Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Exercise

Okay here I am again trying to keep up my routine everyday. I am trying to do some exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes a day. Also I am trying hard to lose some more weight but it seems so impossible. It seems like I am stuck on the weight that I have now which is not bad. But, I wanted to lose at least 20 more pounds.

I guess I need to do my exercise to one hour a day or more to see a good result. But, I don't have that time I have other stuff to do. I think I might need a weight loss pills to help me lose faster.

I just need to look for the best weight loss pills out there. We have to see in a few weeks if there is still no changes on my weight then I need to find some other ways. I just don't want to go back on my old weight before. Now, I want my weight to go more down. I need to focus on what I am doing and if that doesn't work then, I need to find another solution.

Had Fun With Friends

My daughter's best friend come over today to play with her. She had so much fun with here and I am glad that she had fun. The mother of her best friend is my close friend too. So, when she come by tonight to pick her up we end up chatting for over and hour:) It was so nice to catch up with her.

When my friend and I start talking we can't stop. We can sit for an hour and just keep talking. It is so nice to have somebody to talk too sometimes. We are planning to have a date and meet at least once a week. We can do whatever we want to do on the day we pick. So, will see what's going to happen next week she told me that she is going to call me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Car Wash

I need my car wash soon it is full of pollen and the color is now yellow lol. I washed it couple weeks ago but then the next day it's yellow again. I have to clean the inside too the kids made a big mess. I am trying to read this car carpet cleaning tips. I want this car clean before going back to school on Monday.

I have so much spring cleaning to do here in the house. Good thing I don't have any pets right now otherwise I'll be looking for carpet cleaning tips pet stains I remember it before when we had a dog it was hard to keep the carpet clean and stain free. Now talking about carpet it reminds me that I need to shampoo the carpet:)

Check out this carpet cleaning companies reviews austin. I had somebody coming to my house before to clean the carpet and it was great! Now I am doing it all myself with the help of the machine that hubby bought me:) Cleaning the carpet is now a little easier. But, having two kids in the house that always spill drinks is not helping me keeping the carpet stain free.


We had fun on our picnic the other day at Hannah Park. The kids was so happy to have a picnic out there. My son want to come back in there today but, it was raining all day. I am hoping that the rain will stop tomorrow so we can have a fun time again outdoor.

I am making a dinner right now while blogging lol. I have to bake some chicken so it's easy cooking tonight for me. I have so much to do in this house and it seems like I can't get them all done in one day. Oh well, tomorrow is another day to do it.

Learning Is Fun!

Learning is fun that is the words that come out on my son's mouth when he started school. I guess it's really fun because he's been straight A's since the school started. I am learning a lot also while volunteering at school. I am glad that my son think that way I am so proud of my kids.

Anyway I want to learn some other language like Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. I am now trying to look for a translation services. My husband searched for a translation company last month but, the prices was so high. I did found one that is more affordable it's You can check out the rates without registration.

So, If you are also interested on learning new languages visit their website today. Just click this link Übersetzungsbüro and it will take you right to their website. Learning a new languages can be very fun.

Happy Hump Day!

Wow the days are going by so fast. We are half way of our spring break and Monday is coming very fast. Anyway the kids are enjoying their spring break. Both of them like to stay in the house and just play and relax. Sometimes it's hard for me to take them out because they rather be in the house lol.

Anyway today is my daughter's dental appointment and she is not looking forward to it. This is her last time to see the dentist for repairs lol. After today she will only have the cleaning every 6 months. Now I am happy that all her teeth are looking good. The past few months was so hard on her. We had back to back dental appointment for her. The dentist had to pulled about 10 baby teeth out. Now she is done with that and the big girl teeth are starting to come out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going To Bed Now

Good evening everyone! I had a wonderful night tonight I cooked some food for hubby and kids and I had a bowl of soup. The kids ate a lot of food tonight because I made them Adobo Chicken their favorite. They like to mix their rice with adobo sauce. While hubby had a chicken curry.

I had to cooked 3 different kind of food tonight to make everybody happy lol. I forgot I made some fried chicken gizzard too. Hubby and I love fried gizzard so I made some tonight. I use whole wheat flour this time for the coating. And it's actually tasted really good.

Anyway I am a little tired and I have so much stuff to do tomorrow. So, I am going to bed early tonight.

Wanted: Faux fur vest

Guest post written by Anna Carter

I'm a vegetarian and don't wear leather or fur. But I am digging the look of faux fur vests so I decided that I would get one. I was a little afraid that people would see me wearing it and think that it's real fur, but anyone who knows me would know that's not the case. So I decided to just go for it and buy one anyway.

I did a lot of online browsing with my ISP to find the perfect vest and I actually found all kinds of vests that are made out of faux fur. But I guess also that it's just cheaper to just buy a faux fur vest instead of buying one with real fur, not that I would consider that though.

I got a black faux fur vest and I'm really loving it! It's so versatile really and I throw it on almost any outfit that I'm wearing that black won't completely clash with. Plus it is surprisingly warm too, which really counts when you go outside in weather like this.