Monday, June 13, 2011

Dresses and More

I just checked my daughter's closet the other day and she got a lot of dress that doesn't fit her anymore. So, we cleaned her closet and put away all the clothes that doesn't fit her. I need to bring her shopping to the for more dress later this week. last weekend we went to the mall and there are a lot of nice cheap prom dresses. My daughter was browsing around the clothes but, it was still too big for her.

I think we went on every clothes store in the mall. We even end up looking at the junior bridesmaid dresses. My daughter and I love to shop for clothes. But, my daughter can really take forever to decide on which one she like. I mean I am like that too but she is worst when it comes on deciding on which one to buy lol. Anyway, I enjoy going shopping with my girl it is our bonding time together.

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