Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! We are finally done opening presents and the kids are enjoying all the good stuff they got from Santa. I am so happy that my kids love all the presents they got. There is only one complain and it's from my little boy. He said there is only one thing that Santa did not drop off his cell phone lol.

We told him that's because Santa think that he is still too young to have a cell phone. Then he said it's okay mommy I can have it on my birthday right? Lol so I said yes on his birthday hehehe. Now we have a happy camper and all they do today was playing and eating. I been eating a lot of goodies so, after the holidays I need to concentrate on my workouts otherwise I will bubble up again:(...

We still have New Year celebration to come more eating again. So I really need all the workouts I can get after this hehehe. Have wonderful night everyone! Will be sharing some pictures later.

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