Monday, May 23, 2011

Not A Hives

My son had to get off from school today because of all the rash that he have all over him. We took him to see the doctor today and we find out that he has a fifth disease. The doctor said the rash will go away by itself and he doesn't need any medicine for it. I'm just happy that nothing serious about the rash. At first we thought it was a hives but then in the second day still not going away. That is why we decided to take him to see the doctor today. The rash that he has can last up to five days or more but, nothing to worry about.

Anyway I noticed the other day that our neighborhood has a new enclosed bulletin boards right in the entrance of the subdivision. It is a great idea because now we can stop by there and see some news about the neighborhood. Anyway I seen I lot of those enclosed cork bulletin boards and enclosed fabric bulletin boards lately all over big businesses and schools. It is pretty good though specially in schools so kids can't miss with it.

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