Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Friday In Savannah Is A Joke

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

Shopping in Savannah on Black Friday is not what it's cracked up to be. The malls get some business but the most popular places to shop are oddly Belk on Victory Drive and the specialty shops in the strip mall where Walmart is on Victory Drive. I reckon people don't want to be crushed in the malls so they spread out to the other stores. Anyway, Belk is where it's at.

You don't want to shop on Black Friday in Savannah until first thing in the morning. That way you beat traffic coming in from the islands and they're all at work. About nine a.m. is perfect. So the first thing you see in Belk is the perfume counter and it smells so good you just have to stop. You'll get Yves St. Laurent's Rive Gauche for about twenty one dollars on sale from thirty nine dollars. Then you'll move on to the scarves, gloves and hats where you'll pick up a darling pink cashmere set for twenty two dollars, down from forty six dollars. Now that you smell good and are garbed in soft cashmere, you'll trek through shoes and pick up a pair of sneakers for fourteen dollars that are pink and have good tread. Replete with pink garb, you'll go home looking and smelling wonderful where you'll watch DirecTV until Christmas.

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