Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hello guys sorry if I haven't visit you since yesterday I have a problem in the Philippines my mother almost have a stroke and right now she is still under medications and the doctor is still watching her really close. I hope she feel better soon and healthy again. For me my hubby have to call sick yesterday he start having fever flu again and now my daughter have it too. What a life ka faet my friends. To all of you who want to exchange link with me I will be adding you all shortly for now hope you understand I have to deal with my family problems especially my mother. I ask you all to help me pray that she will recover with this problem, right now when she talk her mouth is kind a twitch to the side I am really worried about her. I been crying since yesterday because I feel so helpless to myself I want to see her but I cant I'm so far away and have a family here that needs me also. All I can do is support her financially and pray. Take care all of you guys and have a good day!

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Lalaine said...

HI Angel..I'm sorry to hear that your mother is sick..I know how it feels whenever our loved ones experience sickness ug naa ta sa's true we feel helpless gyd ky layo man ta..but let's be reminded of God who can do miracles and can heal the sick. I pray that your mother can experience God's healing. Ayaw ug kabalaka's an opportunity for us to TRUST God that HE can do all things. God bless! Hope all will be well in your house too. Take care ha?