Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Little Monkeys:)

My kids like to climb on anything. When they're in the house they climb on the furniture lol. That is why they get so excited every time I take them to the park to play. My son love the monkey bars. Both really like to climb I guess they got it from me. When I was growing up my favorite place to hang around is right on the top of the fruit trees.

My mother always know where to find me when we're on the farm. I am always right on the top of the coconut tree. I like to sit there and eat coconut lol.

I am such a monkey when I was growing up. Now my kids is doing it hehehe. I just wish we have all those fruit trees like the one in the Philippines. When I was growing up we have a lot of different kind of Asian fruit trees in our front yard and backyard.

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