Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Got Back

I went to the store to buy some printer ink. I was trying to print some pictures today and found out that my printer is out of black ink. Anyway I got the ink and now I am waiting to print all the pictures. I can't believe how many different inkjet cartridges at that store I went to today. But, next time I am going to shop at for cheap ink. So, the next time your out of ink for your printer check out their website they carry almost every brand.

We just put away our old printer because the ink on that one was very expensive. Now we have the new printer and the ink is a lot cheaper compare to the old one. Well, I am enjoying that new printer last month I just scan all my old pictures and now I have it in my computer. Anyway dinner is almost ready and I am hungry I think I can eat a bunch of food tonight lol. We are having some barbecue for dinner! Now I am drooling hehehe. Have a great weekend everyone...

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