Monday, December 6, 2010

In The Low 20s?:(

It's going to be in the low 20s and only high in the 50s this week. I am not looking forward to a very cold morning. Today I bundled the kids up because it's freezing outside. It was very nice inside the car I turned on the heater. But then when we come out my goodness me the wind is so cold brrrrrrr. On the way back to the house I was coughing nonstop.

How I wish I can get rid of this coughing soon the cold weather is not helping. Anyways I guess I have to work on the DVDs today. I need to use a DVD duplicators to make copies of our family videos. We have a lot of videos that I want to share with my family. Hubby is the one who usually do this work but, he is so busy at work and don't have time to do it. So, here I am trying to read the DVD duplication guide.

I hope to finish making copy this week so I can send it before Christmas. Anyway I just check out They have a lot of cool stuff in their website they even have a CD printers. I want to have one of those someday. For now I have to concentrate on my work here. Have a great day everyone!

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