Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Supplies

I got the kids their backpacks for school already. I can't believe how much are the backpacks nowadays. It's too expensive! I also got my boy a shoes since they have some nike and sketchers on sale. But, my daughter is so happy with her backpack because mommy got her the one that she really like. Well, it's kind of expensive but she like it so I just bought it while my eyes are close hehehe.

My son haven't seen his new shoes yet because when I got home he is sleeping. Until now he is still snoring lol. I am sure that he would love the shoes mommy got him. He wanted it so bad before but I told him I will get it for him next time. Good thing I didn't buy it then because now I got it for a very low price. We bought his backpack yesterday and he was so happy about it. But, he told us that he is not ready to go back to school.

Real Estate

Are you interested in real estate in Hawaii? If you do check out the link that I have on this post and it will take you right to the information you needed. You can browse around on the videos that they have and check out the pictures and information about it. Hawaii is a really nice place to live your close to the beach and the mountain.

I would love to live in Hawaii if I had a choice:).. It must be so nice over there and probably feels like your in the Philippines. Someday I will visit Hawaii with my family. I really want to see the beauty of that island in person. So, I better start saving now so one day soon I can take my family there. I also have a lot of friends who live there so, it would be so nice to see them too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nice Place

Finally I had visited Washington, DC. The place was really beautiful and nice. I enjoyed all the place we visited and my favorite one was the capitol building and the Lincoln memorial. The only problem was the heat it was unbearable. My goodness it has to have a heat wave on our vacation:(...

But, other than the hot sun it was okay. I took a bunch of picture and I am going to post some in here when I get it out in my cameras. The kids like the place and it would be awesome if the day was perfect without the heat wave that is. Anyway, we are going to come back and visit DC again but not in summer. Maybe during fall and spring:)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Renovating Novices

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My husband and I had always wanted to try our hand at renovating an old house. I guess we’ve watched one too many episodes of “Flip That House.” We took the plunge and bought an old antebellum home in Greensboro, a small town about 20 miles from where we live. We both have jobs so we were trying to work on the home a couple of nights a week and on the weekends. It was fun at first but quickly turned into work, when we got into the nitty gritty of demolition and rebuilding. It seemed to make a lot of sense to leave all our tools and supplies there rather than loading, unloading and hauling them back and forth each day. To protect our things, we looked at to find a system to install at the home. We couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that the house didn’t have a working toilet but it would have a high tech security system. We are 3 months into our project and know it will be a long haul but we think it will be worth it when we can sit on our front porch sipping mint juleps!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going To Pack Up Soon!

We are going to start packing our stuff soon for the vacation. Everybody is getting so excited specially the kids. My daughter already put away some of the toys that she want to bring with her. I am going to pack up some stuff on Monday because that is the only free time I have. My son has a dental appointment on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday I am babysitting. So, I really need to save one day just to pack some stuff.

Hopefully we will get everything ready by Friday. We have about 12hours drive to the place where we going. So hubby have to sleep super early on Friday because we are leaving so early. Kids can't hold their excitement anymore:)...

Still Playing

I am still playing Dress up Games with my daughter once in awhile. It is fun to play with her it's like our bonding time together. She still have her barbies and sometime we played on that so we can have a break from the computer. But, most of the time we play a free online games. There are so many nice games online now that you can play for free.

We can't afford to buy GAMES all the time so we play a free online games. Like at they have plenty of games for kids even a kindergarten games. There are a bunch of games to choose from. So, if you are into games check this place out you will happy to see all the games they have. I just finish playing with my daughter so now I need to be here and trying to make some updates on my blog.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Eggplant

One eggplant tree plenty of fruits. I just counted the other day and there are over a dozen fruits in one plant. I wish I have more plant that grow like that one that produce a lot of eggplant. We already harvested about a dozen and more eggplants coming out on that one plant. Hubby made a stir fry tofu with eggplant and ground meat. Even the kids love it.

It is so nice to just pick your own vegetables right at your own backyard. I don't have a big garden but it is big enough for me to plant different kinds of veggies. Right now my string beans are already having lots of flowers so we have to see in the coming weeks if how many string beans will come out.

A Trip Away From Home

We are going on a road trip next weekend and It's going to be fun! And for you out there who is planning a trip also check out chicago airport shuttle service at They can help you with the airport shuttle. Just visit their website to find more about the services that they offer. The trip is a lot easier when you plan ahead of time. So, if you need this kind of service check them out today.

By clicking the link above you will be taken to their website. Start planning today so you will have a pleasant vacation. About vacation we are going to pick up some foods that we need to take with us next weekend. I haven't done that because I want to wait until we get closer to our departure date.

All the stuff that we are going to need on camping is already ready. Now, is the waiting part is the hardest thing to do lol. The kids are keeps asking me when we are going to go. So, I gave them a calendar to look at now, there at it every day counting. We can’t wait to see the states that we are going to visit it will be the kids and I first time to visit two states this time.

Have A Nice Hump Day

Here we are it's already Wednesday we are heading to the weekend again:)... The kids are counting the days before we go for our camping vacation. Everyday they look at the calendar and last night my daughter was really getting so excited. She asked me if she can start packing her stuff lol.

I am excited also finally we can have a week away from home. I really can use a fun and exciting adventure. The kids are hoping to find a river near the campsite. We have to see when we get there. Plus we are going to have a family reunion this is going to be a fun trip for everybody!