Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fun Fun Day

We had all our presents open and everyone is so happy! Hubby got me a decals of my favorite fishes so I can put it on my car lol. The most important thing is that the kids really enjoyed Christmas. Right now they are dancing using wii just dance. Both of my kids are enjoying it. They look so funny when they're trying to do the dance. I tried it earlier and my body is sore now wahahaha. I guess I am getting old.

My son is really getting to be a big boy. Every time we are out driving around he always read the traffic signs. So funny because it seems like it was just yesterday when he started talking. Now, he can read and more. I am so proud of my kids they are doing so good at school.

Tonight we are just going to watch movies and play some more. The kids are having so much sugar cookies and chocolates. Anyway my little boy is having a bad time right now because he is getting sleepy. I need to take care of this cranky little boy.

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