Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thinking Back

Before when were living in Orlando Florida, we owned our house and we never tried to get an equity loan out of that house for years until the September 11th disaster happened and my Hubby’s overtime pay got cut off. Since we just had our first baby and we needed extra cash, we decided to get a loan. The process was very quick, the only thing that I was mad about is that when they did the home appraisal, they told us that we had to pay $300 and they will pay us back. But when the loan was finalized, all of the promises that they gave us about a free appraisal was a big lie. They never reimbursed us. Now I know if I ever we get a loan like that again, people will offer anything to get your business such as a free appraisal. Next time, I’ll be very careful and try to make sure that I get my money back. Lately the only thing that interests me is auto loans, for the time when we get extra money and I get my new car hehehe! That’s why I’ve been reading auto loan articles once in awhile to see what’s new.

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