Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Miss It

One of my hobbies before is driving a motorcycle and I miss doing it. It has been almost 11years since the last time I rode one. I remember when I had an accident when I drove a motorcycle without a head light. I ran over 3 cows that are sleeping next to each other on the road. I did not see it because it was dark. I actually climb up the top of them then, my cousin who is riding with me jump off and push me off balance so I end up seeing a stars lol. I am so lucky that I did not have any serious injury aside from scratch and bruises I did not even wear a helmet at that time. God was watching over me. After the accident I end up at the store browsing around on Motorcycle Helmets.

Nowadays It's so easy to go shopping for helmets just go online and click click. Both of my brothers have a motorcycle and I am thinking of buying them the HJC Helmets. I like the design and I am pretty sure that they will like it too. I have to ask them what color they like then, I'll decide from there. Anyway have a good day everyone! I have to get out the house and grab some paper towels at the store.

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