Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stocking up on gift wrapping supplies

Guest post written by Allison Newman

My roommate is always teasing me because according to her I always have to do things the hard way. I guess she does have a point though because I like to DIY a whole lot of things and she just doesn't understand how I can enjoy doing stuff like that myself.

Well, I love to take different kinds of materials to use as gift wrapping materials. It's always neat to see what you can wrap gifts up in. I was online not too long ago looking up new ways to wrap gifts and while I was doing that I came across some Wireless internet deals and after I looked through them with my roommate a little bit, I decided to sign up for one of them.

I was excited to finally use all of my gift wrapping supplies that I've been saving up all year, like colorful ribbon and raffia and all kinds of little charms. I had gone to a flea market a few weeks ago and picked up a huge box of costume jewelry for really cheap, so I used some ribbon to tie those pieces on to some gifts as accents.

Few More Days

Few more days and it's back to school again. The kids are enjoying their vacation they're both sleeping late until 11am. My goodness me it is after 10am and their both snoring still lol. I let them sleep until they want to get up. But, Saturday we need to be back on our schedule which is go to bed early and get up early. My son told me that he is not ready to go back to school yet hehehe.

Anyway I am excited to go out today with the kids because it's so warm outside. We need to enjoy this warm sunshine while it last lol. It should be in the 70s until Sunday and after that cold again:(... We are going to go to the park and have a bike ride. My son is been asking me for days now to go to the park but, the weather was really bad then. So, now that is warming up we are going outdoor.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DIY kids blanket for Christmas

Guest post written by Christa Daye

We have this one really comfy looking blanket that's so soft in our living room on our coach and the two kids are always fighting over it because they like to cover up with it. Well, I encourage them to be nice and to just share and snuggle up together, but that just won't work with a 5 and 7 year old.

I thought about getting them each a blanket that's just like it, so I went online to try and find some more. But the thing was that I couldn't find them. While I was online doing that, I came across some info about satellite internet packages and after I read some more info, I ordered one of them for our home service.

I just decided to give them each a DIY kids blanket that has different patterns on them so that they can tell them apart and it won't be a problem to figure out whose is whose. I just hope that they won't fight over wanting the other one's blanket.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shopping And More

Looking for the Best Bra? Visit You will find a lot of different design in their website. I would love to have one of those Bra and Cami with cleavage cover. I have to browse more at their website later when I save up enough money. It's so funny to watch my kids playing the wii game. I think that is the only time that I see them so quiet and concentrating.

The sun is so bright outside. It is a lot warmer now compare to two days ago. I want to go the seafood market today. So, I need to get my butt off the couch so I can get dress lol. I have been bundling myself almost all day today. I don't feel like doing anything else when it's too cold.

New Bikes

My kiddos are having so much fun with their new bikes. It took them a couple of try to get use to it. Now they are loving it. I guess we are so ready for summer then.:) My boy was so happy about his new bike that he doesn't want us to go home yet, even it was getting dark at the park he still want to keep going lol.

Anyway We haven't gone outside for a few days now due to the freezing temperature. Starting on Thursday will be doing outdoor stuff. It will be in the 70s from Thursday all the way to Sunday. So, we are having a warm New Year here in Florida!

I Can't Wait To Warm Up

Starting Thursday we are going to have a little break from the cold weather. But then by next week it looks like the cold weather will come back to us. Anyway check out used cars Tampa if you are planning to buy one. Speaking of Tampa it has been almost two years since the last time we visited that place. We always go there before every time there's a reptile show. But.

My friend just went shopping for a used cars last month and now she got her Van. It doesn't even look like use car. So, if you are planning to shop for a use car just click the link and it will take you to there website.

Anyhow I need to get the kids ready we are going out to the mall. My daughter want to go shopping for a new boots. I hope the store still carry the boots that she like. I check the week before Christmas and they're out of stock. Now I am hoping that they got it.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fun Fun Day

We had all our presents open and everyone is so happy! Hubby got me a decals of my favorite fishes so I can put it on my car lol. The most important thing is that the kids really enjoyed Christmas. Right now they are dancing using wii just dance. Both of my kids are enjoying it. They look so funny when they're trying to do the dance. I tried it earlier and my body is sore now wahahaha. I guess I am getting old.

My son is really getting to be a big boy. Every time we are out driving around he always read the traffic signs. So funny because it seems like it was just yesterday when he started talking. Now, he can read and more. I am so proud of my kids they are doing so good at school.

Tonight we are just going to watch movies and play some more. The kids are having so much sugar cookies and chocolates. Anyway my little boy is having a bad time right now because he is getting sleepy. I need to take care of this cranky little boy.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! We are finally done opening presents and the kids are enjoying all the good stuff they got from Santa. I am so happy that my kids love all the presents they got. There is only one complain and it's from my little boy. He said there is only one thing that Santa did not drop off his cell phone lol.

We told him that's because Santa think that he is still too young to have a cell phone. Then he said it's okay mommy I can have it on my birthday right? Lol so I said yes on his birthday hehehe. Now we have a happy camper and all they do today was playing and eating. I been eating a lot of goodies so, after the holidays I need to concentrate on my workouts otherwise I will bubble up again:(...

We still have New Year celebration to come more eating again. So I really need all the workouts I can get after this hehehe. Have wonderful night everyone! Will be sharing some pictures later.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Lazy Day

The Author of this post is Rory Reilly

Today we had a nice lady day, I guess that is what Saturday is all about. After a long work and school week for myself and the kids, we just wanted to relax. We decided to have movie night and snuggle on the couch. Instead of watching movies we decided to watch our favorite children's channel on DirecTV . We have many but after voting, we chose to watch PBS Sprout. It is similar to the PBS channel that we are all familiar with except there is nothing but kid cartoons all day and the children love it. Their favorite is Calliou because he is a cute little four year old that acts like a normal four year old. My twins are four so they can relate really well to this program. I love how the show depicts the behavior and interaction of a typical four year old. The show not only shows the good side of being a four year old but it shows the not so fun side of it. For example, they show when he is not happy and how he deals with not being happy or being sad. The program shows, how he interacts with his younger sister. It also shows how they sometime do not get along but how they still love one another. It is overall a great show that mimics real life and is great for children to watch.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Miss It

One of my hobbies before is driving a motorcycle and I miss doing it. It has been almost 11years since the last time I rode one. I remember when I had an accident when I drove a motorcycle without a head light. I ran over 3 cows that are sleeping next to each other on the road. I did not see it because it was dark. I actually climb up the top of them then, my cousin who is riding with me jump off and push me off balance so I end up seeing a stars lol. I am so lucky that I did not have any serious injury aside from scratch and bruises I did not even wear a helmet at that time. God was watching over me. After the accident I end up at the store browsing around on Motorcycle Helmets.

Nowadays It's so easy to go shopping for helmets just go online and click click. Both of my brothers have a motorcycle and I am thinking of buying them the HJC Helmets. I like the design and I am pretty sure that they will like it too. I have to ask them what color they like then, I'll decide from there. Anyway have a good day everyone! I have to get out the house and grab some paper towels at the store.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas

Mickey's very merry Christmas party was really fun. The whole family had a blast at disney world. My son was asking me if we can come back to disney on summer and I just said yes lol. So, now I have a little boy who is looking forward to go back to disney on summer. He love all the ride that we rode on. His favorite one was the speed raceway.

It was so cold on that day even we bundled up. The hot cocoa makes the night a lot better plus a lot of sugar cookies. The kids just love it! We got home around 3am and I was so tired. My son got up so early in the morning and had a big smile on his face. He told me that he really had a good time at disney.

Also he is already reminding me about going to disney on summer!

March of the Wooden Soldiers

Thanks to Wm Rowe

My favorite movie to watch during the Christmas season is March of the Wooden Soldiers starring Laurel and Hardy. This movie is a timeless classic and is my favorite movie of all time. I still find myself anticipating the end when all of the soldiers are let loose.

This movie is normally played on Thanksgiving Day but, it sets the tone to me for the Christmas holidays. Without seeing this movie, I feel my holiday has not been complete. I haven't missed it once in the last thirty five years. I also now own in on DVD so I can watch it whenever I like. But, it's funny I still only watch it during Christmas.

My family and I have made a tradition of watching this movie on our CableTelevision. Whatever we are doing, we all make sure that the Saturday following Thanksgiving is set aside for this. We make a nice pot of hot chocolate, a big bowl of popcorn and sit down to watch.

The graphics of this movie are horrible by todays standards but considering it was made back in 1934, I am sure it was a pioneer in the genre at that time. Laurel and Hardy were a comedy team who's routines were hysterical and they are what makes this movie great.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Party

I had to help my son's teacher for the Christmas party at school. The kids had so much fun! They watched the polar express and we served them hot chocolate and popcorn. The kids had a blast! After they watched the movie we read books to them and gave them more snacks. I think the kids had too much chocolate candies on the party.

After lunch they got more sweets. We served them a cupcakes and cookies. At the end of the day the kids was so happy and had a smile on their faces. I also had so much sweets lol. Both of my kids had so much fun on their Christmas party. Will be back to school next year for now we have to enjoy the vacation.


Today is the last day of school. Winter break is here and tomorrow is the beginning of the kids vacation. They are both looking forward for the fun holiday vacation! First stop is disney world. Both can't wait to hop in the car and go to disney.

I hope that it won't rain when we get there. I want the kids to enjoy the trip. Hubby started to cough couple days ago. and I hope that he feels better soon so we will enjoy our disney trip. The kids are looking forward on this trip. I want to make sure that it's memorable and fun for the two of them.

The weather today was really good it's warm and nice outside. I wish it's like this all the time. But, it looks like the cold weather will come back next week. Well, lets just hope that it won't be as cold like three days ago.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reindeer cupcakes for the office party

Guest post written by Mindy Elledge

The day of an office party I never eat anything until because there are so many great cooks and bakers that work in our office. That also means that it can get a little competitive about who has the best dish. Normally we even vote on who has the best dish. But up until now it's been unofficial. Someone proposed that this year we actual have an official contest for it. So now we're pulling out all the stops.

I've been doing some heavy research online for what I'm going to make for the party and have all kinds of ideas but have been having a really hard time deciding on just one thing. One night when I was searching for some recipes to use, I came across some information about and decided to GETCLEARWIRELESSINTERNET after a little bit of consideration.

One recipe that I think just may be what wins out, for what I'm going to fix at least, is reindeer cupcakes. I think that they're so adorable and cupcakes are always a hit at office parties.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Friday In Savannah Is A Joke

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

Shopping in Savannah on Black Friday is not what it's cracked up to be. The malls get some business but the most popular places to shop are oddly Belk on Victory Drive and the specialty shops in the strip mall where Walmart is on Victory Drive. I reckon people don't want to be crushed in the malls so they spread out to the other stores. Anyway, Belk is where it's at.

You don't want to shop on Black Friday in Savannah until first thing in the morning. That way you beat traffic coming in from the islands and they're all at work. About nine a.m. is perfect. So the first thing you see in Belk is the perfume counter and it smells so good you just have to stop. You'll get Yves St. Laurent's Rive Gauche for about twenty one dollars on sale from thirty nine dollars. Then you'll move on to the scarves, gloves and hats where you'll pick up a darling pink cashmere set for twenty two dollars, down from forty six dollars. Now that you smell good and are garbed in soft cashmere, you'll trek through shoes and pick up a pair of sneakers for fourteen dollars that are pink and have good tread. Replete with pink garb, you'll go home looking and smelling wonderful where you'll watch DirecTV until Christmas.

Icy Cold Day!

What a freezing day we have here in Florida. There was a lot of accident this morning in the entrance of our neighborhood. They turn on the sprinklers and it turns the road so icy and slippery. Therefore the traffic was so bad and I have to drive so slow so I won't have an accident. The kids saw the accident on the right side of the road and saw a blood. It was not a good scene for the kids to see.

Anyway we got to the school at 8:30am and the kids got tardy. I was a little upset because it was not our fault to be late for a few minutes. Well, At least we got to the school safe! The school start at 8:30 and if you get there by 8:30 they consider you to be tardy. Which is not fair for the kids. We have reason why we got to school at 8:30. But, anyway I guess one tardy is not that bad at all.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Off to See Santa at Last!

Thanks to Wm Rowe

It seems like forever since the last time I had the chance to see my children's face light up at the site of the man in the red suit and fake curly beard. Santa Clause is a Christmas fixture that even the most jaded individual enjoys seeing in my opinion. The stores become more crowded and the prices of toys climb ever higher. However, the sight of my kids sitting on his lap and telling them their little heart's desires always makes me smile.

This year it seemed to take a lot longer for Christmas to come around for me and mine. The bills were hard to pay at times but thankfully that cleared up toward late summer and now we can enjoy the fruits of our labor as we bundle up to survive the winter.

I've got the kids out the door already. Once I finish this blog post and set my home security alarm from BESTHOMESECURITY we'll be off to see Santa. Perhaps this year I won't have to explain to the kids how Santa can be standing outside with a charity bucket and sitting inside with his perky elven assistant. They are very young, however. It is easy to convince them that magic is real and not just something to be seen on stage. That might be the best part of Christmas to me, the belief in my children's eyes as they experience the magic and wonder of the holiday season.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Sunday Already!

Yes it's Sunday already and tomorrow is back to school and work. Kids are enjoying there Sunday movie marathon! Both are in bed watching movie. I guess they're trying to keep warm while watching movies. It's so cold once again and all I want to do is to bundle up in the bed with the kids lol. Anyway about Christmas I still have a couple of things need to get before I start wrapping.

We did all our grocery shopping yesterday. So, today we are going to have a relaxing day. Anyway if you like to shop for Wholesale Suppliers
visit Also if you are looking for a Wholesalers you will find it all at their website. I know a lot of people looking for Wholesale Products got them all for you. So, check it out today!

I need to get off here and start thinking what to make for lunch. The kids are getting hungry so mommy have to get up and make something. Hoping to cook something that doesn't take too long to make.

Me And Our Christmas Tree

Here is a picture of me and our Christmas tree. My daughter and I pick this color this year. Also hubby got me this new tree. I am loving it because we have more space on the living room now. I have to get rid of my old tree it just too wide for the room. So, I pick this tree this year the same height tree but skinnier.

I let the kids decorate the small tree on the family room this year. They had so much fun decorating it. Now we are ready for Santa to come. I have to get all the wrappers out and start wrapping for santa lol.

Getting Started

I already start going back to my exercise routine after missing it for almost a month. Now that I feel better I am going back slowly. It feels really good that I am back to that again. I need to try different ways of weight loss. Some people use weight loss pills to help them lose weight. I guess whatever works for you is good! The most important thing is that you are doing something to make yourself healthy.

Just click the link if you are looking for the best weight loss pills. For me I need to get back on my focus once again. Hopefully I'll be able to do 60minutes a day like before. Well, just need to focus I guess. The cold weather is not helping it makes me feel so tired all day lol. So now I have to push my lazy butt everyday to hop in the treadmill.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun Birthday!

I had a fun birthday yesterday! Hubby took me out for lunch and he got me beautiful flowers and other stuff. When the kids got home from school we also took them out for dinner. My family in the Philippines called me and I was so happy to hear their voices. I can't believe how big are my nieces and nephews now. I miss them so much and hearing their voice it makes me feel a little better.

Anyway I hope it will warm up today so we can go out. It suppose to be in the 70s today but, I don't know if that will happen. The kids got up so early and start playing. Now they are watching cartoons. I need to go and make them breakfast. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Cleaning

I have more cleaning to do today and I don't feel like doing it because its so cold. My goodness me I want to just hide under the blanket all day. I don't have any choice but to do it. Christmas is coming and it makes me miss my family back home so much. It breaks my heart every Christmas that I am not with them. How I wish to spend Christmas with them but that is impossible maybe next year or the next year after that lol.

December is my birthday and also there is Christmas but, for some reason it makes me feel sad. Maybe because I am thinking to much about my family in the Philippines. I miss my parents and my siblings so much.

Anyways here is a place for you to go in Austin Texas if you need air duct cleaning company austin, steam carpet cleaning machine austin, furniture upholstery cleaning austin and more. Just click the link to find out more about their services.

Getting Older

My birthday is coming very soon and I don't have any plans. I don't know what hubby and the kids are planning. But, for me I just want a quiet and relaxing day. We are going to Disney world next week all of us are excited. We also hope to see our friends there it's been awhile since the last time we visited Orlando. Whenever we go in Orlando we always make an extra trip to our old house. We want our son to see where we live before. Our daughter is old enough to remember but, our boy was so young when we moved. Hubby also have a friend who live there so, we always stop by and say hi to them.

Anyway if you are looking for a pulse oximeters for sale just visit It is always nice to have one of those handy. Anyhow I might have to go and see my doctor again this coughing is not going away. I have been taking so much cough medicine and still can't get rid of it. This a very bad winter for me already. I had strep and sinus infection and now the coughing problem grrrrr. Happy hump day everyone...

Bright Sun And Still Cold

The sun is so bright outside but the temperature is still cold. I guess the sun is a good sign that soon will warm up again. We need a little bit of heat lol. We got lucky this morning because hubby warm the car up for us. So, when we drove to school the car was very warm. Now I am back at home and trying to keep my feet warm while blogging.

When the weather like this I just want to stay under the cover all day. My son was complaining this morning and doesn't want to get up. Anyway I got them to school on time and when we walk to the school from the parking lot it was way better compare yesterday. There is no freezing wind today! So, the walk was pretty good actually.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Still Dieting

I am still trying to keep my weight down even it's so hard. I haven't been exercising lately because I got sick. But once I get better I will be back on that treadmill. I was thinking about using diet pills but I want to keep my exercise and diet first. Then, if that doesn't work I can look for the best diet pills in the market. I am still hopeful that my exercise and the right foods to eat will help me lose more weights.

There are so many people that is using weight loss diet pills to help them lose weight and it works for them. Anyway I am still coughing really bad but, today I started to ran in the treadmill again. It feels good after I exercise but the coughing still bothering me. I have so much work to do today so, I better get off her and start working. Have a warm week ahead everyone! Its going to be a freezing week this week so try to keep yourself warm...

In The Low 20s?:(

It's going to be in the low 20s and only high in the 50s this week. I am not looking forward to a very cold morning. Today I bundled the kids up because it's freezing outside. It was very nice inside the car I turned on the heater. But then when we come out my goodness me the wind is so cold brrrrrrr. On the way back to the house I was coughing nonstop.

How I wish I can get rid of this coughing soon the cold weather is not helping. Anyways I guess I have to work on the DVDs today. I need to use a DVD duplicators to make copies of our family videos. We have a lot of videos that I want to share with my family. Hubby is the one who usually do this work but, he is so busy at work and don't have time to do it. So, here I am trying to read the DVD duplication guide.

I hope to finish making copy this week so I can send it before Christmas. Anyway I just check out They have a lot of cool stuff in their website they even have a CD printers. I want to have one of those someday. For now I have to concentrate on my work here. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting Busy

We are almost done with the Christmas decorations outside. We are having our lunch break right now and while eating I am blogging a little. Kids are watching TV and they love the movie they're watching. It's so cold outside so we are all bundle up with thick jackets. Weird too cold and no snow lol.

Kids are complaining about the cold and there is no snow poor kids. They just want to make snow man and the problem is Florida doesn't snow. I am still coughing and I am really getting tired of it. I hate taking those cough medicine it taste nasty yuckkkkkk. I am just hoping that this bug will go away soon. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Natural holiday centerpiece to match my motif

Guest post written by Windy Tomlins

I'm so over the really glittery and shiny look for holiday decorations. I used to be really into it, but now I'm more into the natural and woodsy holiday decorations looks. Besides, I think that it's a little more simplistic and classic than what we used to decorate with before.

I guess it's also kind of a trend in general in Christmas decorations, or so I can tell from all of the interior design blogs that I love to read on a regular basis. While I was reading one of them about a week ago, I randomly saw some Clear 4g prices, did a little more research on them, and changed over our internet service at home because of them.

I used a whole lot of branches and pine cones from our backyard for my natural holiday centerpieces that I put throughout the house. I also found these really cute fake birds that you can wire onto Christmas tree branches to make them look like they're perched on them and place a few of those throughout each centerpiece.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Most of the parents nowadays are both working and sometime when the kids needs help they don't have time to do it. That is why most of them look for a tutor for their kids. Now there is an easy way to get a tutor online. Just visit Kids can get Geometry help, Chemistry help, Physics help and more. This are just a few of help that they can offer your kids. If you want to learn more about the services that they offer just check out their website.

Get the unlimited tutoring package so whenever your kids needs help on their Chemistry homework help or Prime numbers they can just login and get help. This is the easy way to get a tutor for your kids. Online tutoring is is available to you 24-7. Sometimes my daughter have Math questions and hubby is the one who always answer her. We are getting use with the homework everyday.

My son will be so happy when he gets home because he doesn't have homework on Friday's. I am pretty sure my daughter will have at least one homework tonight. The school is holding up an event tonight for the kids who meet the 25 books read. They are giving then a Movie party night outdoor. I am not sure if we are going because it's too cold out there. I just feel a little better I don't want to be sick again. But, then if we don't go the kids will be so upset about it. I don't know really, we have to see later.

Kids Are So Happy

My kids are so happy and excited about going to Disney world. I just won a 4 tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas. We went there last year and we had so much fun. Right now hubby and I are still trying to decide which day we have to pick to go there. The kids want to hop in the car and go now lol. We need to plan it first. My birthday is coming up and I though we can go on that week but, the kids are still in school. So, now we are thinking about the following week since that is the last week of school then winter break.

The kids can't wait to explore disney again. This time I am sure that they are going to have so much fun because they're a lot older. The last time we went to Magic Kingdom we rode on the splash mountain ride and our son was so scared. I am wondering if he still want to go on that ride this time. We have to see then. One thing for sure I am going to take a lot of pictures on that trip.

This time I won't be doing what I did last year. On the way home I started to look at all the pictures that we took and then I started to delete the picture that I didn't like. Guess what happen? I end up deleting everything. I was crying on the way home lol. Good thing we have a few pictures in the other camera. But, the most picture was the one I deleted. Lesson learn never to do it again!

Mailbox Security

Hubby and I are planning to buy a new mailbox. We are looking at the lockable mailboxes. We had a couple incident happen in our mailbox First somebody knocked it down to the ground then, the second time it was an eggs thrown inside. The mailbox was a mess because of the eggs was all over the place. Since then we've been searching for a locking mailbox. Having a mailbox with a lock on it can keep those crazy people away from putting nasty stuff in your mailbox.

I was so upset when I saw the mailbox with a broken eggs inside it was really a big mess. Now we want to be protected and trying to look for locking mailboxes. The first incident was worst compare to the second time. When they knocked down our mailbox the whole thing was just broken so, we end up buying a completely new mailbox. Now thinking about security mailboxes because we don't want those incident to happen again.

Play Ball!

Guest post written by Judith Schmidt

My husband Brian and I went out to Chapel Hill North Carolina to visit our daughter and her husband for Thanksgiving this past week. They have a lot of land and a very spacious living room and kitchen area, so they typically host the family dinner. This is the sixth year we've assembled over there, and we all had a great time, as always. We live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, so we're fortunate enough to see our daughter throughout the year, but it is still a special when the whole family gets together in one place. Beforehand, I was able to get some new HearingAidsByMiracleEar and I was really able to catch up with the people in my life who matter most.

And since they have soooo much land, we always try and do something fun outside for a little while whether it's horsing around or just sitting out to talk. My husband and his brothers threw the baseball around while the rest of us played horseshoes. And let me tell you I never knew how athletic my fam was until then, haha!

What A Cold Day

MY goodness me it seems like the cold weather came so early this year. My feet are freezing just sitting here and blogging. I need to get a pair of socks to keep my feet warm. My son had 3 layers of clothes today. He got up and said he is freezing and he wanted to wear thick clothes for school. Well, good thing the kids bundle up because it was so cold outside.

I have to sit in the car for awhile to clear the frost on my windshield. I need to get the garage clean so I can put my car inside there. I don't want to deal with the frost every morning. Have a warm day everyone! I am trying to get myself warm too:) I need to get up and take my medicine.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Posted by Dorian Compton

Every year, the day before Thanksgiving is set aside to go shopping for our family Christmas tree. We do not dare fight the crowds on Black Friday, and it is tradition to have our tree up and decorated the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This gives plenty of time for us to bask in the glory of our beautiful tree, and allows both of my girls the opportunity to help decorate.

This year we have decided to get a fake tree. We will set the security alarm (alarm systems deals) before we head out the door, and travel the half-hour drive to the nearest Wal-Mart to pick out a tree. We are looking to purchase the fanciest tree that we can find, with long, beautiful green limbs. We would also like to get a 10 foot tree. My mother, husband, father, and two girls will go Christmas tree shopping, and mom and dad will also choose a tree for their home at the same time. They prefer the white colored trees, but for me, it just isn't Christmas if it isn't green! We'll also buy some new decorations while we are there, and extra lights to make our tree sparkle!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Boots

My daughter really wants to have a new boots for Christmas. So, she got it on her Christmas list along with other girls stuff. My kids got their Christmas list early this year and that is good because we can get the stuff a little bit at a time. Then, by Christmas we should got them all. I just love the look of my kids face when they saw the presents.

Anyway I just checked out They got the boots that my daughter want for Christmas. I will be looking at the other shoes with her when she gets home from school. I like the UGG Classic Tall boots myself. My baby girl needs a new tennis shoes also. By Christmas she'll have most of the stuff that she wanted.

I love to collect shoes a lot. I have a bunch of them already and most of the shoes that I have I never even wear. Right now the shoes are just sitting in the closet. I guess it's a women thing we love shoes. Anyhow Have a great day everyone! I am trying to get caught up with the laundry today. I have so much to do since I been sick for a few days. I am not hundred percent back to normal yet but, I can move around now and do stuff.

Freezing Again

Yesterday was so warm and nice no cold wind the sun is bright. But, today is totally different from yesterday. When we step outside today the wind was so cold. I can't believe how it turn to cold so quickly. The wind is really freezing and there is no sun to warm it up. The clouds in the sky is so dark and thick that, I think it will rain any time soon.

We suppose to put our Christmas lights outside this afternoon. But, since the weather is sucks we need to wait on the warmer day to do that. I don't want to be out there in the cold. My throat just got a little better I don't want to be sick again. I am still taking my medicine and I don't like that part but, at least the medicine is helping me a lot. I just wish that the coughing will go away it's so annoying.