Friday, December 3, 2010

Play Ball!

Guest post written by Judith Schmidt

My husband Brian and I went out to Chapel Hill North Carolina to visit our daughter and her husband for Thanksgiving this past week. They have a lot of land and a very spacious living room and kitchen area, so they typically host the family dinner. This is the sixth year we've assembled over there, and we all had a great time, as always. We live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, so we're fortunate enough to see our daughter throughout the year, but it is still a special when the whole family gets together in one place. Beforehand, I was able to get some new HearingAidsByMiracleEar and I was really able to catch up with the people in my life who matter most.

And since they have soooo much land, we always try and do something fun outside for a little while whether it's horsing around or just sitting out to talk. My husband and his brothers threw the baseball around while the rest of us played horseshoes. And let me tell you I never knew how athletic my fam was until then, haha!

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