Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Icy Cold Day!

What a freezing day we have here in Florida. There was a lot of accident this morning in the entrance of our neighborhood. They turn on the sprinklers and it turns the road so icy and slippery. Therefore the traffic was so bad and I have to drive so slow so I won't have an accident. The kids saw the accident on the right side of the road and saw a blood. It was not a good scene for the kids to see.

Anyway we got to the school at 8:30am and the kids got tardy. I was a little upset because it was not our fault to be late for a few minutes. Well, At least we got to the school safe! The school start at 8:30 and if you get there by 8:30 they consider you to be tardy. Which is not fair for the kids. We have reason why we got to school at 8:30. But, anyway I guess one tardy is not that bad at all.

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