Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reindeer cupcakes for the office party

Guest post written by Mindy Elledge

The day of an office party I never eat anything until because there are so many great cooks and bakers that work in our office. That also means that it can get a little competitive about who has the best dish. Normally we even vote on who has the best dish. But up until now it's been unofficial. Someone proposed that this year we actual have an official contest for it. So now we're pulling out all the stops.

I've been doing some heavy research online for what I'm going to make for the party and have all kinds of ideas but have been having a really hard time deciding on just one thing. One night when I was searching for some recipes to use, I came across some information about and decided to GETCLEARWIRELESSINTERNET after a little bit of consideration.

One recipe that I think just may be what wins out, for what I'm going to fix at least, is reindeer cupcakes. I think that they're so adorable and cupcakes are always a hit at office parties.

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