Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Got Back

I went to the store to buy some printer ink. I was trying to print some pictures today and found out that my printer is out of black ink. Anyway I got the ink and now I am waiting to print all the pictures. I can't believe how many different inkjet cartridges at that store I went to today. But, next time I am going to shop at for cheap ink. So, the next time your out of ink for your printer check out their website they carry almost every brand.

We just put away our old printer because the ink on that one was very expensive. Now we have the new printer and the ink is a lot cheaper compare to the old one. Well, I am enjoying that new printer last month I just scan all my old pictures and now I have it in my computer. Anyway dinner is almost ready and I am hungry I think I can eat a bunch of food tonight lol. We are having some barbecue for dinner! Now I am drooling hehehe. Have a great weekend everyone...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here They Are

Here is the picture of my kids finally in the water playing with their body board. I can't believe how much fun they had with that board. They don't even want to stop playing in the water on that day. After almost 7hours of playing we asked them to wash the board because we are living the two kids was so upset and wanted to stay more longer at the beach lol.

I am pretty sure we are going to be at the beach again next weekend:) I am going to bring my little canopy again in case the sun is so hot. Until now hubby's still sufering from his sunburn. My kids sunburn are getting better each day and I am glad. I need to start ironing I got one hamper of clothes waiting for me.

Refresh A Little

After taking a one hour nap I feel a little better. My headache is better now and I am glad that I took that nap today. Anyway have you heard about smc membership? I you want to learn more about smc membership just clink the link. This is a good place to check out if you are planning to start your own business. Being a member you will get the opportunity to learn all about sales techniques and more.

You can also check out the smc catalog and smc promotions. So, what are you waiting for visit their website today to learn more about it. Anyhow it is almost going home time for the kids already. My quiet time is almost over lol. I better get some snacks ready for them. It is my friend who is picking the kids up today so I have a little time to finish everything here before they arrive.

Ready To Hit The Beach!

On this picture the kids are already so excited to play at the beach. The sun is shining very bright here the cold weather is finally gone. Now we are having the hot summer weather already. Today is high on the 90s. It is already hot outside.

The kids are asking us to bring them to the beach again this weekend. We have to see what is hubby's plan for the weekend. happy hump day everyone! I can't wait for the weekend... I am having my quiet time right now. I have to take a quick nap I need energy. I did not get enough sleep last night because of thinking about my family back home specially my mom. Now I am so sleepy, I better take that nap now:)...

Bad Headache Today

I woke up with a very bad headache today. I feel so tired and don't have any energy to do anything. But, I have to iron clothes I have plenty of things to do in the house. Good thing I already cleaned the house yesterday so I don't have to do that today. I also finished cleaning the carpet. About carpet cleaning if you don't have time to clean your carpet or tiles check out carpet cleaning naples fl and tile cleaning naples. You can always find a help to clean your house if you don't have the time to do it yourself.

Before I start ironing today I am going to take a nap first. I need some energy and I feel so sleepy. Well, after ironing I have more clothes to wash. Anyway if you live in fort myers and have water damage problem visit this link water damage fort meyers. I am pretty sure they can help you with your water damage problem. I hope everyone will have a great day today!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! We did not do any egg hunting this year instead we went to the beach. The kids has been asking us to bring them to the beach. So, today we spend all day at the beach. We did not do any get together at our house this year like we do almost every year. I don't feel like celebrating while my heart is aching about my mom. She's been in the hospital for 3 days now.

My family brought her in to the hospital because her blood pressure went up super high. Now the blood pressure is a little better. But, the problem now is her head that is hurting her so bad:(... I am hoping that she will get her ct scan done today and I hope that the doctors will figure out what is going on. I am praying and crossing my fingers right now that she feels better very soon!...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Used Cars

Here is a place for you to look online for Miami used cars Just click the link. In their website you will find a lot of nice used cars like Honda Accord. I would love to have a honda accord car. I drove one once and it's really cool. So, if you are looking for a car? Check out the links above. You can shop online and save money for gas.

Also they have this blog it is very informative. The good thing on this website is they put all the prices of their cars in every listing. So, all the information you needed is right there. Anyway speaking of cars I need to clean my car today it is so messy inside. I need to empty my trunk also I have a lot of stuff there that I don't need anymore. So, today is car cleaning day for me.

Please Pray For My Mom

My mother's blood pressure just shoot up really high and now she is in the hospital.:( I am so worried about her. As of now her blood pressure is a little bit okay but, the problem is she is complaining about the pain on her head. My sister told me that she cries a lot because of the pain.

I hope and pray that there is nothing serious going on her head. I need all your prayers my friends for her fast recovery. I really don't like when something like this happen because I am so far away. I can't even visit her because I am here in the other side of the world. All I can do now is pray for her:( I hope the result of the test will come back soon so we know what's going on. Right now the doctor want to do a ct scan on her head to see why it is hurting so bad.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today Is Early Release

Today is early release day at school so, that means my kids will be home an hour early. Today is my husband's birthday and I don't know what to give him yet lol. But, we have a surprise for him tomorrow and will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow too. Right now I need to think what to make tomorrow for our little get together. I am sure he will be so surprise tomorrow!

I will be sharing some pictures here tomorrow about his surprise. Anyway are you searching for warehousing and fulfillment services? If you do you can check out this website and they can help you. You will find more information about the services that they offer to their client at their website. Also you can contact them through the phone if you want to speak with somebody in the company for more questions that you may have in mind. So, to learn more about product fulfillment and order fulfillment visit their website today at

Anyhow, I need to get going with my work her so I don't have to do it later. I need to spend time with hubby later and see if he wants to go out for lunch. I still need to go to the store to get him something for his birthday. Today is a another busy day for me.

She Had Fun

My daughter had so much fun building her sandcastle. She spend most of her time at the beach building this castle lol. She was so afraid to go in the water so she decided to play in the sand. She got really upset after she was done building her sandcastle because the tide start to come in and washed her castle away poor girl.

We are hoping that it won't rain this weekend so we can at least spend one day at the beach. We want to take hubby to go fishing too as his Birthday request:)... Have a happy hump day everyone! I am going to finish working on my laundry today.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4day Weekend

The kids have 4day weekend because Friday and Monday is a spring holiday. So, if you are looking for a tickets here are some ideas Cirque Du Soleil Tickets, Tim McGraw Tickets and The Lion King Tickets. We are going to enjoy this 4day without school. The kids are super excited about no school lol. My son is already counting the days.

Anyway I am still not done with the laundry but I am almost there. I probably finish it all on Sunday. I need a break tomorrow. I need to look for more activities to do with the kids this weekend. Anyhow here are some more links if you are interested in James Taylor Tickets and Sugarland Tickets. I would love to watch Tim McGraw live but I don't think the kids like the idea lol. One place that I am sure that we are going is to watch movies. Kids want to watch hop so, we'll see about that.

Hot Day

Today the Florida weather is back it was hot! I like it though I get to go outside without the jacket anymore. I am having a very bad headache right now. I might have to go to bed early tonight and do my online work in the morning. I need a good sleep and hoping that I feel better in the morning.

The kids are in bed finally now I get to enjoy the quiet time. I hope tomorrow is a better day for me. I did not have a good day today I got so stress that is probably why I have this bad headache. Anyway gotta put all those left over food away. Have a great night everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2011

College Help

I know that there are a lot of people that is going back to school. Sometimes going back to school specially college can be very expensive. But, you can always find a help like grants for physical therapy students and more. There ways for you to achieve your goal in life. I heard a lot about the government grants and hopefully those deserving people will get it.

My cousin was looking on engineering grants and I haven't heard anything from her yet. I need to find out how that goes. Anyway I am doing a multi tasking in here blogging and washing clothes at the same time. I got 2 more hamper to wash and tomorrow is ironing and folding day for me. It's getting really late already I need to get some sleep I have to get up early tomorrow.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Got Hurt

My son got hurt today when he was playing with his sister and the neighbor's kids. They like to climb up on the fence and talk to the neighbor's kids. Today he got hurt bad because he fall off the fence and scraped his arm bad. It was so painful my poor guy. He cry so loud and said " this is the worst day of my life".. I feel so bad hearing my son saying those words. I feel his pain and it make mommy so sad too.:(

He keeps on saying mommy it hurts so bad. I cleaned it and put medicine on it and now he is okay. I was just glad that the scratches are not deep. He really skinned that arm pretty good. That is the reason why I don't let them play out there. But, their kids and they need to be out sometimes and play. Hopefully he will be more extra careful next time he play outside. After the scraped today he probably doesn't want to climb back up in there again.

Lockers For Kids

Here are some links for you if you are looking for lockers for kids. My kids doesn't have any kids lockers at school. So, they put their backpacks behind their seat. I think middle school has lockers. After next year's school year my daughter will be in middle school. Time flies so fast. She is excited to be in middle school lol.

When she get to middle school we'll find out if they have childrens lockers in there. Anyway if you are interested about lockers just click the link above. I am so tired today we cleaned out the screen room and now finally is clean! We throw away a bunch of toys that the kids doesn't want anymore. Now we have plenty of room in there.

Friday, April 15, 2011


One of my roses outside is blooming. It look so beautiful I hope the flowers will stay a little bit longer. I only have maybe a couple of days before they fall off. Anyway I am hoping that there is more to come. I wanted to plant more flowers out in the front I maybe doing that around first week of May.

Right now I also have few vegetables in the backyard. But, not as much as last year. I have a lot of seeds that need to be planted just don't have much time right now. Once the kids are off from school I will have plenty of time to spend in the garden. I will take some pictures of the flowers later on and I'll share it here with you guys.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Online Schooling

The power of the internet! Nowadays it's so easy for us to look for Online Courses and it is great because you can check it out while you are taking a break from work or at home. Online schooling is great! you can save your money for gas to buy something else plus, you can avoid all those busy traffic on the road. I am looking forward to go back to school and I am interested on online degree programs in computer engineering. But, As of now I don't have the time and budget yet:)...So, in the future I might do it.

But, for those of you who really want to go back to school now and don't have the budget check out Just click that link and it will take you to the right place. Anyway, I am so exhausted in the past 4 days. I was at school volunteering for the Fcat. Seating there for over an hour can be so boring lol. But, I am glad to helped out the teacher.

Finally It's Done!

Finally the Fcat is done for my daughter. Today was her last day of Fcat and I am so glad that we are done with it! She was so happy to come home today I guess because the pressure is finally over. Now we are going to wait until June to find out the result. I am still stress about it and I am crossing my fingers hoping that she got a good grades on that.

Last year she got a 4 out of 5 and I was so thankful to her for doing such a wonderful job. Now is the agonizing pain of waiting for the result. I can't wait for the result to come so I can start relaxing and not worrying about it lol. Anyway I am glad that the Fcat is done too. I had been in school for the last 4days volunteering as a proctor for Fcat.Now I can start cleaning my house.

Enjoying The Movies!

Every night when we are eating our dinner we always watch movie. Now we are getting use to it we can't eat our dinner without a movie on lol. For us it is relaxing to do that. Good thing we have a Satellite TV we always find a good movie to watch every night. Last night we watch a movie that is a little scary for me lol. I am not a big fan of horror movies I am more interested in Comedy and romantic drama movies.

Also Direct TV have a Filipino channel now so, every time I want to watch Filipino shows I can watch from there. How nice it is that I can watch the shows that I use to watch in the Philippines before. I don't feel so homesick anymore because of all the TV shows that I am watching through the Filipino channel.

Fun In The Sun!

Kids had a blast last weekend at the beach. We had a very sunny day on that day and we spend our day at the beach. Hubby was fishing and I was playing with the kids. My son like to jump on the top of the wave. So, I have to be with him the whole time to watch him. My daughter just played in the sand made sand castle.

She is too afraid to go to the water. We just let her do what she wanted to do on that day. Also she collected a bunch of sea shells. After the day was done we got so tired and went to bed early. Salt water always makes me tired lol. Anyway we are looking forward to go to the beach again this weekend.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Online Pharmacy

I am enjoying the cheap and sometimes free medicine at the pharmacy where I always get my medicine. It is so nice to know that you can get cheap medicine nowadays. Here is a link for the people in Canada check out Canadian pharmacy. For some reason you are so busy and don't have time to go to your favorite Pharmacy you can now visit the Canadian internet pharmacy. You can now order refills and more online.

The other day I had to get a refill so, I ordered it online it was so easy and it saves my phone minutes. Check this out if you are looking for a Cheap Canadian drugs it is always good to know to find savings.

I had a very busy day today and I am ready to take a rest. Tomorrow is another busy day and I am ready for it. For now I need to take a good night sleep so I have energy for tomorrow. Have a wonderful night everyone!


When we arrived at the beach Sunday morning the tide was going out already. What we found in the shore was a bunch of jellyfish like in the picture above. Those jelly fish are huge! My kids was so scared of it when they saw it. But, after awhile it didn't bother them anymore.

The jellyfish did not stop the people who wants to go swimming. Even the jellyfish was around, the beach still full of people. Well, it was a fun sunny day at the beach yesterday!

Lots Of Stuff To Do

Too much pressure today because of Fcat and it will continue all the way to Thursday. I also have to be at school in 4 days to help the teacher. I can't wait for this week to be over so I can have a break from all this stress lol. I am the one who is so stress about this Fcat test. Anyway tomorrow is another day. I got home today cleaning the dirty stainless steel pots and pan in the sink.

Anyway, speaking of stainless steel products. Have you heard about blomus stainless steel mailboxes? If you want to find out more about blomus check out their website today. You can find more about blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories and more. I haven't seen anybody in the neighborhood with a stainless steel mailbox maybe I'll will be the first one to have it hehehe. Now, that I have a stainless steel cookware I am beginning to like stainless steel products. I am also interested on the stainless steel fireplace accessories. We don't have any accessories for our fireplace yet. I maybe getting some of those stainless steel products.

I just finish cleaning the dishes and dirty pots and pan. This time cleaning those pots and pans was so easy. I am so happy that hubby bought me those stainless steel cookware set.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Super Tired Today!

We brought the kids to the beach today and it was so hot. The temperature went up all the way to the low 90s. Man, that was our first blast of heat but, it was okay. The kids and I had so much fun! My plan was just to stay inside the canopy that we have. But, then my son want me to bring him to the water. My goodness me the water was still so cold.

Cold water and hot sun it makes it all perfect! I can still feel the the heat from the sun on my skin lol. I am so glad that the kids had so much fun, they needed it. I want my daughter to have a relaxing day today because starting tomorrow the big test will start.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Very Excited!

My friend is so excited for the wedding of her sister in June. Right now she is working on the wedding invitations. She is such a wonderful sister and loving too. She told me that she was so thankful to find a beautiful discount wedding invitations. I am going to her house tomorrow to see the invitations.

I remembered my wedding almost 13years ago I was so excited to pick my wedding invitation design and color I have to choose. At that time we have to go to the printing press office to buy wedding invitations. Anyhow, it's nice to know that there is a discount wedding invitations you can buy nowadays. I wish we have those 12 years ago in the Philippines lol. Have an awesome Friday everyone! I am going to enjoy the sunny day today.

Strawberry Shortcake

I tried to make a strawberry shortcake last night and it come out really good. Hubby and the kids love it. We actually ate them all lol. My son asked me if I can make more for tonight, we'll see if I can make more tonight. Anyway, my daughter requested a pink pancake for breakfast today and when she woke up she was so happy to see the pink blueberry pancake.

My son has to make a comment about the pancake though:) He said why is it all pink hehehe. He said I should have made him a blue color pancake too.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Need More Sleep:(

I can't believe how hard for me to fall asleep early at night. Every morning I feel like I never get enough sleep. I have a few friends that are the same having trouble going to sleep. When I get up in the morning I always wanted to stay a little bit more in bed but, I have to get up. Anyway I heard about Herbal City LLC and they have plenty of products that can make you feel good. Also they got something for stress, depression, anxiety and more.

You can check out their website today to see it for yourself. I have a some friends that are still enjoying their night life having a few beer with their other friends. They always asked me to go with them and I just answer them I am married and have kids I don't have time with that lol. Well, they understand I am glad that they don't bother me anymore to got out with them. I mean I never even go out at night partying when I was still single how much more now that I am married with kids. It's not my type of adventure I rather be with my family.

For now all I want is good health and take care of my family. But, anyhow lets go back talking about the Herbal City LLC. if you click the link on this post it will take you to their website to learn more about the products that they have for you!


I just want to share this picture that I took last weekend. I manage to snap a shots while riding my bicycle. They didn't even know that I was taking picture of them in front of me. We had a good ride except my son freak out on the silky worms that's hanging from the trees lol. He actually jump off his bike because thought that the worm crawl inside his pants poor guy. He was shaking too much.

He got so scared and start asking us if we can go back and go home. But, we talked him out of it. Then, we continue with our family outing. It was great to be out there and we had picnic right on the side of the salt water river.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Great Deal!

There are so many great deals now in new vehicles. So, if you like Honda you can visit the Honda Dealer In Chicago. I love Honda cars so, next time I'll purchase a new car I am getting the Honda Accord. My friend have Honda Accord and she never have problem with it plus doesn't eat up too much gas. One of my friend just purchase a new Honda van and it look so nice.

Check out their website today and see their service specials, like oil change and tire rotation. My car just had its oil changed last month and I got a good deal with it. It's always great to save money.

Anyway I have too much ironing to do her. So, I better get started with that. I hope everyone had a great day today! My day wasn't that great but it's okay I guess. Don't forget to check out the Chicago Honda dealer by clicking on the links above!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Little Monkeys:)

My kids like to climb on anything. When they're in the house they climb on the furniture lol. That is why they get so excited every time I take them to the park to play. My son love the monkey bars. Both really like to climb I guess they got it from me. When I was growing up my favorite place to hang around is right on the top of the fruit trees.

My mother always know where to find me when we're on the farm. I am always right on the top of the coconut tree. I like to sit there and eat coconut lol.

I am such a monkey when I was growing up. Now my kids is doing it hehehe. I just wish we have all those fruit trees like the one in the Philippines. When I was growing up we have a lot of different kind of Asian fruit trees in our front yard and backyard.

Herbal Nutrition

Are been looking for a Herbalife Distributors? If so, I can help you with that. Just click the link here and it will take you right into their website. It's not hard to find a Herbalife Distributor in your area you will find it at their website. I never heard of Herbalife before and now I am happy to know about their product.

Click this link for Herbalife Florida distributors. I will look read more about it later after I cook dinner. For now I need to feed the family. The kids are hungry and tired. It was a long day today but, we enjoyed the outdoor adventure.

It is always nice to be outside in this beautiful weather. It sun was not hot at all but it's warm and breezy. Until next weekend again for more fun adventure. Tomorrow is back to school and the kids are not very happy about it lol.

Fun Day For The Whole Family

We had so much fun biking and picnicking in the park. We didn't feel the sun that much because the place is surrounded by huge trees. The only problem that we had was the silk worms that is hanging from the trees.

Our son was so scared of silk worms. He actually jump off his bike and start screaming and jumping because he thought the worm was on his back.

Poor guy he was so scared. But, then on the way back it was okay he did not complain much and it was a smooth ride. We ate our lunch at the park and after that we walked around there and then head back to the truck. It was a nice day today indeed!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yard Cleaning

A bunch of neighbor doing spring cleaning on their front yard today. I guess because finally the sun is so bright and it's very nice outside. One of our neighbor is putting a brand new mailbox that it's similar to a whitehall mailboxes. Well, if you check out the whitehall products you will see a bunch of different kind of mailboxes. We just bought a mailbox last year so ours will be fine for a few years.

The last one we had in there before somebody knocked it down to the ground. I hope those crazy people will not do it again. Anyway I am not feeling so good today I have a headache and don't have any energy to do some stuff around the house. A little stress also but I'll be okay I guess.

The kids are in their bedroom watching movie. We just got home from the movie theater. The kids pick the movie and I am glad they like it. Soon is back to school again! They're not looking forward about going to school again but they don't have the choice lol. Well, I am just super proud of them because both have a straight A's grade right now:)

Friday, April 1, 2011

At The Park Today

The Sun Is So Bright:)

The kids and I had so much fun again running around the park today. Everything is green again you can really that the spring is here. We went for a jog first then we played tag. It was fun playing with them. After that we stopped by at the playground and we spend another hour playing there.

I am so glad that they are so happy today because today is the last day of their spring break. Monday is back to school again. Well, at least we got the one week of of school. Soon summer will be here and we are so excited for summer to come.

Have a wonderful weekend

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We are going to do some fun stuff this weekend. Finally hubby will be able to join us. We are planning to go biking tomorrow or Sunday. Also we want to bring the kids to watch a movie. Yesterday we got stuck here at home because of a bad storm. But, my daughter still had fun because her friend came over to play with her. Anyway we need to enjoy this warm sunshine today!!!