Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Lazy Day

The Author of this post is Rory Reilly

Today we had a nice lady day, I guess that is what Saturday is all about. After a long work and school week for myself and the kids, we just wanted to relax. We decided to have movie night and snuggle on the couch. Instead of watching movies we decided to watch our favorite children's channel on DirecTV . We have many but after voting, we chose to watch PBS Sprout. It is similar to the PBS channel that we are all familiar with except there is nothing but kid cartoons all day and the children love it. Their favorite is Calliou because he is a cute little four year old that acts like a normal four year old. My twins are four so they can relate really well to this program. I love how the show depicts the behavior and interaction of a typical four year old. The show not only shows the good side of being a four year old but it shows the not so fun side of it. For example, they show when he is not happy and how he deals with not being happy or being sad. The program shows, how he interacts with his younger sister. It also shows how they sometime do not get along but how they still love one another. It is overall a great show that mimics real life and is great for children to watch.

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