Friday, December 3, 2010

Mailbox Security

Hubby and I are planning to buy a new mailbox. We are looking at the lockable mailboxes. We had a couple incident happen in our mailbox First somebody knocked it down to the ground then, the second time it was an eggs thrown inside. The mailbox was a mess because of the eggs was all over the place. Since then we've been searching for a locking mailbox. Having a mailbox with a lock on it can keep those crazy people away from putting nasty stuff in your mailbox.

I was so upset when I saw the mailbox with a broken eggs inside it was really a big mess. Now we want to be protected and trying to look for locking mailboxes. The first incident was worst compare to the second time. When they knocked down our mailbox the whole thing was just broken so, we end up buying a completely new mailbox. Now thinking about security mailboxes because we don't want those incident to happen again.

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