Monday, March 31, 2008

Plasma Wall Bracket

When we moved here in our house last year, my hubby and I decided to mount our 50-inch Plasma TV on the wall above our fire place. We thought it would be easy since the plasma looked fairly light. Boy, were we wrong! It weighs a lot. The biggest problem we had was how to mount it on the wall above the mantle of our fire place.

My hubby and I had to stand on the top of two ladders while we lifted up the TV. My God it was so heavy, we almost dropped it a couple of times. I sweated like crazy, not to mention all the shaking in my arms. We found out later that it weighs over 100 pounds. But in the end we managed to put it up exactly where we wanted it. It was a good thing that my hubby bought a very strong bracket to hold it up against the wall. Now we are planning to get another Plasma TV for our living room and I told my hubby to buy the TV Wall Bracket at They have a great selection of high quality brackets at a great price. Check them out the next time you need a bracket for your Plasma or LCD TV.

Good Night

Goodnight guys I'll be back in the morning for now I need to go sleep. My creatures need to go to bed too they drive me nuts their energy is just never drained out. I wish I have all those energy they have. I need a battery that just keep on going... hehehehee!


Help Others

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Mia and little brother Ian

Here's Mia and Ian again I like taking picture of my kids because they like to pose for me. Today I was so busy I didn't got the chance to take a new picture of them. But I have this picture for you to see!!!

Enjoy the Game

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Don't Know What to Cook

I really don't know what to cook for dinner. I look at my freezer and found a whole chicken so I decided to make a whole roasted chicken and put a vegetables on the side. I think I solve my problem, right now just waiting for the food to be done. Hubby still on the road so by the time he gets home food will be ready. My Mia and Ian is been playing with each other all day and Ian ask me couple times if he can play outside and mommy say NO because its raining and he said I'm mean coz I won't let him play outside hehehehe! My gosh my 3 year old guy told me that I'm mean silly boy....

It's Bingo Time

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Couple years ago we went fishing in the fishing pier and hubby catch this shark. But take note ha! we didn't bring the shark home hehehehe! hubby doesn't want it. Around summer time here in Florida when we fish we always catch shark but we put them back in the water. Imagine how many people swimming in the beach and not knowing that there is a lot of small and big shark out there. It's scarry!

Casino Updates

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No Sun Again

Today is a lot colder compare yesterday because today we woke up at 6am and find out that it's been raining since last night. Now I can't go out there in my garden and plant some more vegetables. It's just so rainy and cold, all I want now is eat and sleep in my warm bed hehehehe!

I wish I can sleep like this....

Finding People

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Garden Time

Yesterday I start my vegetable garden and I really enjoy doing it. I still have a lots of vegetables that I need to plant, right now I need to grow some of my vegetables seeds so by next month I can start watching them grow big. My back was hurting yesterday after all the work in my garden I guess because of pulling out the weeds is a hard work or I'm just getting really old hehehehe. Anyway I'll be sharing a pictures of my garden soon. For now I'm working here, lots of work need to be done like cleaning the house and my blogging. Okay see y'all later.

Casino Online for Beginner

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Night

I really need to go nightie night now. I can't hardly keep my eyes open. So I'll see you all tomorrow hope you all have a nice Sunday. Enjoy your day tomorrow and thank you again for visiting me here in my little house online. Riding in a boat today with the big waves make me so tired. see y'all.

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Have a nice weekend

Hello have a nice weekend y'all! Today we went fishing but we didn't catch much. The Weather was very good today its sunny, even we didn't catch the fish that we like to catch, the important thing is the whole family have some fun. Now I'm sitting here in front of my computer and trying to finish my task. I feel so tired salt water always knocks me out. I have to use this little energy I have to keep my eyes open because my head is telling me to go to bed hehehe! anyway if I will not finish this tonight I still have tomorrow. I better start working guys and thank you for the visit.

Friday, March 28, 2008


After playing outside all day today my little guy is so tired. I give him a bath and now he is so tired, his battery finally got drained heheheee! So tomorrow is another day to play and run around, but I think hubby want to go fishing in a boat. Tomorrow is the best day to go fishing the weather man said, its nice day tomorrow compare on Sunday. If we catch fish I'll be sharing it with you guys. I don't know what else to say but good night to all and hope you have a nice night with your family.

This a picture of my boy couple years ago in the car sleeping...

Online Gambling Database

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My Student of the Month

Here's a picture of my girl introducing herself to everybody and answering the question why she's a student of the month. We are so proud of her she stand there and talk to the microphone without hesitations and not even shy. This is what she said. " My name is Mia Carlson MY teacher is Mrs. wimberley I'm a student of the month because I'm a good student and never flip a card and I have a wonderful teacher" everybody was so amazed of her. Because all the 5Th grade was so shy to go to the front they were hiding under the table, while my Mia that is 1st grade stand tall over there on the front.

Take a Look Before You Play

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Family Picture

This is our picture yesterday after Mia's student of the month ceremony. We didn't get the chance to have a family picture at school because I was busy chasing my son around the room coz he want to take a picture of his ate Mia while talking in the microphone. After that they serve a cake and soda and my little boy eat all the frosting on the top of our cake my gosh he is one busy boy. Then I was getting ready to ask somebody to take a picture of as when My boy said he need to go bathroom heheheee he announce it so loud bwahahahahah...

Tip of the Day

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My head is hurting right now and my nose is so red. I use a whole box of tissue paper and still my nose doesn't want to surrender lol! I been going in and out at my house watching the kids and working here i need to make something so I can buy airplane hehehehe! anyway I have to go to the bathroom my boy want me to wipe his butt hahahaha! My girl still playing in the backyard she said she want to catch a lizard. Okay gotta go to the bathroom....

Online Gambling Guide

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Me and my Little Girl!

We have fun yesterday playing basketball in the backyard. Me and my daughter like to take a picture of our self so here's a picture of the two of us hehehe! You see after we take this picture we go out in the backyard and play basketball, now imagine that playing basketball with our dresses. My husband was laughing on us.

Have Fun and Play

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Spring Break

Finally today is the first day of spring break for my little girl, it means a little bit more sleep for mommy. Here we are eating in our porch outside or lunch, the kids want to play ball so I decided to stay out here with them so I can watch them at the same time. It is so hot right now in Florida you can really feel the spring goodbye winter. I'm not feeling good today my colds keep coming back and I don't really like it. Yesterday we attend on our daughter award ceremony for student of the month and I got some pictures that I will share with you soon! anyway I have a lots of pending task that I need to do so chikka more later okay thanks....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I don't know what to cook last night so hubby decided to get some Chinese take out for dinner. We like Chinese food anyway so that's what we have for dinner, when you cook everyday you get to the point that your out of idea what to make. That's why we end up get some take out or eating out sometimes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thinking Back

Before when were living in Orlando Florida, we owned our house and we never tried to get an equity loan out of that house for years until the September 11th disaster happened and my Hubby’s overtime pay got cut off. Since we just had our first baby and we needed extra cash, we decided to get a loan. The process was very quick, the only thing that I was mad about is that when they did the home appraisal, they told us that we had to pay $300 and they will pay us back. But when the loan was finalized, all of the promises that they gave us about a free appraisal was a big lie. They never reimbursed us. Now I know if I ever we get a loan like that again, people will offer anything to get your business such as a free appraisal. Next time, I’ll be very careful and try to make sure that I get my money back. Lately the only thing that interests me is auto loans, for the time when we get extra money and I get my new car hehehe! That’s why I’ve been reading auto loan articles once in awhile to see what’s new.

Playing Ball in the Backyard

After we do our egg hunting last weekend, we start playing football and volleyball in the backyard and the we have fun. Until Ian got hit in the face with the ball hahahah! We have to stop coz the boy was crying, my poor baby now every time you pass a ball on him he close his eyes coz he is afraid to get hit again on the face. Here's more pictures for you to see...

Spy Phone

Are you one of many people who like to record all your calls in your home phone?
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Thank You All

My mother with my nephew and niece!

I would like to say thank you to all of you who help me pray for my mother's recovery I really appreciate it all. I just talk to them today and my mother is back to normal now. I'm so happy to hear that she's okay now, I been so stress about it in the last few days good thing god hear our prayers. I don't have much time again to do a lot of stuff in my blog, I have to pick up my daughter. I will continue blog hopping later. Have a good day Guys!

My Princess

My girl is crazy on her new barbie mp3 player she was so happy when her dad bought it for her. Hubby downloaded barbie song on it, I was wondering why she look so tired every morning when she get up. So the next night I went to her bed to check on her about 10pm I was like why she is under the cover its not that cold in here, and when I open the cover I found out that she was still awake with the earphone on her ears listening to her music. I said that's why your so tired when you get up in the morning because of staying up late listening to her barbie music heheheheh what a girl.

Mobile Phones

I was looking for unlocked mobile phone for awhile now. I want to buy two unlocked mobile phone for my parents in the Philippines, and it’s hard to find a brand new one that I like and fit on my budget that’s why I keep on searching online. Until today I found the store that carries brand new unlocked mobile phone its

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was lots of fun for the kids on Saturday night we have fun coloring eggs and stuffing the plastic eggs with chocolate candies. I put a trail of chocolates in the floor and they pick it up all the way to they end and in the end they found there Easter present. The kids really like it. After that we do the egg hunt in our backyard. In the afternoon my friend call me and invite us to join them in a family gathering were the kids can do egg hunting so we decided to go with them and my Mia and Ian was so happy. Here's the picture's.

Student Help

I found out today that my friend decided to go back to school and I was so happy for her. Since she decided to go back to school she needed money for her school expenses. Now she said that she is applying for student loans. She sounds a lot happier these days compare before. I love her she’s been such a good friend to me and I don’t like seeing her sad. I hope that she will get that college loan so that everything is in place for her.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter To All


Hello How y'all doing! Just want to say Happy Easter to all before I go to bed. I'm posting this so late already and I'm still wide awake, just finish talking to my father on the phone and decided to make a post before I go to bed, because tomorrow I'll be so busy with my kids doing egg hunting. today we finish coloring the eggs. I'm going to share some pictures later. My kids will be doing egg hunt on our backyard in the morning and in the afternoon we are going with my friends to do another egg hunt. This will be so much fun for the kids. okidoki guys I'll visit you all soon and take care!!

Finding The Best Web Host!

So many people these days have their own blogs, including me, and I know that so many of us want to have our own domain. Just awhile ago a got my own domain for my fishhookandmore blog and now I am planning on getting another domain for my other blog but I am still thinking about which web hosting to get. I’ve been searching online and I found so many to choose from, like Host Monster, Host Gator and Yahoo Host.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Have a Nice Weekend

Have a nice weekend my friends and thank you all for visiting my little place here online. I'm just cleaning today since my daughter is off at school for Good Friday, I still my colds but its not that bad. My gosh it's late already and I didn't eat anything yet so I better go get something to eat before my kiddos start complaining hehehe!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Automotive Financing

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Hello guys sorry if I haven't visit you since yesterday I have a problem in the Philippines my mother almost have a stroke and right now she is still under medications and the doctor is still watching her really close. I hope she feel better soon and healthy again. For me my hubby have to call sick yesterday he start having fever flu again and now my daughter have it too. What a life ka faet my friends. To all of you who want to exchange link with me I will be adding you all shortly for now hope you understand I have to deal with my family problems especially my mother. I ask you all to help me pray that she will recover with this problem, right now when she talk her mouth is kind a twitch to the side I am really worried about her. I been crying since yesterday because I feel so helpless to myself I want to see her but I cant I'm so far away and have a family here that needs me also. All I can do is support her financially and pray. Take care all of you guys and have a good day!

The Perils of Debt

One important thing that we face everyday on our day to day lives in this world is our financial situation. Some people get into trouble if they give in to temptation and acquire lots of credit cards. The next thing you know you’ll be drowning in debt. So many people, when they don’t know how to pay this debt, look to filing bankruptcy as a first course of action, but this will ruin their credit record for many years. Others will try to find alternative solutions such as Debt Management Plans. For my hubby and I, we always try to avoid getting additional credit cards that we do not need and pay our bills on time. We don’t want to worry everyday thinking about how to pay our debt, so we spend our money wisely because we already know how life is if you have debt. When we relied heavily on our credit card before, we arrived at a point where all we were doing was paying bills every paycheck with nothing left over for other essentials, not to mention family activities. So we started saving money and paying our debt and now I don’t want to go back to that kind of situation.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sweet Dreams


Goodnight y'all and sweet dreams it's kind a late for me already I have to get up early tomorrow. I can't keep my eyes open anymore so I need to go nity nite and start snoring like my babies. Okay guys see you all tomorrow!!!

Hip Hop News

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This family love fishing I think you all know that. You can see more picture of us fishing on my other blog the fishhookandmore. I'm hungry right now I did not cook any food for me hubby just want a soup for dinner and the kids wants macaroni & cheese I really don't like those kind of food hehehee I rather eat rice and dried fish I know some of you think its weird but for me it taste so good.

Hair Loss Solution

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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Little Angels

My two little angels are really growing so past I remember when there so small now both of them is big. My girl is so maarte kikay she like pink so much and my boy hhmmmmm he is so sweet most of the time hehehehe! I have a picture of the two of them on my cellphone that I would like to share with you all here it is.

Good Day To All

I just got home from school I have to get up so early today my daughter have a field trip and I have to fix her lunch bag. Now I feel like I just want to sleep all day hahahahha! But I can't do that got to much pending task that need to be done. I was not feeling good at all last weekend because of my colds it drives me nuts my head was hurting so much plus the sinus. Today I feel a little better, my filipina friend Lenita give me some sweet sticky rice today "BIKO" in short hehehe! That's all for now I have to write more stuff here. Thanks for all the visitors who stop by here everyday.

Online Shopping

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Please read" Looking for my Aunt

I'm just Hoping that some of you is from "Bacolod" Negros occidental mostly in Lacarlota city. Because That is the last place we know that My auntie was around she is the only sister of my mother and we did not see her for almost 30 years now. Her Name is Virginia Orcajo nick name Virgie we hear that she got married there and the last name of her husband is Pilliado and she have 5 kids all boys if you know anything about her please contact me or if you have any idea that can help us find her please let me know. I was so young when she go to bacolod but i remember that she have a mole somewhere on her face and it's big. I have to ask mama where exactly the mole is. If mama still have a picture of my aunt I will be posting it here. Thank you for reading this!

Cleaning My Backyard

I am so tired me and hubby was cleaning our backyard today we fix our fence and cut the grass. It was so hot out there today and windy, tomorrow we have to do the front yard. After cleaning the backyard today we went to the mall and eat at the food court and then just walking around and my girl buy some kikay stuff hehehee! She is such a girly girl, she bought pink earrings and bracelets, After that we stop by at the pretzel place. now I'm here on my bed with my laptop I start having sinus I don't know why maybe because it was too hot outside today and I drink a lots of ice water. Anyway I hope I feel better soon I don't like this my head feels so heavy. Good night guys and thank you all for the visits....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Buying A House

My hubby and I were planning to refinance our mortgage to a lower interest rate with no cash out. So we started searching for a lower interest rate that is just right for us, but all of that searching was a waste of time. We realized that the interest rate that we have now is still the best rate. So we have to keep this one for awhile. My friend called me the other day and she was asking me about mortgages. She wants to buy a house and right now she is in the process of looking for the mortgage rate that fits her budget. This is her first time to buy a house so I told her that she might find a better rate right now since First Time Buyer Mortgages sometimes have better rates, however that still depends on your credit score.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tired Today

I don't know what happen but I feel so tired today I didn't even finish washing clothes. Good thing I have a very wonderful and nice husband in my side, he is cooking dinner right now. He's making our favorite chicken with rice the kids love it so much because the rice is a little saucy. My brain is not working really good today I even have some pending task to write but don't have any energy to do it. Good thing I still have few more days to go before it will expire.

Beautiful Smile

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Good Day To All

I'm planning to bring the kids in Disney world in spring break we miss going to Disney. Before we move here in Jacksonville Florida we live in Orlando Florida and both of my kids was born in Arnold Palmer hospital. My hubby work at Disney before at engineering department as a planned work specialist and we can just go to Disney anytime we want to go no need to pay. After 28 years of my hubby working at Disney he decided to retired and look for another job and that's how we end up here in Jacksonville he got a much better pay compare to Disney. We still can go to Disney because it's only 3hours away from us.

In the Picture is me and hubby with mickey hubby receive his award for working at Disney for 25years and I'm pregnant with our little boy on this picture.

Storage Building

Me and my husband is been looking for a storage building to put in our backyard. I’m tired of my garage being so full of stuff all the time I want to be able to park my car inside my garage but I can’t do that because my garage become a storage room since we move here in our new house. Maybe I need a carport or buy metal building so I can put all my junk in it instead of putting in my garage.

My hubby agree with me on this idea to by storage building for our stuff, I was browsing around today and find this nice company that carries a backyard garages and carports I like the design of their product like the steel buildings, metal buildings even RV storage they have it. I like the carports they have, their engineers build it to last long and can stand on wind loads up to 150mph and snow loads up to 55psf. have the strongest carport on the market today.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I would like to say thank you to my very sweet friend Lily for sharing this awards for me. It's been awhile that she give me this award and i just have a time now to post it. Hope you guys understand being a mommy and a stay home wife is hard sometimes to many things that need to be done everyday.

I would like to share this award to Daff, Lalaine, Vivien and Sheng.

Termites Problem

I still remember when the house of my aunts is almost destroy buy a termite good thing they notice it right away and save the house from those termite. I remember back home when the flying termites will fly right inside our house and at night my parents will put a big bucket of water and put a light on it the flying termites will then dive right in the water. I don’t know if that idea is very effective but me and my siblings sure have fun watching it. There is a website that can help you how to get rid of those flying termite and they provide plenty of information’s regarding termites. Visit

International Women's Day

To my dearest friend Joy thank you very much for making these very nice award and for sharing it with me!!!

A woman has strength that amaze men.
She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens.
She holds happiness, love, and opinions.
She smiles when she feels like screaming.
She sings when she feels like crying,
cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid.
Her love is unconditional!
There's only one thing wrong with her,
She sometimes forgets what she is worth...

I would like to pass this to every woman who didn't have this award yet.

Happy Birthday

Today is my older sister's Birthday " Siya ang kamagulangan namo pero siya pod pina ka gamay" I love my sister she is such a hard working mom. I hope to see her soon just need to save up some more money for the vacation so I can spend time with them again. I miss my family so much it's been 3 years now since the last time I visited Philippines. Here's a picture of her.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eating Time

I don't know what to cook for dinner tonight, so I go through my freezer and found a sausage and shrimp. So i decided to cook it together it's easy and no stress of thinking how to cook it hehehehee! My son like shrimp and sausage so is my girl this way i don't need to cook any especial dish for the kids. My daughter have one request she want me to make some mash potatoes no problem my girl. okay guys I have to take care of the kiddos I'll be back later thanks for all the visits!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pop- Ups

I was doing my rounds today and I notice that there's a lots of blog that have tons of pop-ups and most of the time they don't go away just keep coming. I don't know if your aware with this but please check your blog, and if for some reason you see pop-ups on my blog please let me know so I can fix it. This pop-ups is so annoying, Right now, I always make sure my anti virus is working right, so many viruses on those pop-ups.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Today is Saturday and I go to the flea market again to buy vegetables and the place where I buy my veggies, they also have a lots of mango just like the mango in the Philippines. You know when we see this kind of fruit in the US it makes us excited and want to bring it home right away and that's what I do, I buy one whole box. My son love to eat mango, So when we got home my little boy eat 2 of the mango and he said it's so yummy mommy... Here's some picture for you my friends " Palaway Laway" hehehehe

Caribbean Vacation

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Weekend

Wow it's Friday already and over here in Jacksonville Florida is so rainy my gosh it's like 8pm no sun and dark outside. I just got home from dropping my daughter off to school, and now it's like there's hurricane outside just to stormy Mr. sunny didn't come out at all today. Have a wonderful weekend all of you my friends....


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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nity, Nite

Good Night everyone I need to go to bed now I have to get up early tomorrow and I really need to get some good night sleep. I'll see you all tomorrow I'll be doing my rounds and thank you very much for visiting me here. Sweet dreams everyone!!!

My Daughter

Remember yesterday my daughter bring a clover leaf from school I ask the teacher about it today, she said the reason why she have to decorate it because they put it in the big board for "Student Of The Month" right in the entrance of the school. My little girl didn't even know that she is student of the month heheheh! Me and hubby is so proud of our daughter she is really doing wonderful at school.

Online Games

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Girly Girl!

My Little girl come home today with a home work she suppose to put her picture on the paper clover leaf and decorate it. So I have to take a picture of her so we can put it on the leaf and her it is I would like to share it with all of you guys. Oh! my boy want to pose too!So have fun hehehehee

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Night

Good night everyone and sweet dreams I'm waiting for my two kiddos to finish to eat their strawberries and we go to bed. I bought a whole box of strawberry because it was so cheap I only pay 5$ dollars for a whole box. now my son doesn't want to stop eating it. Strawberry is one of his favorite fruit. Okay enough talking about stawberry I need to get ready to bed here's a picture for you to see.....

Best Deals

My friend is been planning to buy a new auto insurance policy but she still can't decide which one. She asked me to look around for a better one for her since I'm always online. So I said okay, I will look around for you. Most of the day today I had been trying to find one that fits her budget, and I found one website that has really good offers. So I called her and I told her about it. She came over to my house and we talked about it.

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Good Afternoon

Finally the set of furniture that hubby bought is been delivered today. My Ian is already jumping on it hehehehe! MY kids is like a monkey they climb up in all our furniture's I guess they got it from me. The different is in the Philippines there's a lot of tree to climb like my favorite the coconut tree hahahahaaa I'm good on climbing coconut tree, over here none that's why they use the furniture to climb on. Anyway we just got home from school and it was very hard for me to drive the rain was just very strong can't hardly see the road, Thank god we got home safe....

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our Weekend

Here's a picture of our kids when we go fishing, Ian is so busy eating snacks while my Mia is being so patient and waiting for a fish bite on her line. The end of the day Mia catch a little fishy and Ian catch a blue crab....

Hawaii Vacation

A couple of years ago my friend and her son went to Hawaii for a vacation and they really enjoyed their stay. So since then I have been wanting to visit Hawaii and experience it for myself, like going to the beach, go fishing, scuba divingand visiting the pineapple plantations. It will be great. I still have to save up some money for the trip. Today I was searching for a place for us to stay when we visit and found several places like Hawaii Vacation Home Rentals, Maui Vacation Vacation Rentals and the Kauai Vacation Rentals. I’m interested in these rental places because while you’re on vacation, you can feel at home at the same time.

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To all my Filipino friends I went to the flea market last Sunday and I was so happy when I see the kaymito or star apple fruit and I have to get some because it's been years I never see one of this. So when I got home right away I open one and here's a picture of it, I pay 3$ each for this fruit. Back home we have a lot of star apple tree, over here my god it is so expensive but no choice but to buy some since I want this fruit so much just remind me back home in Philippines.

Affordable Life Insurance

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Good Day

How's everybody doing,Sorry I didn't have any updates here during the weekend I was spending time with my family. Today is Monday I'm back in my normal day again which is wake up early get the kids ready for school and come back home and do my blogging hehehehee! today I also have to wash some clothes and more things to do around the house. I better go now and start my day already. See y'all later and thank you for the visit take care...