Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Boots

My daughter really wants to have a new boots for Christmas. So, she got it on her Christmas list along with other girls stuff. My kids got their Christmas list early this year and that is good because we can get the stuff a little bit at a time. Then, by Christmas we should got them all. I just love the look of my kids face when they saw the presents.

Anyway I just checked out They got the boots that my daughter want for Christmas. I will be looking at the other shoes with her when she gets home from school. I like the UGG Classic Tall boots myself. My baby girl needs a new tennis shoes also. By Christmas she'll have most of the stuff that she wanted.

I love to collect shoes a lot. I have a bunch of them already and most of the shoes that I have I never even wear. Right now the shoes are just sitting in the closet. I guess it's a women thing we love shoes. Anyhow Have a great day everyone! I am trying to get caught up with the laundry today. I have so much to do since I been sick for a few days. I am not hundred percent back to normal yet but, I can move around now and do stuff.

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