Saturday, December 4, 2010

Natural holiday centerpiece to match my motif

Guest post written by Windy Tomlins

I'm so over the really glittery and shiny look for holiday decorations. I used to be really into it, but now I'm more into the natural and woodsy holiday decorations looks. Besides, I think that it's a little more simplistic and classic than what we used to decorate with before.

I guess it's also kind of a trend in general in Christmas decorations, or so I can tell from all of the interior design blogs that I love to read on a regular basis. While I was reading one of them about a week ago, I randomly saw some Clear 4g prices, did a little more research on them, and changed over our internet service at home because of them.

I used a whole lot of branches and pine cones from our backyard for my natural holiday centerpieces that I put throughout the house. I also found these really cute fake birds that you can wire onto Christmas tree branches to make them look like they're perched on them and place a few of those throughout each centerpiece.

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