Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Cleaning To Do

I have more cleaning to do today. The kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes so, I need to do that first today. I also need to finish my clothes washing plus ironing. I am not looking forward to all of this work today but I have to do it. I had been to the store already to pick up some toilet papers and bread. After that I have to put gas for my car and now I am back here at home.

So much stuff to do everyday. Next week will be my son's 7th birthday and I don't have any plan on what we are going to do for his birthday yet. But, I will be bringing cupcakes and drinks to school so he can celebrate his birthday with his friends and classmates.

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While at their website check out the smc review. I have a friend who asked me the other day if I am welling to do business with her. I told her that I have to think about it and make sure that we are having the right product to sell. As of now I am having a second thoughts about it but, still really can't decide. In my mind right now I wanted to find a job that I know how much for sure I am going to make every month.

I am putting my job hunting off for awhile I will be resuming when we got back from our vacation. I don't want to find a job right now then after few weeks I will asked for over a week vacation I don't think that's a good idea. But, I am seriously going out to find a job as soon as we come back from vacation.

Monday, May 30, 2011

They Got Enough

My kids had too much water playing yesterday. Sunday morning we got up so early like 5:30am hubby load up the truck with the beach stuff and fishing rods. By the time I got the kids dressed up and everything ready it was 6am. Then we drove for 45minutes to Fernandina beach. By the time we arrived at the beach the sun was already out. I got some pictures that I am going to share with you guys.

I will try to download it tomorrow. Anyway, the kids played at the beach with their body board for 5hours. Then finally we decided to go and get something for lunch. After our lunch we go back home. Then, the kids asked me if they can go swimming at the pool! My goodness those two is like a fish. Well, what can I do after few minutes hubby and I brought them to go swimming at the pool. I can't believe that they're been in the water for a whole day. From the beach to the pool.

Kids Had So Much Fun!

We did not do much with the 4 day weekend. We just hang around the house and at the beach. Kids love to play in the water so we give them the whole weekend to play in the water. My daughter had her friend over last Friday for a sleep over and she was so happy about it. They played until Saturday noon. I think the two girls stay up until 3am lol. Good thing we have a home security it makes me feel a lot better. Here is a website for you to visit if you live in Starkville,MS just click this link home security starkville today and check out their plans.

Also if you like to watch a local shows and news check out Localtv-Satellite.com today. We like to watch the 6pm news that is why we always have the local news in our satellite tv. Anyway, it is getting so late in here and I have to get into bed soon. I want to stay up more but, I can't if I want to get up at 6am I better go to sleep now.I better finish my work after I drop the kids off to school tomorrow.

Super Hot

We went for a bike ride today at first it was kind a breezy. Then in the middle of bike riding the sun start to bite into my skin. Pedaling my bike was a lot harder after awhile lol. We did go for a second round after that we went home. I was so thirsty because of the heat outside. Until now I am still thirsty and I had so much water already I can't take one more sip.

Anyway, kids are asleep already so it is quiet time for me and hubby now. But, I have to be in bed soon I have to get up early to make breakfast for the kids. My daughter is back on being a patrol tomorrow. So, mommy have to get her to school before 8am.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Tire

Hubby got my bike tire fixed so,now I can go biking again without a problem. Maybe will take a bike ride to the park later when the sun goes down. I really want to go for a walk or anything outdoor. We have to see later right now it is too hot to be out there. Anyway, if you or someone you know are looking for a TAC Lawyers visit this website mauriceblackburn.com.au. They can help you solve your problem.

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We are heading to dinner time once again and I still don't know what to make? I am craving for a dumplings or siomai. I might have to go to the grocery store to pick up some ground meat. Have a great night everyone!

Playing With Their Phones

The kids are finally home and right away they played with their cell phones. Both of them are in the bedroom and my son keeps texting hubby lol. It is so hot to be outside so we are staying indoor the rest of the day. I am hoping that we are going to have a cooler weather this coming weekend.

The kids are having a 4 day off from school and all they want to do is swimming at the pool. Well, we have to see if the weather will cooperate. I feel so sleepy right now. I went to bed at midnight again last night. I was trying to figure out on how to use my new phone hehehe. I think I know how to do it now lol.

My New Cookware

Hubby just bought me a new set of stainless steel cookware. I really like it so much that I don't want to use it so it won't get dirty lol. I want to buy one of those enclume pot racks so I can hang them. I always want to have something in my kitchen to hang stuff. And one thing that I really want to have is the enclume pot rack. Right now at enclumepotracks.com they are offering a free shipping.

They have so many designs to choose from and the best thing of all if, you buy now you get the free shipping. Ohhhh I can't wait to get my very own enclume potracks. Hubby always asked me why I am not using my new cookware I always told him because they are too pretty to use wahahaha. He is just shaking his head on me. Now that I know the best way to clean them every after use I will might use it everyday now. After all hubby spend a lot a money to buy it and it is not good to just keep it sitting around in the kitchen cabinet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So Sleepy RIght Now

I feel like going to bed right now. I really need more sleep every night so, that means I need to go to bed a lot earlier from now on. My boy is enjoying the cartoons that he is watching. He is been so good all day. Soon we are going to pick up my daughter at school. I don't feel like going outside it's just too hot to be out there.

I went in there to open the window of my car a little so the breeze will cool it down. I hope it will rain a little because it is too dry out there. Our grass need some rain we've been watering it and now the grass are all green. But, we can use some rain right night.

Washing The Car

I finally got the chance to wash my car after few weeks of holding it off. My son wanted to help me but I told him no because he still have a rash all over him. Anyway I am just glad that I did it today. I also have most of the clothes washed so tomorrow will be a ironing day. Anyhow have you heard about the Auto Transport or Car Shipping? This is the fastest way to move your vehicles if are moving. Like the nationwidetransportservices.com they can transport you car door to door.

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Time really fly now it is almost lunch time already. I better get off here and make my son something to eat for lunch. It seems like I am not going to have time to exercise again today..

Food Time!

I made this last night for dinner. It was easy fast and yummy. The whole family love it! Anyway we are having a very hot day again here in Florida. I guess the summer arrive so early huh? I can't even stand to stay outdoor for a few minutes.

I am just enjoying this day indoor with my little boy. He will be back to school tomorrow. I let him do what he want to do today. He played with the wii earlier and now watching movie. He already tell me that he is bored lol. I told him don't worry you will back to school tomorrow:-)..

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Hand Dryers

When my kids was a lot younger they get so scared with those hand dryers at the store restrooms. But, now I can't take them away from it they like to keep their hands underneath the dryer even it is already dry lol. I am wondering if most of the big store in the Philippines have some restroom hand dryers now. I remember when we visited my family in 2005 we have to carry our own toilet paper if we want to use a public bathroom. So, wherever we go we always have toilet paper with us hehehe.

Anyway, you can now buy a restroom hand dryers at handdryersource.com. Check it out today they have xlerator hand dryers and a lot more. When you visit their website check out the testimonials from the satisfied customers who bought a dryer on their website. It is getting so late in here already I need to get some sleep tonight. Last night I only have 5 hours of sleep so, I need to get it back tonight if I can.

Pear Tree

Our pear tree finally have more than one fruits for the first time. Last year all the flowers and fruits did not make it. The big storm last year dropped all the flowers and fruits down. We are so happy that we see more fruits this year.Hopefully by next year it will produce more fruits.

Hubby was counting it the other day and he told us that we can have four each lol. The picture above I took couple days ago. It is really nice to see something you plant start producing some fruits. I wish all the fruit trees we planted before survive but, it didn't. Along with the pear tree we planted apple tree, plum and peaches. But those three fruit trees did not make it due to the bad weather during winter.

Not A Hives

My son had to get off from school today because of all the rash that he have all over him. We took him to see the doctor today and we find out that he has a fifth disease. The doctor said the rash will go away by itself and he doesn't need any medicine for it. I'm just happy that nothing serious about the rash. At first we thought it was a hives but then in the second day still not going away. That is why we decided to take him to see the doctor today. The rash that he has can last up to five days or more but, nothing to worry about.

Anyway I noticed the other day that our neighborhood has a new enclosed bulletin boards right in the entrance of the subdivision. It is a great idea because now we can stop by there and see some news about the neighborhood. Anyway I seen I lot of those enclosed cork bulletin boards and enclosed fabric bulletin boards lately all over big businesses and schools. It is pretty good though specially in schools so kids can't miss with it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Running Around

They always like to go at the park. Both like to run around and chase each other. After bike riding we stayed at the park for a little while because they want to play tag. It was so nice watching them both playing with each other nicely:)...

Today we suppose to go to the pool but then, both of them got runny nose so we stayed home. It is getting better now though.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Grass Are Growing

We are happy that all the grass seeds that hubby put on the front yard are growing. Four months ago our grass was all gone. Now finally it is all green we got worried in there for a while because the home owner starting to send out letter about the grass. Some of our neighbors spend five grand to put new grass on their lawn. Good thing that we don't have to do that because we don't have the budget.

Anyway I noticed the other day when I was walking at the neighborhood that most of the for sale house are gone. It looks like that there are more people now who is buying houses. Check out aurorabankfsb.com for mortgage calculator if you are planning to buy a house. Also you can visit this link if you are looking for a home mortgage. My friend is planning to look for a house. Right now they are trying to get approve for mortgage loan. Hopefully by the end of the month she will have the house that she want to buy.

A Busy Week

What a busy week I have this week. Tonight will be going to my son's teacher's house. She need a help to fix her computer. Then, tomorrow I will be at school helping the teacher. I haven't volunteer that much this month. I will be there most of the day tomorrow. I am hoping that my week next week will be a lot better and relaxing.

Anyway I just got done planting more vegetable seeds in my little garden. I am hoping that all those seeds are good and they start growing soon. My son was so happy to help me the other day planting. We have to see in a few weeks if those seeds will work.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ebay rocks

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Ebay is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to my business. I own and manage a sports collectable store and I can’t tell you how much easier my life has become since the auction giant took off a few years ago! I didn’t even have internet at the store, but once I saw what was happening with Ebay I quickly found some Clearinternet specials online and signed right up.

When in the past I would have had to find a seller via classified or word of mouth, now I have a portal I can log right into to find the latest in collectable goods for sale. It works out great since I can buy an item online then resell it at the store! The opposite works as well and I’ve finally unloaded some collectables like autographed jerseys and signed baseball cards that have been collecting dust here for years. I just needed a way to find the right buyer and Ebay is it! My business will never be the same.

Good Night

It is so late already and I am still awake. I need to go to bed soon because I have to get up early tomorrow. Everybody is already snoring except me. My stomach is not feeling good and I still feel so thirsty. I had too much sun today. Anyway have a great night everyone! I hope we all have a wonderful week ahead.

It will be a busy week for me but I am looking forward to it. I better go to bed now because it is past midnight already here. I will be so tired to get up in the morning.

Very Important

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Anyhow visit the website new2medicare.com today. You can also call them at the 800 number that they have at their website if you want to speak with somebody. They can answer all your questions regarding medicare. Anyway our day today was fun we went out to the park this morning. And the kids are at the pool right now. I am having my quiet time here at home while blogging. I can use some quiet time while blogging.


Hubby took the kids to the pool and both are so happy about it. I will be following them later on after I am done doing all the stuff that I need to finish here at home. I can't go swimming anyway because of my monthly thingy. I will be swimming with the kids next weekend. I am just glad that both of them can swim now.

I don't have to worry if they are going to the deeper part of the pool. I am pretty sure that my two creatures are having so much fun on that water. They wanted to swim yesterday but the bad storm started so early with lightning and thunder. So we stayed home almost all day yesterday. But, the kids was complaining a lot.

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You might want to visit their blog also at http://www.usedcarschicago101.com/blog/. My son just told me the other day that he wanted us to buy a new vehicle and he want a van lol. I told him that we don't need a van right now maybe later. Hubby could not believe that our son would say that hehehe. I guess he is getting tired on riding on mommy's little car. But, practically speaking we don't need another big vehicle because the small car that I have is enough for the four of us. Beside hubby have that big truck already.

Great Jog

I went for a 2mile jog today while hubby and the kids went bike riding. The reason why I end up doing the jogging because my bike's tire is flat. Hubby found out the the tube is broken so I decided to jog while they are biking. It was fun and the wind was keeping me cool. There are a lot of people also walking at the park.

I guess it was a great exercise and I really need it. I did not exercise for the whole week last week and I feel so guilty about it. I promise myself to get active on that exercise again. We have to see what will happen this week:) Sometimes I get so tied up online and the next thing I know I don't have time to exercise. I will try to do my exercise right away after dropping the kids off to school and do the other stuff after.

So Windy Outside

I can't believe how windy it is outside today. Good thing we cancel our fishing trip otherwise we'll have problem trying to keep our line in the water. Anyway I have to go shopping for hubby's laptop bag today. His old laptop bag the zipper broke so now I need to get him a new one. I am hoping I will find one that is not so expensive.

I am going to check online first and if I find one online I probably buy it so I don't need to go out. I got my laptop bag like 5 years ago and still look great. I only use it when we go on vacation. I wish hubby can use it but he can't it's too girly lol. Anyway I need to start looking for that bag because it is getting late.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So Sleepy

I am waiting for the kids to be home from school and I am falling asleep. I think I should take a nap. My body is asking me to get some more sleep lol. I guess it's time for me to get back on going to bed earlier. I can't stay up until midnight anymore. I am always sleepy during day time. I guess I have to be in bed by 9pm from now on.

Anyway, I need to cancel the nap for awhile because I need to wash clothes. I have some dirty clothes that need to be wash. I have to load the washing machine first before taking a nap. We have to see if I'll be able to get that nap before the kids gets here.

I Got Pimples

I can't believe this! I have some pimples due to not getting enough sleep. I don't like it because it hurts. Now I need to put my clock back to normal and go to bed a lot early. I am trying to browse at murad.com for Skin Care Products. They carry a lot of skin care products and I am so interested of getting some for myself. I always wanted to try some Acne Products but still don't know which one to use. I have to read more on their website and see which product is the right one for me.

This blackheads on the top of my nose is really bothering me so much. Also one interesting product I found there is the Age Spots gel it can help promote your skin by fading those sun spots and age spots. I also want to find a better moisturizer because the one I have is not helping my skin much. I always have dry skin problem since I remember. Now I really want a product the will help me keep my skin silky and not dry. Anyway if you are searching for a skin care products check out murad.com today.

Was Up Early

I was up early today because my daughter have a meeting at school. She need to be there before 8am. She has been selected to be a patrol for the next school year. She was so happy about it. She's been asking about this since she was in second grade. She always ask me on how to be a patrol now, she is going to be one of the patrol. She is just so excited for this job at school lol.

We are going to go soon I just thought of blogging a little here first before we go. I was surprise that my son got up early too. I am having a good start here hopefully it will stay like this all day. Happy hump day everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Extended Warranty

I just received a notice from the mail today about my Car Warranty is expired. Now I am thinking of getting a Extended Warranty for it. I feel a lot better if I have a car warranty specially now that my car is getting old. I need to talk to hubby later and see what he thinks about it. I guess if we can afford it then, we can get that extended warranty.

Visit fidelityautomotivesolutions.com for Auto Warranty. The reason why I want to have that extended warranty is to avoid costly repairs. Anyway, I need to clean my car today after I pick up the kids from school. Kids made a big mess in the back seat so mommy have to clean it up. My car also need to be wash it is so dusty. Maybe the kids can help me washing the car later this afternoon. Both of them like to play with water so, I am pretty sure that they will be helping me.

I Ate Too Much

I just ate too much lunch again today. So, now I am going to cut down on my dinner. I am planing to have a light dinner like fish or salad only. I can't believe that I ate the much today I guess that's what happen when you skip breakfast. From now on I need to start eating my breakfast so I don't get so hungry by lunch time.

I have some very sweet watermelon here and I can't stop eating it. How am I going to lose weight with this when I can't stop eating lol. Well, I am trying but if it doesn't work I am okay with it as long as I am healthy. I guess I'll just keep on trying to find ways to lose weight without starving myself.

Done Watching TV

I am finally done watching my favorite show. Now I need to be back on my blogging world lol. I just bought hubby some new work shoes the other day. I was glad that he like it but I still need to get him some work boots for going out the plant. I like to go shopping for hubby's stuff I enjoy it a lot. I have to do it for him because he doesn't like to go clothes or shoe shopping.

Couple years ago I got him the steel toe shoes for going to the plant. But, now it is time to get him a new one. He want the same exact shoes but I don't see it at the store anymore. I have to search for it later coastalboot.com I am hoping that they got that same shoes that he want. Speaking of shoes I need to wash the kids shoes today. It is the best time to wash it because the sun is so bright outside it will be dry before the day is through.

Trying To Plant Some Roses

I am trying to plant some roses in the front yard. So far I got the color yellow, pink and purple. I am hoping to collect more colors. I love roses that is why I am planting them so I can just grab a flowers in the front yard to put in my vase. Too expensive to buy roses at the store I am hoping that the roses will produce a lot of flowers soon. Since I planted the roses I got at least one dozen roses out of those plants.

I am hoping that they stay alive for a long time. I just love flowers but I also don't have much time to stay in the yard and plant. Beside I have to buy the plants too and they're not cheap. But anyway I am hoping to put a little flowers at a time. Also most of my flowers that was gone during winter they started to come out again.

Happy Tuesday Morning

Good morning everyone! I am starting to count the days before weekend again. It seems like the days are moving too slow this week. I can't wait for Friday to come. I can't believe that the gas prices are going up so high. I hope that the gas price will start to go down soon or else we have to cancel our trip. I have some friends that they are changing their suv to small car to save money on gas. Anyway here is a ling for you if you are looking for a car http://www.napletonnissan.com. You can start browsing online now for your next car.

Nowadays you don't need to go at the dealer to look for a car you can do it in your home. So, if you live in Palm Beach Florida check out Palm Beach Florida Nissan Dealer. It is nice to know that you can shop online and save on gas. Anyway, I just check out their blog and I saw this nice Used 2005 Land Rover Lr3. You can visit the link to see all the listing they have. Well, have a great day ahead of you everyone. I am going to start my laundry now.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Watching A Little Boy

I am watching my friend's little boy today. He is such a nice little boy never get cranky and always give me a cute smile. Right now he is asleep so here I am blogging lol. I am trying to do some update here while he is sleeping. I only watch him for a couple of hours and after that he will go home. It's our quick play time together.

Except we can't play now because he is asleep. Anyway I want to lay next to him so I can have a little nap too. I can use a nap right now since I went to bed late again last night. I keep on talking and the next thing I know it was already after 11pm. I better take a little nap now because soon the kids are coming home from school too. So it will be noisy when they get here.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I hate Monday but I also need to start my week happy and positive. So here I am just got done cleaning the house. I got the whole house cleaned now I feel good! I don't have to worry about it tomorrow. But, I do have some laundry work to do. Anyway are you looking for secure online data room? If you do check out datasite.com. They offer wide of variety of services.

Also if you want to learn more about their operational due diligence and legal translation services just click the link. You will be able to read more at their website and understand the services that they can offer.

Anyhow I am going to have a baby here in the house today. My friend's one year old boy will stay with me for just a couple of hours. I love this little boy he always behave and at the same time so playful. I enjoy watching him!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful Roses!

I love the roses that I received today! I took a picture of it so I can share it here with you guys. This is just a quick post because I need to go to the store to pick up sunblock. Have a great day mommies! I am going to take a picture of the cards that the kids made for me today. It was soooo cute!

Still Can't Decide!

Hubby and I still can't decide which Internet Security service to get. I guess we have to keep on looking and see if we can find one that we can both agree on. I have to update a lots of my stuff in my laptop. Also I am moving a lot of pictures to the external hard drive. I want those pictures to be in the safe place.

I am trying to fit all this stuff that we are doing today. I wan the kids to enjoy the day too! So we are going to the pool their been asking me to go swimming for days now. So today is the day to go swimming. I need to buy some more sunblock at the store first I don't want them to have that bad sunburn again.

Enjoy your day mommies! I am enjoying my day already. I am just using this extra time I have right now to update my blog.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my MOM, Sisters and all the mommy in the whole world! I was so happy to talked to my mom last night. It is so nice to hear her voice and chat with her. I am also thankful that she is okay now after being hospitalize.

Although this past few days it's not been very good and too much bad news.
But, I am hanging in here and trying to be strong.
So sad to know that my uncle and my godmother pass away. It was so painful to know that they are gone:(...

Anyway the kids are so busy making me a homemade Mother's Day card. I love homemade cards it makes me feel so special that they spend their time making it. I mean they could watch tv or play but instead they are making a card for mommy. I am so happy that I have a very thoughtful kids!....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Done Folding

I finally got the all the clothes folded today. Now I have to move on to the next level which is ironing. Too much usage of the electricity because of the dryer I wish we can solar power to do that. I guess I can if I hang them outside lol. Anyway have you heard about ArosaEnergy Company? I just visited their website today and I can’t believe how much I learn about New Jersey solar energy.

You can check it out today by clicking the link on this post. I want to have those solar panels in my home. I bet we are going to save a lot of money on electricity. Nowadays we need all the savings we can get. I am going to read more about NJ solar panels later on. I am pretty sure our electricity bill is going to go up in the coming months because of the air conditioning. It’s the time of year again that we need to turn it on to keep us and the house cold.

Solar power is the other way on saving energy. Well, Right now I am getting myself ready for exercise. I need to exercise and lose weight because the high blood pressure runs in my family both side. I need to keep myself into exercising at least a few minutes a day. Anyway I just received another text from my father and my uncle still the same no changes at all he is still in coma. God help us!

Lots Of Bad News:(

I am receiving a lot of bad news today and it's very hard to handle. My uncle which is my father's brother is in ICU right now and he is comatose. I feel so bad about it and I can't even visit them. My father is having too much stress lately after my mother now his brother. I am just glad that mom is a lot better now and out of the hospital.

Please guys help me pray for my uncle... Anyway, today I received another text message that my godmother is in the hospital also with a high blood pressure and she is in critical condition. My god I am so sudden with all this news. I love my god mother she's been my god mother on my baptismal and wedding. Now she is in bad shape and I can't even see her. My family told me that she keeps on asking when I am going to visit Philippines again because she want to see me. My goodness me right this moment it is so impossible for me to go visit Philippines.

I am just trying to pray hard each day for their fast recovery. Only god can help them now and all I can do is pray for them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Internet Service

I remember back when we are using dial-up internet connection. For me that dial up internet that we had was fast. All I care is to get into the internet and browse around. Now, that I am working on my blogs online it is very important for me to have a dependable internet connection. I am constantly online to see if there is a work waiting for me so; internet connection is always a must! Anyway, for US and Canada customers check out copper.net for your internet service they have a very affordable rate. You can choice a plan that is good for you and your budget. So, if you are looking for a dsl visit their website today.

When we moved here in our house we didn’t have problem picking which internet service to use because there is only one. But, now there are more companies and some of them have a very reasonable rate like copper.net. Right now you can visit their website for more information about them and also you will see all the services that they are offering.

Anyway, I am happy that I finished cleaning half of the house. The next thing I need to do is to clean up the sink and I am good. All I do later is to fold and iron some more clothes. I hope the kids will not make a big mess in their room again But, anyhow I guess that is part of being a mommy to pick up stuff, clean and take care of them. I Hope that everyone is having a great day because I am enjoying my day!

Another Warm Day Of May

The sun is so bright outside and I want to go out there for a walk. But, I have so much things to do here at home. I have to do my exercise later on the day because right now I have more important things to do. I promise myself to be back on that exercise and I am going to do it! I just have to change the time to do it.

I want to make a mango shake for lunch. I am getting hungry so I better make something to eat. Anyway, in less than 2 hours I have to go and pick up the kids at school. I hope both of them are having a good day at school.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Nice Dresses!

I can't believe how many cute dress on sale at the store the other day. I also saw a bunch of very elegant prom dresses. My friend is going to check it out tomorrow so she can buy one for her daughter. The sale will last all the way to next Sunday. I love to shop in on sale stuff at the store. Like my friend today she texted me about the sale that she saw at the store she said the pants for girls was only 3.25 each.

I was going to buy one of those very nice evening dresses but, I already have a lot of them in my closet. So, I end up not buying any of the dress. Maybe If I lose about 20lbs I will come back and buy one. For now I need to go back in my routine exercise and see if I am going to lose any more weight. Anyway I am so tired and I need to sleep early tonight.

So Much To Iron

I have so much clothes to iron I spend most of my day ironing clothes today. But, of course I started to wash more clothes today so that means I have more to iron tomorrow. Anyway my day went by so fast today. I made a chicken and rice for dinner and after dinner we went to the store to do a little grocery shopping.

I bought a huge watermelon tonight and my son is so excited about it. I am cooling it now in the fridge. Tomorrow I am going to slice it and see if it's sweet. I bought a seeded watermelon this time. Anyway, I was going to make a banana mango shake tonight but everybody was so full already. So, I might make it tomorrow before dinner.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Investing In Gold

Do you know about the gold IRA or gold 401k? If you haven't heard about it check out goldcoinsgain.com. You can now start investing with the IRA gold. The good thing about it is that the gold prices right now has gone so high. It seems like you can't go wrong if you are investing in gold.

There are so many people already who is investing in 401k gold. You can also do a gold IRA transfer if you want to know more about it just click the link and it will take you right to there website. Anyway it is already Sunday night and that means tomorrow is back to normal again. Back to school and back to work. I have so much work to do here at home this week. I have cleaning and washing to do and more.

Have a great night everyone! Enjoy your Sunday night with your family because that is what I am doing here. We are getting ready to watch a movie while eating dinner. So I am going to exit in here now.

Relaxing Weekend

We have a very relaxing weekend just hang around the house and watch movies. I am glad that we did not go anywhere today because the son was super hot outside. The only reason we went out is to pay the boat storage after that we went back home right away. Today is one of those lazy days that I had before.

The kids doesn't want to go anywhere either. So, we just spend our whole weekend here at home. I feel better after two days in the sun during the play day at school. I think I got my energy back. Tomorrow I am ready to go back into exercising on the treadmill again. Well, that's basically it today! I hope everyone had a great weekend..