Monday, March 31, 2008

Plasma Wall Bracket

When we moved here in our house last year, my hubby and I decided to mount our 50-inch Plasma TV on the wall above our fire place. We thought it would be easy since the plasma looked fairly light. Boy, were we wrong! It weighs a lot. The biggest problem we had was how to mount it on the wall above the mantle of our fire place.

My hubby and I had to stand on the top of two ladders while we lifted up the TV. My God it was so heavy, we almost dropped it a couple of times. I sweated like crazy, not to mention all the shaking in my arms. We found out later that it weighs over 100 pounds. But in the end we managed to put it up exactly where we wanted it. It was a good thing that my hubby bought a very strong bracket to hold it up against the wall. Now we are planning to get another Plasma TV for our living room and I told my hubby to buy the TV Wall Bracket at They have a great selection of high quality brackets at a great price. Check them out the next time you need a bracket for your Plasma or LCD TV.

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