Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Too Much Noise

My car had been in the repair shop when some lady hit me in my rear end. Her insurance took care of all the damages. Now that I have my car back I notice that every time I close my trunk it makes so much noise. I hate it it use to be so quiet when I shut the trunk down. Now my goodness me it's like a big boom! I need to take it back to the repair shop.

I was browsing around at this website for car repairs and it is very interested. It is You can get your estimate online for free. This is the best place to check out if you have problems with your car. You can get your estimate online before you take it to the repair shop. You can visit their website and check out all the other stuff that they have there. You can even hear from the expert and track your service. Or if you have any questions you can ask them and you will get an answer.

Pancake For Breakfast

Kids asked me if I can make them some blueberry pancake for breakfast. Now they're enjoying it with the pancake syrup. I have to see what can I make them for lunch now. Summer vacation and I am spending so much time in the kitchen cooking for my kiddos. I like cooking but, sometimes I am out of idea what to make. Then, when it happens like that it is so stressful lol.

I still have some clothes that need to be iron and I have to wait later to do it. I have some company coming so I have to put the ironing work aside for now. The kids are once again excited to play with their friends. Soon my house won't be too quiet lol.

House Cleaning

I have been cleaning the house this week and I also I notice that one of our leather sofa is cracking. Now I am planning to look for leather tufted sofa to replace it. I can't believe what happen to that sofa all of the sudden it start cracking and now it doesn't look good at all so much stuff to be replace.

Anyway, I was browsing around at today. And I can't believe how much stuff that they have at their website from furniture to garden and plenty more. So, if you want to do some online shopping check out their website today. I just love the antique white bar stools that they have.

They also carry a extra wide pet gate for those of you who have pets at home you need to check it out. I know that it's hard to find an extra wide pet gate so, if you have time click the link here and it will take you right to that page. It is always nice to find a website like this that has almost everything you are looking for.

Super Hot Summer

I can't believe that we are having a very hot summer this year. Also the heat start so early! We can't stay too long doing outdoor stuff because it's so hot. The kids always want to go to the pool and I told them when the sun goes down. But, when the sun goes down the rain come! I wish we can have just a bit cooler week.

The heat is unbearable and sometimes not even a wind so, you really feel the heat. Anyway, We are not going to make this temperature stop us from having fun. I am going to take the kids to the pool later. And I am going to be swimming too this time:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Didn't Do Much

I have been so lazy lately that I haven't even doing my exercise. I got my hand full since the kids are at home now. I really need to get back in shape and do the exercise again. It is so hard to hop on the treadmill because the kids want to do it too. I need to find something else to do without them hopping on my back:).. Anyway, check out this Health Directory it's very neat you will find all the latest health news and more. You can also check out the Fitness Directory that they have. They have plenty of information in there website that might interest you.

I was just checking the Health and Wellness Directory and it is very helpful. You will find a bunch of information at their website so, check it out today. For me here I really need to get back and get serious with my exercise again. It's been almost 2months that I did not do my exercising and dieting. I guess sometimes lazybones strikes and I have to fight back hehehe. I don't know what else to do to lose weight it is so hard and the foods are so tempting it is really my weakness. Anyway, I need to do something I am not going to let myself gain a lot of weight again!...

Stuck In The House

The kids and I are been stuck in the house for days now. We can't do anything outdoor activities because of the hazardous smoke from the forest fire. It just that the smoke is too thick and it is not good for us to be out there breathing it. I hope that fire will be gone soon this is the first time that we experience bad smoke in the whole city.

Even just going out in your yard is hard plus the heat from the sun is not helping the situation. I hope it will rain soon! I haven't been outside yet I am hoping that there is not much smoke today so I can take the kids out swimming. Both of them are been so bored and wanted to go outside. We have to see today if it's not that bad I will take them to the pool for a swim.


I just finished cleaning the floor today and I really want to change the kitchen floor into tiles. Also it would be nice to have those mosaic wall tile I have so much stuff on my mind but, we don't have the budget yet. So, for now I just have to keep on making list on what I want to do. I really like the blend of glass mosaic tile. Well, maybe someday I can save up enough money and buy some glass tile for my kitchen.

I just checked out and I like all the design that they have in their website. If you are interesting on glass tiles and more visit the link above. It is always nice to browse around first before you buy something that way you can compare prices and designs. I just don't like my kitchen flooring right now it is getting really old and hard to manage. That is why I want to have a tiles in there and get rid with the old flooring.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Blog

Hubby made me another blog it is Carlson Outdoor Aventures and until now I haven't work on that blog yet. I need to start working on that soon. I get tied up with the house and the kids that the next thing I know the day is through already. I guess I need to put a whole day just working on it to get it started. So far I only have a couple of post in it. Anyway, I miss my shows today I better start recording it so I can watch it later on.

For now I need to plan on what to make for lunch. I have to ask the kids what they feel like eating. Sometimes I am out of idea on what to make. If we can't agree on what to cook for lunch today I will take them to drive thru:)...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Party

We attended a birthday party of my friend's son last Saturday at Chuck E Cheese. The kids had so much fun playing with their friends. Anyway have you heard about the can help you organize an event whether it is a fundraising dinners or corporate meetings and more. You can visit their website today to learn more about the services that they have in store for you.

Also you will find events on their website. Check it out today and find out more about They also have a phone number if you want to speak with somebody. So, if you want to do some event promotion and more visit them today they can help you.

I am getting a little hungry in here I need to get up and make something for myself:) have a great day everyone!

My Boy

Here is a picture of my son with his awards from school. I am just so proud of my kids! School is done for now it's time to enjoy the summer and do some fun stuff. All the kids want to do anyway is to go swimming in the pool or go to the beach. Every time I asked them to go shopping they don't want to go. I guess it save me some money lol.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Swimming

Summer means swimming and fishing time in my family. We spend a lot of time out in the beach and the boat during summer. The kids already starting to enjoy the pool swimming and last weekend we had fun at the pool. Now they want to swim in the pool everyday lol. My kids can now swim and I am so happy about that. Now, whenever we go to the pool I am more relax knowing that both of my kids can swim.

Winter is done and now it's time to take off all of the winter pool covers. The sun is so hot outside and being in the pool is really nice and relaxing. Good thing there are two swimming pools in our neighborhood. The kids love it! Anyway, you can visit the link above for pool covers and more. Today the pool is close for cleaning. The kids can't wait to go to the pool tomorrow. We will go in the afternoon.

Movie Marathon

The kids have been watching movies all day while mommy is cleaning the house. Both behaving so good and I am thankful to that. I can accomplish a lot when they get along. I am planing to do something with them on Thursday. I am going to be so busy in the coming days and will be available after Wednesday. We have plenty more days of summer vacation so we are going to have some fun.

For now mommy need to caught up with the house chores. I was so busy in the last couple weeks that my house is a big mess. So this is it I am cleaning to the max lol. I am tired already and I am not even close to finishing it. Oh well, I have to keep going here, you guys have fun the rest of the day. I am falling asleep in here already, this is the problem of not getting enough sleep.

Super Tired

I am so tired already after cleaning four rooms in the house. I got more rooms to clean and I am already exhausted. I am not looking forward on cleaning the bathrooms lol. I hate cleaning bathrooms. If I am not going to finish cleaning all of it today I will continue tomorrow. I am happy that my day is so productive today. I still have a bunch of clothes that need to be iron I am planning to do it that tomorrow.

Anyway, hubby took a video of our kids awarding ceremony and the battery died before the ceremony was over. So, now he is looking for a bigger Camcorder Battery that way it will last long. We also need a backup battery so we don't need to worry again. We are going to use that camcorder a lot during summer. We are going camping and I want to have a souvenir in every place we go. If you are someone like me who is looking for a camcorder battery check out the link above.

7th Birthday

My little boy turn 7 this month I can't believe how time fly so fast. My little boy is not so little anymore. He was so happy turning 7:) and of course he got the stuff that he wanted for his birthday. Next school year he will be in second grade. He can't wait to find out who is his teacher. I told him to just relax for now and enjoy the summer. We will find out who is his teacher by August.

I just hope that they will get the teacher's that I requested for the next school year. Although the school already send out a notice that they are not honoring any request this year. But, still I try to request you never know...


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Anyway, time fly I need to start cooking breakfast for the kids. I have so much to do today and I need to get going. First stop is watering the plants outside then, start cleaning inside the house. Have a great week ahead everyone! Enjoy your summer vacation...

First Week Of No School

Okay today is the first day of the kids summer vacation. And both of them are still snoring because they went to bed so late last night. My son woke up earlier and told me that he had a nightmare and then went right back to sleep. I am enjoying my quiet time right now. I have so much clean up to do today. I hope I can finish at least half of it today.

My son thought that he is going to school today hehehe. He was asking me last night if he is going to school today. I explained to him that it is summer vacation time and he doesn't come back to school until August. He was so happy and start jumping around lol. I need to plan something for them to do this summer. Hopefully we can do a lot of fun stuff.

Dresses and More

I just checked my daughter's closet the other day and she got a lot of dress that doesn't fit her anymore. So, we cleaned her closet and put away all the clothes that doesn't fit her. I need to bring her shopping to the for more dress later this week. last weekend we went to the mall and there are a lot of nice cheap prom dresses. My daughter was browsing around the clothes but, it was still too big for her.

I think we went on every clothes store in the mall. We even end up looking at the junior bridesmaid dresses. My daughter and I love to shop for clothes. But, my daughter can really take forever to decide on which one she like. I mean I am like that too but she is worst when it comes on deciding on which one to buy lol. Anyway, I enjoy going shopping with my girl it is our bonding time together.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hubby and I are so proud of our kids! Yesterday it was my daughter's awarding ceremony at school. Hubby and I was so happy watching our daughter keeps on climbing up at the stage to receive her awards. On the fourth quarter she got straight A's again! Also she received a perfect attendance and A in Conduct. It is such a wonderful feelings to see your daughter doing such an awesome job at school.

After the fourth quarter ceremony they followed it with the all year awarding ceremony. My daughter once again got a medal for AB honor roll all year. She had a couple B in the first quarter that is the reason why she didn't get the all A's all year. In the whole fourth graders and I think there are 6 or 8 classrooms only 2 girls who got the all A's all year and There are only 5 got the AB honor roll all year and one of them is my daughter. Super proud of her. We also found out yesterday her Fcat results and she got the highest score in reading!.. It brought tears to my eyes really she made me so proud and happy!!!!...

She did such an amazing job! Now we are waiting for our son's awarding ceremony at the classroom. I checked his grades for the fourth quarter online and he got straight A's again! What a wonderful kids I have!!! He almost got the straight A's all year. The reason why he is not going to get the straight A's all year is because once again first quarter he had a B+. It's okay his grades is been so wonderful after the first quarter he got all his grades to A's. WHAT A SUPERRRR PROUDDDDD MOMMYYYY I AM:)

High Quality Mailboxes

Check out the high quality mailboxes that will last for years to come at They carry a lot of different designs and it looks awesome. Also they have plaques and more. I really want one of those Address Plaques. You will also find other stuff at their website besides mailboxes. In the past few days I seen a lot of people in our neighborhood putting new residential mailboxes.

You can also order a custom painted mailbox at their website. The next time we buy a new mailbox I want to order it at they have a nice design Mailboxes. Shop online today and check out all the nice stuff they have at their website. I have work to do in the front yard later I need to trim the big plant in there. The branches is hanging right in the walking path to go our front door. I need to take care of it today. Have a great day everyone!

Picture Time

Here are some picture of my daughter from yesterday. During the award ceremony at school. This week is their last week of school. I can't wait for Friday to come they'll be out at noon. I am going to pick them up and we are going to celebrate Ian's Birthday. We are going to take him out watch movie and eat out after. We have to see maybe he will change his mind by then. But, this morning he wanted to watch movie and eat out plus presents lol.

Still Looking

I have been looking for my Birth Certificate and for some reason I can't remember where I put it. I might have to call my par back home to get me a copy of it if I can't find it. I need to check more on those papers that I have in the file maybe it is under there. Anyway, hubby ordered a copy of his birth certificate at It was fast and easy. So, if you need to obtain certified Marriage Certificates or Death Certificates Check out there website today and order it there.

Ordering a certified copy at their website is fast and easy also very affordable. It will save you time and money. I wish hubby and I can order the papers that we need at their website but, we can't. We can't remember the exact date so I guess we have to drive there or send a request letter. I just hope that we can get that important paper very soon. I learn something about this that you should remember those memorable dates of your life:) It makes everything easy if you do later on.

Quiet And Gloomy Day

To is so quiet around the neighborhood and also it looks like the rain is coming. I am so glad that it rains yesterday. It was so smokey for the last couple days here in our area. I guess there was a huge forest fire nearby. I guess the big rain yesterday took away all the smoke. Now it smells fresh again outside no more burning smell from the smoke.

I have so much stuff to do today and I don't where to start and finally I decided to start with the blogging:.. My day is great so far and I hope it will stay this way. I am tired though I feel like going to bed and take a nap but,I don't have time for that. I have to finish all this work I have then I can relax after.

Check It Out

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Anyway I need to take my car to get an oil change. I just grab a oil Change coupon yesterday from my mail. Also if you visit the link above you can check out their service page at their website. Internet is really awesome because now you can check out the car you wanted online before you go to the dealer. While online visit their blog at West Palm Beach Car Blog
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