Monday, May 23, 2011

The Hand Dryers

When my kids was a lot younger they get so scared with those hand dryers at the store restrooms. But, now I can't take them away from it they like to keep their hands underneath the dryer even it is already dry lol. I am wondering if most of the big store in the Philippines have some restroom hand dryers now. I remember when we visited my family in 2005 we have to carry our own toilet paper if we want to use a public bathroom. So, wherever we go we always have toilet paper with us hehehe.

Anyway, you can now buy a restroom hand dryers at Check it out today they have xlerator hand dryers and a lot more. When you visit their website check out the testimonials from the satisfied customers who bought a dryer on their website. It is getting so late in here already I need to get some sleep tonight. Last night I only have 5 hours of sleep so, I need to get it back tonight if I can.

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