Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Wow the days are going by so fast. We are half way of our spring break and Monday is coming very fast. Anyway the kids are enjoying their spring break. Both of them like to stay in the house and just play and relax. Sometimes it's hard for me to take them out because they rather be in the house lol.

Anyway today is my daughter's dental appointment and she is not looking forward to it. This is her last time to see the dentist for repairs lol. After today she will only have the cleaning every 6 months. Now I am happy that all her teeth are looking good. The past few months was so hard on her. We had back to back dental appointment for her. The dentist had to pulled about 10 baby teeth out. Now she is done with that and the big girl teeth are starting to come out.

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