Saturday, January 28, 2012

Almost Time

Content by Donny Vinson

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl and I’m so happy! I got the best direct tv green bay package I could find back before the season started and though my Packers were having an awesome year I’m not all that upset that they’re not in the big game. I think the best two teams won this year and you know, the only reason I really like to watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials anyway so what’s the big deal. I was already having a party for the game and now that the Pats are in it I’m going to have to make it bigger than ever because two of my best friends are Patriots fans. I love that my whole town is so into football because being from the South it's what I grew up with, too, and it makes me feel like I'm back home when I get to watch the game with my friends. Super Bowl here we come!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Birthday Girl

I took her to the store the other day so she can show me what she wanted for her birthday. Her she goes right into the computers. And right away she wanted the Kindle Fire!!! I told her that she need to look for something else because mommy can't afford to get her a Kindle Fire, so she said how about the toshiba tablet thrive? I said that is more expensive. So, she walked away from it and doesn't want to look for something else. So, we end up going home lol.

I told her maybe later on we can get her that, but now. Anyway, that's how our going to the store story. I have been asking her to think of something else and she said she can't think of anything yet. Hopefully she will let me know soon.