Monday, May 30, 2011

Kids Had So Much Fun!

We did not do much with the 4 day weekend. We just hang around the house and at the beach. Kids love to play in the water so we give them the whole weekend to play in the water. My daughter had her friend over last Friday for a sleep over and she was so happy about it. They played until Saturday noon. I think the two girls stay up until 3am lol. Good thing we have a home security it makes me feel a lot better. Here is a website for you to visit if you live in Starkville,MS just click this link home security starkville today and check out their plans.

Also if you like to watch a local shows and news check out today. We like to watch the 6pm news that is why we always have the local news in our satellite tv. Anyway, it is getting so late in here and I have to get into bed soon. I want to stay up more but, I can't if I want to get up at 6am I better go to sleep now.I better finish my work after I drop the kids off to school tomorrow.

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