daughter to the dentist today and we need to get back there by next week. I am glad that I took her to the dentist now we know what need to be done on her teeth. It was a lot better than I thought. So by next week I am bringing her back there they need to take out some of her baby teeth.

She so awesome today and did not complain at all. While driving on the way home it was pouring I can hardly see the road. We got to this one spot that the road was all flooded. I hate driving on the weather like this. Right now the rain slows down for a few minutes and then start pouring again. what a day!

Baby Stuff

Finally I went to the attic yesterday and got rid of all the baby stuff. I keep most of my son's baby stuff like baby gate, potty training and more. We have all those Child Safety Gates before and now it's time to let them go hehehe. My kids are all big now and I am not planning to have more. So, I need to pack all this baby stuff and send it to the Philippines.

For all the mommies out there that needs a child safety gates visit They carry all the the gates and other safety stuff that you need for your little ones. Be safe and check out this website.

I will be folding clothes today hopefully I'll get it done before I pick up the boy from school. It's pouring outside and also freezing. It's really dark outside I hope that the rain will stop on time for the dismissal.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be More Beautiful

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Anyway I have a few friends that done this before and they like the result. If you are not satisfied with your breast, visit Dallas Breast Implants. They sure can help you with that problem. Visit their website today by clicking the link above to find out more information.

I need to go to bed early tonight I am so tired already. I can't keep my eyes open lol. I have more blogging work to do later. I just need a little break for now. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Just Dance

My daughter and her friend just got done dancing just dance on wii. They both like it. Now we are back to just the four of us. My son is still playing with the wii though. Tomorrow is Monday once again. My daughter will be absent tomorrow. I have to bring her to the dentist.

She is not very happy about the dentist visit but she doesn't have any choice. I am so tired after the two days of cleaning the house. I am not completely done yet but, I am so happy for what I have accomplished in two days of cleaning. I had all the Christmas decoration put away in the attic. Now the house is back to normal.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Tradition Passed On

Guest post by Jewel Cole

Our family and friends get together to party every New Year's Eve and celebrate the coming new year. We have a large pot luck dinner, followed by great desserts. After everyone gets their fill of food we divide up into groups and play games and party.

We have a tradition of turning on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve show at 11:00 p.m. on Cannon Satellite TV every year. It's usually quite loud in our house so we turn the sound down on the television until count down time, then the sound is turned up. We all love watching the people in Times Square partying on the show, but at the same time we are happy not being in that crowd. Everyone starts counting down as soon as the ball starts its downward movement. At midnight we all yell, hug, kiss and have a toast.

Our kids now invite friends over on New Year's to watch the show and celebrate. They actually leave the sound up during the entire show and dance to the pop music. Overall it's a wonderful way to spend an evening with loved ones.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Talking

Check out to get a toll free forwarding. This website is good for those who are looking for a toll free international call forwarding. So, if you are interested and want to find out more on tollfreeforwarding just click the link and it will bring right to their website. I hope to get a cheaper minutes to call Philippines so I can talk to my family more often.

I miss my older sister I haven't talked to her for months now. I hope to find a good time to talk to her. Sometimes there is no signal on her cellphone in their house. So I need to find a good timing when I call her. I hope to talk to her soon. I have a big day tomorrow so, I need a good night sleep. I have so much work to do around the house and my Christmas decorations are still up.


So happy to hear my father's voice tonight. I feel bad because he is sick he has fever I hope he feels better soon. The kids want to talk more but I am out of phone card. If I have time tomorrow I will stop by at the Filipino store and buy some phone cards. I miss my family in the Philippines so much. How I wish to talk to them each and everyday.

They might call me back in the morning. Anyway I need to stop eating too much because I work too hard on my exercise and then eat a lot at night not good:( So hard to avoid the good foods! I have been back with my exercise this week. Tomorrow I will be doing my exercise after school. The teacher want me to help her tomorrow.

Fireplace Gas Logs

I thought we are having a whole week of warm weather. But, I was wrong once again my feet are freezing again and we need to bundled up whenever we go outside. I guess we better get that fireplace going then. We are still browsing around for Gas Logs. Now that it's cold again it makes me want to get that fireplace really start to fire up. Hubby wants to read more about about R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs.

I actually like the Outdoor Gas Logs also and I am hoping that hubby will agree with me lol. I have been reading about Gas Log FAQs. We never use our fireplace before so I am kind of scared about the fire hehehe. But we need to be warm so we need to get on with it. We already bought a portable heater for our bathroom. Our bathroom is the coldest part of our house then second is the master bedroom. Now I want the family room to be warm we spend more time in the family room in any other part of our house. It was pouring in here today so I am pretty sure that is going to be so cold tomorrow.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sell A Pension

Here is a place for you to go if you want to sell a UK pension. Just visit They can help you to get the funds that you needed. Right now you can book a free consultation at their website. So, if you are in need of money and want to sell your pension check them out they can help! Some people may experience a hardship in life and thinking about selling their pension but, they don’t know where to go. At they know how to unlock your pension so; you get all the help you need.

Schedule a free consultation today by visiting their website. It is so nice to know that there is a place like this to go when you need advise and help. Anyway I am enjoying my quiet time at home today. After two weeks of vacation from school I can use a break lol. Now the house is so nice and quiet. I have to enjoy this moment because in a few hours the kids will be home lol.

I have so much stuff to do today and I haven’t done half of it. So I need to get into that treadmill and get over it so I can finish folding clothes. I have more clothes to wash again it’s a never ending laundry for me today. So, I need to get going have a great Monday everyone!

Fried Rice For Breakfast

The kids requested for a fried rice breakfast. So mommy had to cook that quickly this morning. I was so glad that they asked for it because they eat a lot. I have about half left I am saving it for tomorrow. I don't want to eat it because I am in my diet mood again lol.

I am hoping that I can get on with my routine once again. To much yummy food during the holidays and I did ate a lot. After we had dinner on New Years Eve our friend invited us to come over to their house for the fireworks. When we arrived at their house they serve a bunch of yummy filipino foods so here I go again. Now that is all done I need to concentrate on my daily workouts.

Done Finally

I finally spoke with somebody at the dentist office. I was on hold for so long grrrrr. Later I have to call the other dentist office if they receive the referral. I need to get this all done today since the dental appointment for my boy is tomorrow. I just don't understand why that lady that did not do the paper works back in December. If I did not called them today to make sure the receive the referral I will not find out.

I am hoping that they will do it today. The last lady said that they'll make sure to fax it today. So, Now I have to wait until 2pm to call again just to make sure. Anyhow, I talked to hubby the other night and I said I need a new pots and pan lol. I want the stainless steel this time so it will last long. The one I have now is the nonstick one and it always end up scratch and looking ugly hehehe. I want those professional cookware if I can lol. Anyway here is a place for you to visit if you need a restaurant supply or restaurant equipment. Just click on those link. For me here I need to get up and start my workout.

I have been eating too much during the holidays and now it's time for me to hop in the treadmill again. Otherwise I'll be back into that giant me again hehehe. I am so scared to be that big again so I have to do this. All I need to do is cutting back on the foods again and a one hour workouts a day.

Cold Again!

I can't believe how cold it is again today. I thought the warm weather will stay for awhile but it changes like everyday. It seems like we are going to have a freezing week again. That just great now that the kids have to go back to school the cold weather come back too. I feel bad for them every morning facing the freezing wind. Even we are wearing thick jacket we still feel the cold.

Have you checkout the ecco mailboxes? I just browse around today at I really like the stainless steel ecco mailbox. If I get the stainless steel mailbox I don't need to worry about rust or anything. They also carry ecco wall mount mailbox. So, if you are in the market and looking for a new mailbox, just visit their website today and checkout all the mailboxes that they have in store for you.

Back To School Again

The kids are back to school today after the winter break. My son said he is not ready to go back yet lol. But, after he ate his breakfast today he was so ready for school. I can't believe what I did this morning we almost got late for school. My alarm was on and for some reason I just turn it off and went back to sleep.

Then I woke up with the sunlight coming through the window in our bedroom. I look at my clock it was already 7:25am oh mu god I jump off the bed and quickly went to the kids bedroom to wake them up. I talked to hubby I said I can't believe my alarm did not went off? He told me the alarm was fine, He said I turn it off and went back to sleep lol. I said great and you did not bother to wake me up hehehe. Anyway we got in to school on time and the kids had a good breakfast.

Ticket America

Are you looking for a baseball stadiums of the united states? If you do I can help you with that. Just click the link here and it will take you to their website here are the links Conseco Fieldhouse ,Madison Square Garden,Tropicana Field,Camden Yards and Arco Arena. Anyway what a busy day I am having here so far. I need to keep calling this dentist office and their phones are always busy grrrrrr.

I requested the refferal back in the middle of December and until now they did not send it. The appointment is tomorrow so, I need to get them to send it today. I wish this people will do their job. I hate it when I have to keep on calling them. Now it's like crazy they put me on hold for so long. They are wasting my time and minutes on my phone.