Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4day Weekend

The kids have 4day weekend because Friday and Monday is a spring holiday. So, if you are looking for a tickets here are some ideas Cirque Du Soleil Tickets, Tim McGraw Tickets and The Lion King Tickets. We are going to enjoy this 4day without school. The kids are super excited about no school lol. My son is already counting the days.

Anyway I am still not done with the laundry but I am almost there. I probably finish it all on Sunday. I need a break tomorrow. I need to look for more activities to do with the kids this weekend. Anyhow here are some more links if you are interested in James Taylor Tickets and Sugarland Tickets. I would love to watch Tim McGraw live but I don't think the kids like the idea lol. One place that I am sure that we are going is to watch movies. Kids want to watch hop so, we'll see about that.

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