Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Morning

Good morning y'all how you doing today. For me I feel much better thank god. The work are waiting for me It's been days I didn't do much around the house because I was sick. Now my work is really waiting and waving for me,I'm still coughing but my head feels better. Last night I cook for dinner since hubby is been bringing take outs from the restaurant so I thought we can use some home cooking for dinner last night. Here's a picture that I want to share with you guys it's scallops with carrots and spinach, crab cakes and roasted potatoes.


Lalaine said...

hi angel! murag lami gani ka muluto da! :) gigutom ko dari.

stev & emz said...

wow! kaw nagluto nyan sis? mukhang ang sarap ah! patikim naman! hehehe...oi sensya na ngayon lang ako ulit naka visit kasi na bz ako eh. good to know that you are feeling better na. uso nga ang sakit dyan ngayon sa tate. well.. hope na fully recovered ka na. im sure na miss ni hubby and luto mo. =)

Anonymous said...

never had scallops before. mo try kuno ko ana ug luto kay mura ug lami gani.