Monday, May 2, 2011

Nice Dresses!

I can't believe how many cute dress on sale at the store the other day. I also saw a bunch of very elegant prom dresses. My friend is going to check it out tomorrow so she can buy one for her daughter. The sale will last all the way to next Sunday. I love to shop in on sale stuff at the store. Like my friend today she texted me about the sale that she saw at the store she said the pants for girls was only 3.25 each.

I was going to buy one of those very nice evening dresses but, I already have a lot of them in my closet. So, I end up not buying any of the dress. Maybe If I lose about 20lbs I will come back and buy one. For now I need to go back in my routine exercise and see if I am going to lose any more weight. Anyway I am so tired and I need to sleep early tonight.

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