Friday, January 21, 2011

TGIF Everyone!

Here I am in this Friday morning in front of my laptop blogging and browsing around. The kids are having ice cream while watching movie. It's so cold and they are having ice cream lol. They are having a movie marathon while waiting for daddy to be home. Later on we are going out to the park. I hope it won't rain because it's so gloomy outside.

Unlike yesterday the sun was so bright and beautiful. Today is so different it looks like the rain is coming. last night was pouring and it seems like the rain is going to continue today. I hope will warm up later this afternoon so we can go out.

Okay I have to get off here and make lunch for my kiddos. It will be a very easy lunch because they only asked me to make them the instant noodles. So, instant noodles it is! Have a good day my family and friends thank you for visiting me here.