Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My boy just love to jump on any bed as long as he bounce. How you all doing for me here still busy taking care of my kids and the house. I didn't even have time to put some updates on my 3rd blog. But today I will make sure to put new post over there.

Celebrate Mom!

Mother’s day is almost here and I know everybody is thinking what kind of present we can give to our mother’s. I was looking around for a mothers day baskets and I found so many from fruit baskets to chocolates, and until now still can’t decide. I still have to buy cards this weekend so I can send it on Saturday. How about you are you still looking for a Mother’s day gift I have a place for you to checkout

It’s they carry beautiful baskets that are perfect for every mom! Premium orchard fresh fruit baskets, decadent gourmet snack towers, luxurious spa delights and more this will make her especial day more spectacular. So what are you waiting for visit it today so you will find the perfect gift for your mother this coming Mother’s Day. I love all their flower arrangement especially the roses. My daughter is funny she told me that she’s going to buy me a card and a flowers. She knows her mom love flowers so will see heheheheee! She also likes to write in the card and draw pictures on it. I love my girl she’s so sweet to her mommy. Thank god for giving me two beautiful babies.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Helping Daddy Clean the Cage

Before we have kids we have lots of pets you name it we have it hehehehe! Until I give birth on our first child we decided to slow down on buying new pets, until we got to the point that we don't have much time to take care of that much pets. And then our second baby arrive right then we decided to just keep what we have and not to buy anymore pets. As time passes most of them died because of old age the only pet we have now is this milk snake and we put it in our garage. While hubby clean the cage I have to hold the snake and my son want to hold it too but he can't keep up with the snake it was so active so daddy have to help him that is the picture on the top.

The Best Deal Online

I love jewelry that’s why hubby always have something for me in every occasion as long as we have budget for it. Right now my daughter likes jewelry also every time we go to the store she would go to the Jewelry department and most of the time you will see her have earrings or bracelets on her hand. But it’s ok because she still chooses the cheap ones girly accessories and she like pink colors.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Have a nice Evening

Hello guys how you you all doing? I been busy lately catching up on all the house chores. And also watching my Filipino channel. Anyway just want to say good night to all of you and share some pictures of my handsome boy!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Good Night and Have a Nice Weekend

Good night to all! Happy Weekend hope you all have a nice weekend with your family. I'm trying to finish all my work here in the house, so I don't need to worry about it in the weekend. But I have to stop for awhile my two creatures driving me crazy. GOODNIGHT!!!!


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Good Day!

Hello guys Happy Friday to all of you! I'll be doing my blog hopping later. Right now I'm going to my garden to water my plants. My son wants to play outside for awhile so I need to watch him while his doing that and I'll be back later to visit you in your blogs.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kids Having Fun

Last weekend we go to Orlando to attend on my friends birthday party. When we arrive in Orlando it was still early. So we decided to visit hubby's friend and the kids really have fun watching all the pets they have Like the Big lizard and turtles. After visiting hubby's friend we also stop by at my friends house and she give me a Filipino lemon ( Kalamansi), Papaya and green mango. From there we go to the Birthday party and my friend have a whole roasted pig (Lechon)and lots of food. I'll be sharing a picture of us and our friend soon. Me and my friend didn't go to bed until 2:30am we just talk and talk.

Here's my kids watching the big Turtle

My son trying to feed the lizard!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hubby and our Kids

Hello guys how are you doing! I just got home from school and kind of busy lately around the house. And my sinus keep coming back, I think because of the weather. I'll be doing my rounds when I have enough time, maybe tonight.

A big kiss for Daddy on his Birthday!

Daddy got his present and cards!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday My Honey!

Happy Happy Birthday to the one and only man in my life my Dear Husband! I wish you all the best in life and to be healthy and safe each and every day. Stay as sweet as you are and always remember that me your wife and our kids is always here for you whenever you need us. We love you with all our hearts.

Happy Happy Birthday My Love!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good Morning


Good morning friends How are you today! For me I'm excited to see my friend on her birthday party today.
My kiddos wake up so early today and they make me get up hehehehe I'm still tired because I went to bed like almost 2am last night. As all of you now know that Google bring my PR back to zero. I have to get out now guys we have to start getting ready we have 3 hours drive to go to Orlando. See y'all later...


Google give me a present today it's a BIG 0 Heheheheeee! I can't do nothing about it so I'll just wait when their going to give me my PR back. Even I get stress about it I still not going to get my PR back, so I'll just take it easy and see if one day they give it back to me. I know there are so many blogger out there that have the same problem like me but we can't do nothing about so I'll just wait and see. Okay guys I need to go now I'll be posting more later. To all my friends online and offline thank you for visiting my blog.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Beginners Guide

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Happy Happy Birthday to my Friend Medelyn!!!

My Dearest Friend Medelyn,
I'm the kind of person who considers close friendships to be rare and special.
That's why the relationship we share means so much to me.
Your're always willing to listen, and you always know just what to say.
Your're one of the few people who can make me smile, even after a really bad day,who understands all my moods and quirks, and still accepts me just the way I am.

I must be one of the luckiest people in the world to have a friend as wonderful as you. And I mean that with all my heart.

Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday and many many more to come! I love you! and I'll see you tomorrow...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blog About Web Designing

I’m just kind of new on this blogging world, and I was so happy when my friend agrees to build me a blog free of charges. This is the blog she made me The Carlson Clan Adventure and I really love it the color and the design is fantastic. So lately I have been trying to learn more about making a blog and how to design it. But still I’m not very good at it. I was making a post for my blog when my daughter come to me and ask me if I can make her a princess blog heheheheee great now she want one too.

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Like to Play in the Sand

My kids love to play in the beach they like to play in the sand and feed the birds with their chips silly kiddos. My boy like to go in the water he is not afraid at all, but my girl is opposite she freak out when the wave is coming towards her. You will see her running away from the water heheheeee! I have to keep my eyes on my boy when his in the water because he will just keep walking and not knowing that the water is getting deep. Here's a picture of my girl playing in the sand.


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I finally done working on my laundry. I still have no idea what hubby wants on his Birthday or what he want to do. We are going on Orlando on Saturday to attend on my friend's party,and the next day is hubby's Birthday.I ask my daughter what kind of gift she give to her daddy she said a fishing rod and my boy said he want to give his daddy a cake and a shirt with a fish on it, they really know that daddy like to fish. Anyway Good night to all of you I need to go to bed early tonight since I didn't have a good night sleep in the past few days because of my cold and sinus.

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My Boy

This is a picture of my silly little boy. He want me to take a picture of him wearing his sun glasses at night. We were getting ready for bed and he was getting upset on me coz I said we take a picture in the morning, and he said NO now. That's how we have this picture of him. His is such a darling....

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Mung beans with coconut milk(Ginataang Monggo)

I was hungry earlier so I decided to make some monggo and it taste really good I put it in the top of my rice and yummy! My son like it and now my daughter is is eating some she likes the squash and spinach on it. Now I'm thinking what to make for dinner hubby will be home soon and I know that his hungry. I always cook our dinner before he gets home so by the time his home the dinner is ready for him. I better go now and start cooking see Y'all later.

It's Wednesday

Hello Good morning! I don't know what's going on but it is so cold here in Florida. My sinus is start hurting again, I thought we are done with this cold weather I guess not. My I have to sit here in my computer so early today I have some task that need to be write or it will expire in a few hours. My kids still sleeping I have to get my daughter up soon so she can get ready for school, and I have to make her breakfast. Hope we all have a great day today and have fun blogging everyone!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Party

I'm excited because we are going to Orlando Florida this coming Saturday. It's my Friend Medelyn"s Birthday Party, I miss her I'm glad that we are going to see each other in a few days. I am hoping to see my other friends also while were there it's been a year since the last time I spend time with them. So will see what's gonna happen, I know there busy too because they work but hopefully I will see them since it's Saturday.

Me and my dear friend Medelyn last year picture! at Sarah Geronimo concert...

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Love Quotes

"Sing like nobody's listening,

Live like it's Heaven on Earth,

Work like you don't need money,

Love like you've never been hurt,

And dance like no one's watching."

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So Cold

It's so cold again today, my kids have to bundle up again today when we go to school. Now even the sun is not out, Oh! my so stuff to do but I never get it done in one day help hehehehe! Here's my son looking for his snowman blanket he said he need it because its cold. I already change his clothes 3times today he like to play in the water and get himself wet, what a boy!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Finest Pearl Jewelry

Mother’s Day is almost here. Just a few more weeks and all of the Mother’s will be celebrating this day. I’m looking forward to that day. My hubby and the kids know that I love jewelry and they always ask me what kind of jewelry I want for Mother’s Day. This year, I told them that I want pearls.

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Just got home from school and I'm tired. I been having a bad diarrhea, I think the antibiotic that I'm taking is the responsible for this or just a stomach virus that's going around. My daughter got the same problem over the weekend but it went away. So I just hope that this pain and cramps will go away soon, sorry guys I have to write it here. Just bored Nobody to talk too! so I decided to just write it down here.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Night

Good night guys I'm getting ready for bed. I have to get up early tomorrow hubby go to work and my daughter go to school. I have to get up early to fix hubby's lunch, and I have to cook breakfast for my daughter. After that I have to dress up two kids and then were off to go. I have so many things to do at home tomorrow like washing clothes cleaning and more hehehehee! Have a great night Y'all.

Forex Market

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Food Again

Here's more picture of the food I make, enjoy watching. I don't know what's going on but the weather is crazy outside this morning it started with the rain, and then wind. When I go out in the backyard just while ago it was cold. I was watering my veggies out there. I will post some picture of my plant at my new blog click Here

Hubby call this a Tuna Salad but in Filipino we call it "Kinilaw"

This one is a fried fish or "Piniritong galonggong"

Patio Furnitures

Spring is here and it’s time for planting and buying new patio furniture. My hubby and I are still looking for what kind of patio furniture design we want to purchase. For now we have to wait, we already see some furniture but still can’t decide which kind of design or color we want to buy.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Have a Nice Weekend

Have a nice weekend everyone hope you guys will have a wonderful weekend with your family. For me here My kiddos is still sleeping so I take this opportunity to sit down and check out my blogs. In a minute I'll be going to the store, I need to go by myself, it's very stressful when I bring the two creatures with me. They always fight and hang around the cart. So I end up getting so stress if I bring them both hehehehehee! I need to get ready now have a good Saturday to all!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Palabok ( Noodles)

Here's the Palabok I will try to upload the other pictures tomorrow so I can share them all with you. I miss this food so i decided to make it tonight and the whole family like it. It's a good thing. I can't sleep yet I keep coughing. I take a medicine I'll be snoring soon this medicine make me sleepy.

My Little Angels

My daughter want me to put this picture here on my blog. She said she want our family in the Philippines to see it. Even my daughter miss Philippines she keep on asking when we come back to visit Philippines again. She love Philippines because she have 5 cousins that is all girls so they do a lot of playing morning and night. Okay guys I have to put my kids to bed now it's getting late. Take care everybody and thank you verymuch for all the visit's and have a wonderful night!

Play Online

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Watching Movie

Tonight is our movie night and still I can't get off of my Computer. I'm getting ready to get off here so I can concentrate watching this movie. I cook dinner tonight I make some Filipino noodles the palabok, kinilaw and fried galonggong fish. it was good my daughter still eating the fish right now while watching movie heheheh! I will download some picture tomorrow so I can share it with you guys. bye bye for now.

How Are You

Hello all good morning! I just got back from school. I need some more sleep I can't because of coughing and right now I really want to go back to bed. My son drive me nuts already he want to watch his favorite cartoons but he doesn't know how to turn on the tv. Okay guys I need to watch lobo now so I'll be back later and if I get the chance today I will visit you, if not I'll do it tomorrow.

Hiding from the sun! hehehehe...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Good Morning

Good morning y'all how you doing today. For me I feel much better thank god. The work are waiting for me It's been days I didn't do much around the house because I was sick. Now my work is really waiting and waving for me,I'm still coughing but my head feels better. Last night I cook for dinner since hubby is been bringing take outs from the restaurant so I thought we can use some home cooking for dinner last night. Here's a picture that I want to share with you guys it's scallops with carrots and spinach, crab cakes and roasted potatoes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Feeling a Little Better

Today I feel a little better compare to the past few days. My sinus is not hurting that bad anymore, good thing the antibiotic the doctor give me to take is working good. I drop off my daughter today to school and after that me and Ian need to come home right away coz I'm still a little dizzy. I just really need to have a good night sleep. Last night I couldn't sleep because of my sinus and sore throats was hurting bad I feel like crap. but anyway I guess the medicines start working this morning the pain is not that bad no more.thank you all again for visiting here!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Doctor Visit

I just got home while ago hubby bring me to the doctor. As I say on my last post I been sick with this flu and yesterday i started to have a high fever, It went away late last night but my head still hurting so bad and my sinus is really hurting me. The doctor said I have a sinus infection so he give me about 3 kind of medicine to take, I hope I feel better after taking this medicines so I get back to normal again. To all of you thanks for the visit and I will visit you when i get my head back to normal right now can't stay long in front of the computer.

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Monday, April 7, 2008


Hello everybody I'm sorry if I can't visit your blogs.I can't stay long in the computer make me more dizzy. I been sick over the weekend and now i have a fever. hope you guys understand, to all of you who that wants to exchange link with me i will add you soon. okay guys I need to go back to bed now really not feeling good.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Picture On the Way To The Beach

On the way to the beach and they are so excited, we stop by at the store on the way there and the boy wants this airplane toy so I just bought it for him. He love that toy he even sleep with it last night hehehe! I need to go now guys hubby want us to meet to eat out for lunch so I need to get ready and dress up the kids cuz it's getting late see y'all later.

Summer Is Almost Here

Summer is almost here and in Florida it feels like summer already. That’s why when we went to the beach the other day hubby got bad sunburn. I’m excited because time to go shopping for new swimming suits already. I like buying swimsuit for my daughter she just look nice on any kind of swimsuits, but take note this girl is so picky on what kind of swimsuits she like to wear. For me, It’s hard for me to find a swimsuits that I like to wear since after giving birth of my two kids I gain weight and I’m shy to wear swimsuits but when I go to the beach I see a lot of women that is bigger than me and they are not shy to wear a two piece swimsuits so why should I right. But still hehehheee I have to find the one that it fits my taste.

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Honey and Me

Just want to share this photo of me and hubby in the beach. Mia was the one who take this picture and he didn't give us a warning or say cheese, she just say okay its done heheheh! hubby didn't got the chance to smile he was chewing when Mia was taking this picture. Anyway how you all doing me here trying to catch some ooppss hahahaha!

Air Cleaners

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Thursday, April 3, 2008


To all my Filipino friends here's some shrimp for you. It taste really good but hubby didn't eat it he doesn't like to peel and eat the shrimp if he want to eat some shrimp I need to peel it and no head before I cook it hehehe! my boy and me eat it all. I'm tired already I was working on my new blog. If you want me to exchange link with you just visit me at my new blog click HERE and please drop me a message in my tag board so I can add you! Thank you in advance and have a GOOD NIGHT!!!

Kids In The Beach

Here's my kids playing in the beach yesterday and they sure have fun. I will share more picture later of us in the beach. Mia and Ian just love to play in the water and sand, its like they got out from the cage hehehe!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun Day at the Beach

Hubby comes home a little early today and we bring the kids to the beach. We really have fun especially the kids, they run around and play in the sand and run to the water. I was keeping my eyes so close with my boy because he would run in the water and not afraid at all he even want to go to a deeper water, and its scare me because the wave was big. The kids told us that they really have fun today especially when they feed the birds with their chips. I will share some pictures in here after I download it to my computer. I need to get the kids to bed now, Mia and Ian is so tired after all day at the beach.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wow it's April already and this is very especial month for the whole family. Because it's my hubby's birthday, it's going to be a very busy weekend. My friend invited us to attend on her Birthday Party on the 19th and hubby's Birthday in the next day. I'm excited to go see my friends it's been awhile we didn't visit Orlando. I'm also excited coz she's cooking Filipino foods yumyum hehehehe!. Thanks for the visit everybody!!!

Night Outs

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After done working in my vegetable garden, now I need to start working in my front yard and put new flowers. I still need to pick up new flowers mia want it all pink flower hehehe what a girl. While my boy all he want to do is play with the hose and spray us! We just finish eating dinner and now I'm here writing and finishing some task.

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Good Morning


Hello Good Morning! It's another day again and I'm awake so early I didn't get enough sleep last night I was coughing. I'm still a little tired but I can't sleep anymore. I need to try to get some more sleep before my kids wake up. I'll be back later... Happy April 1st everybody!!!!