Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spy Phone

Are you one of many people who like to record all your calls in your home phone?
Then you need to checkout purplegoods.com. The phone-007 is a web-connected device that is great for people who want to record all their calls. When this phone starts to record you will also get a notification via sms or call to the number you set.

This phone is very affordable and it’s so useful. For example, if you have teenagers, you know that they like to hog the phone talking to their friends and sometimes you don’t know who they are talking to! Nowadays you have to be alert because there are so many psychos all over the place, especially online. This phone can help you track what your teenager is up to, simply and easily, because this phone will record all of their calls without the user knowing that the calls were recorded. For parents that have little ones you can also use this phone as a baby monitor. So visit purplegoods.com and you can start using your phone-007 today.

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