Monday, August 30, 2010

Buying A House

My friend is planning to buy a house now that the house prices has gone down. She already start to look around and so far she did not find the house that she wanted yet. I hope that it's still near me so I can visit her and she can visit me once in a while. It would be nice if we are neighbors, but there is no far sale houses here in our street.

She told me that her friend in Texas is also checking out the Dallas Homes for Sale. I have a few friends live in Texas and one of them already bought a house there. If you need help in finding a new home in Texas? Visit Dallas Real Estate to see the Dallas Homes For Sale listing. Here is their website so you can check it out

I need to get off here for now. I have to pick up the kids from school I don't want them to wait for so long.

NC Apartments

I have a lot of friends that live in apartment and they like it a lot. They told me that don't need to worry about the yard work. If you are looking for Apartment in Durham, NC just visit They can help you find a new home for you and your family. Don't waste time driving around just sit down and relax and go to They make finding for Apartments in North Carolina a lot easier for you. So check out their website today.

Living in apartment really save you lot of time working on the yard. I remember when we live in the condominium the first few months we move here. I did not worry about any yard work and it was a nice experience for us. but then we move to a house after a few months living in a condo. Then the yard work begins. We have to make sure that we cut our grass to keep up with the neighborhood. Then of course a trip to the store to buy new plants. Good thing I love planting, so I enjoyed what I was doing during that time.

Monday Once Again

My Monday started really good the kids did not give me hard time this morning. I gave them bath and got them ready for school with no stress. So happy when my day started nice, everyone is very cooperative. My boy woke up happy not moody. When I dropped them off to school today my son ask me again if I can come to lunch. Well, I have to see if I get done with my work here in the house then maybe.

I already explain to him that if mommy not going to make it there on lunch time, that means mommy is so busy at home working. He reply to me okay mommy! What a nice boy. He was a little sad again today but did not cry just a little red eyes. I almost forgot today is the day that his homeroom teacher will finally be there. I think I should go to the school for lunch so I can meet his teacher.

Fireplace Gas Logs

We are heading to fall once again and I can't wait for it. It's just too hot this summer that I want it to cool down already. Hubby and I are looking for a Ventless Gas Logs for our fire place. Since we bought the house we never use our fireplace, the fireplace is pretty new never been use. We are looking at Hansen Wholesale Gas Logs their prices are very affordable. In the coming month we need to decide which one we have to purchase. For now I am just reading about the Gas Log FAQs.

The kids told us that they want to see our fireplace have a fire on it this coming winter. Hubby is now in the process of figuring things out. He is trying to figure out how to connect everything inside there. Anyway has the lowest price We found so far, all their gas logs is by R. H. Peterson gas logs. They are the first dealer to display gas logs on the Internet as far back as 1994. So if you are looking for a gas logs for your fireplace, is the right place for you to go.

Get your Robert H. Peterson gas logs today and save money. Just click the link at the top and it will take you to their website. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Still Washing

I am multitasking in here talking to the phone with my friends and washing clothes. Now blogging and waiting for the clothes to be dry. Do you love to play golf? Then visit Book your trip today at 48 hour tee times you can visit their site now and pick your tee times. Their prices are so affordable and easy to book. So what are you waiting for? check out their website today.

I have to let my friend know about the website so he can also check it out. For me and hubby we love to fish almost every weekend. Anyway I am heading to the school again today to join my little boy for lunch. He is still a little sad when mommy turn her back and go back to the car. He is such a baby. I am hoping that he will have new friends soon. He is so shy to do the first move and I notice that most of his classmates are so quiet also.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Homework are Done

Kids homework are done, now it's my turn to do my own homework lol. I am just waiting for hubby to be home so we can go to the store. We need to do a little grocery shopping when he gets home. I am out of bread and he is out of soda. I have the kids home now and they are so quiet in their own bedrooms. I guess that is good for me so I can concentrate blogging here without interruptions.

I had a pretty good salad for lunch today. My very own salad creation and it is spicy dressing on it. I can't eat my salad without spicy stuff on it. I am crazy on spicy foods:) Anyway I need to get the kids ready before hubby arrive. I like to go to the store with him so I can have back up if the kids doesn't listen hehehe.

Raining Season Is Here

It rains here in Florida almost every day now. I like it when I am not doing any outdoor stuff. But if we are out and it rains, it really mess up our day. Anyway we need the rain for our grass since it is turning brown because of the high heat temperature. I remember in the Philippines we always have a rain barrels to save rain water. We use it to water our plants. Water barrel is really good for people who live in a small villages. They can save water to wash clothes and also for the animals and plants.

Around September is the most rain we have in the place where I grow up. So we are having like a rain harvesting on that month. But the best thing is that all the kids in the neighborhood gather around and play in the rain. I love to play in the rain when I was a kid my friends and I like to watch the river become so big and then it start to flood. Behind my grandmother's house is a river sometimes we watch the flood from upstairs.

If you are looking for rain water barrels just visit They have a huge selections of water barrels. I saw a rain barrels for sale the other day at the store but I did not like the look. At their rain water barrel is so nice and you can use it as a decorations in your garden. I love all the shapes and designs that they have.

Is It Time To Renew?

Is it time for you to renew your - web hosting? If so visit They can help you with your web hosting needs. For me I need to renew my web host in about 4months. Right now I don't have to worry about it yet. For those of you who is are looking for a web hosting visit the

Also check out the reviews on their website. Anyway I am going to the school today to have lunch with my little boy. He was so emotional when I drop him off to school this morning. He didn't know that I followed him in the hall way. I found him holding his book in front of his face and he was crying so much. Hew is my baby so he really gets so sad when it's time for me to go home. I feel so bad for my little baby. So I have to get ready and meet him for lunch.

Love It

I love the flowers that hubby gave me on our anniversary. He knows that I love flowers so much he makes me so happy. We had so much fun on the 8 days that he was off from work. We did a lot of fishing trips. We both enjoy fishing that is the only hobby that we have lol.

We really love to fish so since yesterday was the last day of his vacation we went fishing in the canoe. We had so much fun catching a lot of fish. Also it was a quiet trip since the kids are at school.

I Am Back

After one whole week of vacation I am back here online. Hubby took a week vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had so much fun I have a lot of pictures to share. Now the kids is been back to school. My son doesn't like to get up in the morning he is always cranky. Both of them are doing good at school. My daughter is so good she got up so early everyday. Sometimes I am still snoring and she is already walking around in here bedroom.

Hubby is back to work and I am back here too. Now I have to go back to all my routine including the exercise part. I haven't do my exercise for almost two weeks. So starting today I am back to that routine. Also I been checking my weight the whole time that I did not do my exercise and I am happy to say that I did not gain any weight.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deadly Women

The article written by Geraldo Russo

Investigation Discovery broadcasts my Favorite True Crime TV Show on satellite tv from Best Choice TV called Deadly Women. This show has me in awe every time I watch it. The narrator of this show has a very eerie voice that is a perfect match for what the show is about. This show is strictly about female killers that kill for many reasons. There are women killing their husbands, killing to be killing. There is child killers and even senior citizen killers. These are the most notorious women I have ever seen. I like the way the show takes you back to the beginning of the female killer that they are covering. It is hard for me to be anyone could be so cold especially women. This show has me on my toes every time I watch it and I cannot get enough. It's a version of snap but with a more deadly twist. Every week I am at my television waiting to see what these women have done next. I just cannot get enough of this show and wish I could see it more often.

Friday, August 20, 2010

We Have To Clean

We need to clean up tomorrow before doing anything else. I have to clean out wooden blinds in the windows at the breakfast nook. I hate cleaning blinds it takes forever but I have to do it. I am going to make my two kiddos to help me clean tomorrow. Thankfully both of my kids are so helpful. I just have to watch them when they are cleaning next to the glass stuff. You know kids they can break stuff sometimes. I also have a lot of laundry to wash goodness me so much to do.

I will be back in my normal exercise routine once they are back to school. I can also get their bedrooms clean. We have to get up early tomorrow to unload the truck. We still have all the fishing gear from the boat yesterday. We are so tired last night that we just want to go to sleep and relax. Then today we went out all day forgot that we have to unload the truck because we used my car today. Then hubby just remember now. Good thing there is nothing to go bad in there. We took the fish out last night and left the rest in there.

Me Time

Picture time and this time its me. I am going to bed early tonight I have to get back on my normal routine. The kids are going back to school on Monday so we need to be in bed before 9pm. We meet their teachers today and the kids are so happy to see them. We also visited their teachers from last year. Both are still so shy and want to hide on our back the whole time.

I can't believe how shy my kids are. I hope it will change soon. We also saw my friend and her kids today. We are ready to go back to school we got the car tag today for car riders.

Vacation Time

My friend and her family is going to do a quick weekend vacation. So today we look for the best place to visit near us. We even check out She told me that she is going to check out Myrtle Beach hotel reservations. It is a lot closer to us so they can just drive so early tomorrow and drive back on Monday morning.

I hope she can find the best Myrtle Beach Accommodations so they can have a lot of fun. She has to discuss it with her husband first. She was so excited about it though I told her to take a bunch of pictures. Right now I am waiting for her to call me. She said after she talk to her husband she will give me a phone call.

Local Search

We just got the local yellowpages today in our front door. I still like it because I can use it if I want to do a local search. It seems to find it there a lot faster. But I also use online a lot. When I look for local restaurants I always look for a new one near us. The is one place to go if you want to search locally.

I am so tired today we spend most of the day shopping. My feet is killing me now I wore my high hills and we walk so much. My daughter wore her new shoes and guess what she got blisters on the back of her feet. She was complaining half way through because it was hurting her so much. So I end up stopping at Justice and bought her a flip flop. She pick a pink flip flop with a peace sign on the top lol. She is crazy about it.

My Homemade Pizza

A photos of my homemade pizza looks so yummy and taste so yummy for real. Hubby and the kids love it. I made two big pizza and we almost eat it all. The longest part of making pizza is making the dough. I use my bread machine to do it so I can do something else while waiting for the dough to be done.

Then comes the fun part making the dough into circle. Kids like to help me roll the dough. After we got the toppings it only takes 10 minutes to cook it. For the kids I always use the Alfredo sauce my daughter is so picky she doesn't like her pizza with the red sauce.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Student Help

We are just counting the days before the school start. I called the school yesterday and they said that they send out mails yesterday for us to find out who will be our kids teacher. My daughter waited patiently for the mail man to arrive. When she check the mail she was a little disappointed because there is no mail from school. I just told her that I am pretty sure it will arrive tomorrow.

Speaking of school have you check out It is an Online tutoring for your student to get Chemistry help, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Sometimes we need help and online tutoring is the way to do it. All you need is computer. When you need Statistics help or looking for Math answers you can rely on them to help you.

Visit for a Free math tutoring online. Get your homework done with no stress by getting the help you need at My kids back pack are ready to go. There will be an orientation on Friday. The kids are looking forward to have a nice teacher this year.

Today Was A Busy Day

Today was a very busy day for me I was busy in and out the house. First stop in the morning I did my normal thing I log in to my computer to see if any work are waiting for me. I was so happy to see that there are a lot of work waiting for me. But then I have to get up cook for the kids meal. Then back to the computer check my FB then got up again to clean the sink.

After I cleaned up the sink I start preparing my ingredients to make cake for our anniversary tomorrow. While the cake is in the oven I make my frosting. after 30 minutes the cake was done so I told the kids to dress up because we are going to the store. Ready to go the store when we open the front door the sun was so bright and it's too hot. I started the car and let the air conditioning run to cool the car down. While waiting for the car to cool down the kids and I stay in the shade on the side of our house.

Then finally the car is nice and cold. We hit the road and we arrive at the store in no time. We begin shopping and I pick up something for hubby for our anniversary. I also pick up a card for him. Then when we are approaching our drive way we saw that hubby was home already. When I look at the clock man we spend so much time at the store lol. It was already late and I did not have any thing cook for dinner yet. So I hurried to the kitchen and make chicken adobo and pork humba a Filipino dish that my family love.

We had our dinner and hubby watch TV while I was watching my Filipino show in my computer. We had a nice and quiet night tonight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Laptop Battery

Finally the original battery of my laptop has died:(... It won't charge anymore. So hubby got me a new battery and I am so thankful to him. Now I can go in the bedroom with my laptop without turning it off and on. I love my laptop and I can't go anywhere without it lol. It's like a custom laptop made just for me. Its not new anymore but super reliable never have problem with it.

I am attach to my laptop lol. Get your Howard custom computers today at It would be so wonderful if I have one on those custom computers. Maybe I have to put it on my wish list. You never know one day soon I will own one. Anyway Super late now and I'm still wide awake. I better get off here now and go to bed. Have a god night everyone!

We Need A Relaxing Get Away

Hubby and I has been browsing around tonight on where we can go for a little vacation. It's our wedding anniversary this week and kids last week of summer vacation. So we want to go somewhere, but still can't decide. We look at Myrtle Beach hotel and browse around on It is close where we live so for now that is our first option. The kids are excited about this plan and so are we.

We also check out Myrtle Beach best hotels and tomorrow is the decision day. We decided to think it over tonight and decide tomorrow. Tomorrow will find out where we going. I really can use a vacation because after this week will be work and deal with the school and homework.

I will be back on the road so early in the morning next week to drop the kids off to school. My car is been sitting in the drive way a lot on summer. Next week is back to the road again. It would be nice to stay in Myrtle beach resort and play golf with my family. We shall see tomorrow.

Pizza For Dinner

We had pizza for dinner and I think I over ate again. I made a homemade pizza for dinner tonight it was a lot of work making the dough, but it come out great. I am glad that hubby and the kids like it. I will be sharing the picture later I have to download it into my laptop. Now that the dinner is done it's time for me to clean the kitchen.

My favorite part of the house is my kitchen. I love to cook and try new recipes. That is probably why I am not losing all this extra pounds that I have lol. I am trying hard to lose weight but it seems so hard. I am happy with my weight now, but I want to lose at least 20 more pounds if I can.

Going To The Store

I need to go to the store later to buy some clothes for the kids. I also have to get a card for hubby. While in there I want to look for stemware rack or bar glass racks. My uncle ask me if I can send him one. I hope I can find it in the store where I'm going. I already look online at I saw hanging wine glass rack and I really like it. If I cannot find one at the store i have to order it online.

The kids are so busy playing so I guess I am going to the store alone. Good I can have quiet time by myself at the store. I don't need to chase the kids around at the store. They like to play around in the store and most of the time they don't listen lol. So I can use a me time.

Wedding Coins

After almost 12 years of marriage I still have our wedding coins with me. I put it in a very safe place. We have the silver coins and we treasure it until now. On my sisters wedding they have the gold coins. Two more days hubby and I will celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary. I am excited to watch our wedding video. We do this every year we watch our wedding video with our kids.

I am planning to make a nice dinner for us on that day. But I don't know if hubby have some other plans to do. He will be off from work most of the days this week so we can have a quiet time together without him thinking work. Also this is the last week of summer vacation for the kids. Next Monday the school will start. Anyway if you want to purchase gold or silver coins visit

Sunday, August 15, 2010

3 More Days

We are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary in three days. Wow hubby and I can't believe that it's been a blissful 12 years already. It seems like we just said I do yesterday lol. I am so happy with him, he makes me feel so special everyday. He is indeed the best husband in the whole world for me. We love each other more and more everyday and I am so thankful to god for giving me a husband like him.

I have beautiful and happy family. I couldn't ask for more. We have a lot to be thankful for and I am looking forward of a lifetime of wonderful memories together. I love you so much honey bunch!!!

Quiet Day

Had a very quiet day at home today. We did not go anywhere since the rain was present again. The family had a movie marathon. Now it's almost bed time again and tomorrow is back to work for hubby. A week from tomorrow the kids will start to go back to school. Anyway if you need help on Debt Settlement visit They can help you with your financial problems. A friend of mine was looking forward to a Debt Negotiation and she is hoping to get Debt Relief. I hope that everything will be okay with her.

I am excited to see the new shows starting tomorrow. Last week two of my favorite show was over and I am a little sad about it. But its okay because there are a lot of new shows coming. Tomorrow is back to reality again weekend went by so fast. We had three day weekend with hubby and we had so much fun.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smoke Salmon

I am craving on smoke salmon tonight after I saw the picture above. We had smoke salmon last week and now I want to have some again lol. What can I do it's my favorite.:) I might have to send hubby to the store tomorrow to pick up some. I love anything salmon so if you feed me salmon all day it's fine with me hehehe.

I want to eat something for snack right now, but when I look at the time it's way late. I can't have anything after 8pm. So I end up drinking water. Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow my friends!

What A Rainy Day

Rain is what we need for our grass and today we got it. The good thing is that the rain stop on time for us to go walking and biking. Speaking of rain I look around today for a rain chains. I was curious when my friend told me that she bought a chains rain. So I visited I saw a lot of different design in their website and they look so cute.

There is one rain chain that I really like I even show it to hubby and he said it looks nice. Now I want hubby to buy me at least a couple of those rain chains for my garden area. Anyway It's getting late now and my eyes is ready to go nighty night.

I have to go and check the kids in their bedroom. I hope that they're already asleep so I can go to bed too. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Credit Score

This is the best time to buy a house in our area. I look at the houses around our neighborhood and I was surprise how much the prices went down. Most of the people just left their house because they can't afford it anymore. I am wondering how that is going to affect their credit scores. I received a phone call from a friend the other day and she told me that they are moving out on their house. I was so kind a shock when she told me that.

She has a huge two story house and the land is also big. I asked her what happen and she told me that they can't afford the payment anymore. I feel sad about it good thing they don't have any kids. It's a lot harder when you have kids and suddenly you lost your home. Anyway I also want to visit and see what is our credit score. Sometimes life is hard but we just have to keep on going.

I Feel Great

I had a wonderful day today with the family. We went to the mall and do some shopping. The kids had fun going out today. We end up in the mall since it was a rainy day. Then we end our day with a 3mile walk and a 3 mile bike ride. It was so much fun doing it with my family. When I go run by myself It seems so far. But today with hubby and the kids it seems so near.

Now I feel great and looking forward to do it again tomorrow. I hope that they will join me again. Anyway I got the kitchen clean up and now time to sit down and relax. I have some task that need to be done online, but it seems like my lazy butt strike once again lol. I need to finish the task so I can completely relax and not thinking about it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School Style with Savings Online

Guest post written by Mikel Trevino

Shopping for school clothes doesn't have to be expensive. Even if you are doing most of your clothing shopping online with hughes net internet service, you can stretch your dollars and find the cutest clothes. There are so many online stores to take a look at. If you are looking for basic trendy clothes, take a look at JCpenney's or Sears website. Look at the clearance section first and then look for sales they are having. Consider picking up the order of clothes in person at the store. It saves you time.

Get some of your sweaters, hoodies, and tees in one store, and then pick up skirts, or leggings and jeans at another store. Some stores like Wet Seal, are slightly edgier than Sears. Use satellite internet to get online and go to some of these web stores.

Other ways to get school clothing if you are okay with thrift shopping is to look on craigslist and look at the free section for teen clothing. Or look up tees, boots and skirts and see what someone else may not need anymore. You'll still find tees to layer or cami's and cropped tank tops to put together.

Family Adventure

The photos above was taken in a hiking trail near us. We love to go there and hike, the kids love to hang or climb on tree branches that's hanging side ways. We also saw a bunch of wild animals.

We are hoping to go back in there again when the weather start to cool down. Right now its just too hot to hike out there. The weather is over 100 degrees almost everyday. Once the weather will cool down we are heading that way to enjoy the nature.

Credit Repair

While I was doing my ran today around the neighborhood I notice a lot of for sale houses. The economy still bad and I feel bad for those people who lost their home. There are a lot of people nowadays that have a credit problem. But also you can get your credit repair and rebuild it again. Here is one website that you can visit to start your credit repair it's

For me if there is a way to fix my credit I would get help. But thankfully I don't need to fix my credit yet. So if you or someone you know need help on their credit problems. Just they can help you rebuild your bad credit. It is always good to know that there is a help when you need them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Water Is Fun

One of the best part that my kids love during camping is the stream next to the camp ground. My son couldn't resist that water everyday. He can stay there all day if we let him. Even the water is so cold in the morning he still go in it. It was his first time to see and play on the stream.

Both of our kids want to go back in Virgina next summer lol. We have to see if we can. I love camping in the mountain it just perfect and the weather is really really awesome. Cold at night and the day time is just wonderful except the rain hehehe.

Online Tutoring

School is going to start again soon. Last year our daughter had a math and reading FCAT and she did really good. I did not worry about Math help because hubby is always there to help her. But for those of you who don't have time to help your kids there is online tutoring to help you. is the right place to go when you need Algebra help, Fraction and Calculus help. This is also a good place for the college student that need help on math. It is so hard to help the kids with their homework if both parents are busy on their jobs. That is why is there to help you. Now you know where to go when you need Homework help for your kids. They also offer live chat for a quick answer to your questions.

Get the help you need on this coming school year at Got a Math problems don't worry they can help you with that. Visit their website today and try out the free demo that they're offering. I am hoping that this school year will be a lot easier for both of my kids. So far both of them are excited to go back to school.

Anyway I am waiting for the letter from school, the kids can't wait to find out who is their teacher. Maybe we will receive it next week.

Multiple Sclerosis

Do you or someone you know have Multiple Sclerosis? Visit today for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms & Diet Guide. Their website is very informative and can help you understand the disease better. So if you want to know more about this disease, visit their website and read the useful articles that they have. It must be so hard for the family who has this kind of problem. You can also check out the Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms & Exercise Guide.

It is always good to have this kind of information when you need it. Their website is a good place to visit when you have this kind of disease. You will find a lot of useful information regarding multiple sclerosis on their website. Anyhow we visited my friend today she just had a baby. It was so nice to see her and the little baby, he is so adorable.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Basmati Rice with Curry Chicken

The other night we had basmati rice with curry chicken. Hubby and the kids love it. It's absolutely delicious. I just want to share the picture with you guys. It's so late in here now and I can't keep my eyes open. So After I post this one I am going to bed. Kids are snoring already and so is hubby. So I guess this is good night! Sweet dreams my friends....

Kitchen Floor

I really want to change our flooring in the kitchen, but first we have to save some money for it. I want to put a Tiles in the whole kitchen floor that way it's easy for me to clean it. This old linoleum that we have right now is so hard to keep it clean. So today I check out They have a lot of nice looking tiles in their website. I really love the circle motion solar blend glass tile.

My friend just bought a Subway tiles for her bathroom. I hope I can do the same soon on my kids bathroom. Anyway At they are offering a free shipping right now in every order. I have to show hubby this website because they have a lot of design in there that I really like. Plus we can save on shipping since it's free. I have to spread the words to my friends who are planning to put a tiles on their home.

Visit today and while in there check out their clearance sale. The price for their tiles is so affordable. They also have a tips on how to choose the best glass tiles and more. Now I am also thinking about looking for bathroom tiles for the master bathroom. If you are looking for tiles just click on the link above and it will take you to the right place.

Dinosaur Sandwich

My son had his dinosaur sandwich for his lunch today. I was a little surprise because the plate was empty in no time. He eat a lot but still he is so skinny. So hubby and I is been telling him to eat more, so now he is eating more and snacking more. I took this picture yesterday he was in the mood for picture taking. Notice his hair? I was so upset with that! Lol I made a mistake when I cut his hair the other day. So it end up like that... He was happy about his hair, but not mommy:( Hubby said it's okay it will grow in a couple of weeks

Good thing my son like it otherwise I will be crying for a week lol. I was trying to make a new hair style on him and I messed up. For 5 years that I been cutting his hair, this is the first time that I was so disappointed on the result hahaha.

Helpful Kids

My kids help me a lot on cleaning the house today. Then hubby put all the garbage out for the garbage man tomorrow. Now it's time for everybody to relax tomorrow is another day. Next job for me is the laundry. I did not go on my treadmill today I was so busy to do other stuff. So tomorrow I have to double my exercise. I think I need to visit I am wondering what is inside the top 10 diet myths exposed.

Anyway I had a grilled chicken salad tonight. It was really good and yummy. Hubby and the kids had barbecue chicken and sweet potato fries. Now everybody is stuff and happy. Kids have to go to bed early tonight. We have to go to my friends house tomorrow to visit her and her new baby.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My New Nephew

I would like to share to everybody the picture of my new nephew. He is so cute that I just want to hold him and give him a big kiss. He sure look like my little brother. How I wish I was there to see the newly born baby. This month my other sister in-law will have a baby also. Everybody is excited again because we don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

For me I want it to be a boy because we have enough girls in the family. Anyway I guess anything a boy or girl as long as it's healthy. Have a good night everyone and sweet dreams. Getting tired now so I am going to bed.

Shopping For Shirts

I just went shopping for a new shirts for hubby. I spend over an hour keeps going around the store. I even saw a bunch of funny t-shirts I am sure my brothers would like those shirts. I spend most of my time at the Mens clothing today. I am happy that hubby like all the clothes I got him.

After we had dinner we go for a walk around the neighborhood. The kids was so happy to be outside. My son was so active he just keep on running. Now I can relax and watch my favorite shows. The kids are so quiet they are watching TV with hubby.

Soon will be bed time again and I hope they don't give me hard time on that. They still stay up a little late every night. One night I caught them playing with their ds game. Now I put the ds games in our bedroom every night so they can go to bed early.

Blue Sky

Are you looking for a scrubs or lab coat? Visit they carry nursing uniforms and medical scrubs. Right now they are offering a free shipping, so take this opportunity and go check out everything they have in store for you. My cousin asks me if I can order a blue sky scrubs for her. But I have to wait tell next month when I have money to order it for her.

At you can order the original scrubs or custom scrubs. I have quiet a few nurse friends. So tomorrow I will be sharing this website to them so they can check it out. I love their design and it looks so comfortable to wear. They also offer a gift certificate, so if you have a friend that work in the hospital you can give them a gift certificate as a present.

Cleaning Shrimp

My daughter snap this picture while I am cleaning the shrimp that we bought. We go to the fish market every weekend to buy shrimp. We use shrimp for fishing and also for food. Anyway kids are ready to go back to school. My daughter and I went shopping for new shoes yesterday and she got two pair that she like.

We also grab a new lunch box for her since she doesn't want to eat in the cafeteria anymore. She doesn't like the foods the the school cafeteria serve. While my son like the food that they serve there. So she will be bringing her own lunch everyday and our son will be having his lunch in the school cafeteria.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Grocery Shopping

We went grocery shopping today and it was not fun at all. Having two kids with us while going shopping is not a good idea they always complain and want to go home in every stop lol. They don't like going shopping with us, but we don't have any choice we have to bring them with us. We can't leave them at home alone. I just got done putting everything away. Now it's time for me to eat dinner we just ordered pizza.

Anyway if you have time check out Article Alley. Back to the shopping, I was looking for a nice backpack for my son but did not find any. So tomorrow I have to go to the other store and see if they have the one I’m looking. I want a backpack that last long. My daughter already has a backpack and she like it pink color with flowers on it.

I just hope to find one for my boy tomorrow. I don’t like going out at day time because the sun is super hot. Today was over 100 degrees again and I can’t stand the heat. Have a great weekend everyone! I have to finish my dinner now and watch TV with the family.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Added Rewards Of Praise

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

Filled with anticipation, I pick up the cable tv remote and hit the power button. I just can't wait until the Stellar Awards begin. What will they sing? What praises will they bring? I simply love it! It's a gathering of gospel's greatest, bringing one grand rendition of a praise party. With hosts like Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, and Yolanda Adams, it'll be an incredible time.

Not until the early 1990s, when Kirk Franklin hit the scene did the gospel genre take center stage. It just wasn't commonplace before then. You couldn't turn on your favorite R&B station and hear gospel music and definitely, you couldn't walk into a club and hear it. But today you can hear gospel artists like Marvin Sapp, Smokie Norful, and Hezekiah Walker all sprinkled into the regular rotation of R&B artists. It's great!

Now back to the Stellar Awards. It's fantastic when my favorite artists win, but the live performances are my absolute favorite. When they do live renditions of their songs, adlib just a bit and the Spirit enters in, it's amazing! I'm up on my feet dancing, clapping, and singing. When they become transparent, you see their genuine commitment to God, and you actually feel their heartfelt praise. It's uplifting and fortifying. The Stellar Awards are more than just a show; they are a source of inspiration!

My Sisters

I miss my sisters so much I was so happy to see this picture. My sisters are the one that wear sun glasses. The other two girls are my nieces then the guy is our cousin. I really miss their company and the laughter. Our favorite bonding time is at noon when we gather around to eat a green mango dip in a spicy sauce. My goodness thinking about the mango makes me drool lol.

I am happy that they text me once in a while. But still I miss them a lot. I want to see my new nephew and niece in person.

Planning For Vacation?

Visit if you are planning for a vacation. The Myrtle Beach golf courses are so beautiful. You can relax with the ocean breeze and enjoy at the same time. This is really great for people that love to play golf. If you are interested check out their Myrtle Beach golf packages. It is really nice to go on a vacation when everything is planned and in place, that way you can avoid stress during vacation time.

It is so nice to have a few weeks of pure vacation. The last time we had 3weeks vacation was in 2005. That was long time ago when we visited Philippines. I wish we can do that again soon. First we need the budget before we can plan on anything. I guess someday somehow we have to see:). I need to get the stuff ready for making dinner. So I have to get off in here and be back again later.

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Hubby and the kids favorite homemade chocolate chips cookies. Whenever I make cookies it doesn't last long. There would be no left over for the next day lol. I made it but I don't eat cookies that much I am not a chocolate lover. I only like white chocolate :)... But my kids and hubby like any chocolate.

Right now I am thinking on what to make for dessert for them. Maybe I'll just give them ice cream so I don't need to think hehehe. My little boy is waiting for daddy to be home from work. He is staying in the front door right now waiting, poor baby.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My favorite Awards Show on TV

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I've always been a fan of Soap Opera's. My Mom had been watching them ever since I could remember. I'm not sure if it reminds me of her but til this very day I still watch them. Granted, I don't watch the same shows we used to back then but I still watch them. That's why every year I make it a point to watch the Soap Opera Awards. It's always exciting for me to use the tv I got through direct tv promotions in Indiana and watch my favorite actors/actresses and how they act in real life, as opposed to their fictional characters on my favorite shows.

The best part is not only watching them win, but seeing what they are wearing. I not only love to see the clothes, I like to see the jewelry and hairstyles as well. It's fun to watch each year because the styles are constantly changing.

I get frustrated when an actor or actress I like is up for an award and they don't win. I always question why they didn't win if I like them so much? Then I usually say to myself "Oh well, there's always next year". I remember once their was this actress that I absolutely LOVED and she was nominated for an award for something like 20 years and never one. Thankfully a few years back she finally won.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shark Bite Week

Hubby and the kids are watching the shark bite week. Our daughter is so interested about the stories of shark bites. Now I can see her not going near the water at all. She's always afraid to go near the water. While our little boy like to go in the deeper water. How can I make my son stay away from the water when the mother is in it lol.

Now I am scared to go in the water, after two people is been hospitalize because of the shark bite. I have to think twice now if I go in the water or not. It seems like there are a lot of sharks in the Jacksonville beach nowadays. My daughter said she will just stay in the sand and make sand castle.

Mowed The Grass

I mowed the grass today and now our front and backyard are good. I couldn't wait for hubby to cut it because it's really getting so tall. Now hubby can relax after work and he doesn't need to worry about the grass. I noticed that most of my plants are dead I guess because the weather is been so hot lately. I am thinking of getting those window boxes and start having a garden window boxes. I remember my mother always have a window flower boxes in our house in the Philippines. She likes to plant anything from vegetables to flowers. I remember she had those window boxes planters and she will put a very nice colorful flowers on it.

I have three sisters and our job is to help mom water the plants morning and afternoon. Now my sisters are doing it on their own home. My older sister started with one window box and then later on she have more than one. Then the other two sisters are doing it too. Now I want to start my very own window plant boxes.

I always like to pick a flowers from my older sisters garden back when I was still in the Philippines. Whenever I visit her in her house I always end up in her garden and pick flowers. She told me that she really miss me and now there is nobody picking flowers in her garden anymore. :(

Carrot Cake

Yesterday I made a carrot cake and the whole gang love it. I am not a cake lover it's because of the sweet frosting. But I find a way to make the frosting not to sweet. I used whipped cream and fat free cream cheese frosting. The flavor was perfect for me. I had a slice of cake last night and another one today.

The cake is almost gone now because everybody like it. Hubby had another big slice when he got home today. Now we have less than half of a cake left:) hubby ask me if I write down the recipe that I use because he really like it. I am just so happy that they like it.

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I am watching my two boys here playing wii sports. They are having a lot of fun playing together. But I am having more fun watching them both together. Right now they are playing bowling and every time my son have a strike he dance around and laugh at his dad.

This is so much fun watching hubby playing so serious with his little boy lol. Anyway hope everyone had a good day today. I had a beautiful day today. Our yard is all cleaned the kids can run around in there again without the tall grass.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mango Shake

We had a mango shake after a very hot day outside. Kids love it all the time. Whenever we have mango at home this is what we do. We only use honey mango that we bought at the flea market. The honey mango is also a lot cheaper in the mid summer so I always buy a box.

Tomorrow is Monday again and I don't know what to do with the kids yet. Maybe we will just stay at home tomorrow and relax. We already went out a lot this weekend so right now I can use a break. I think we had enough sun for awhile hehehe!

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone and thank you so much for visiting me here.

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Anyway I am glad that hubby and I don't drink any alcoholic drinks. We are strictly soda and water only lol. I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday. We had fun fishing we caught red fish and the fillet was really good and thick. We are having a fish tomorrow for dinner.

Right now we are having a movie night. I have to get off here and concentrate on watching the movie with my family.


My friend called me the other day to come over to her house because her calamansi tree have so much fruits on it. So I come over and we harvested a whole bag. Now the kids are enjoying the calamansi juice. They call it lemonade but taste a lot better compare to a regular lemonade here in the U.S. hubby even like it.

For the first time in weeks I finally had my nap today. I guess it's because hubby is home and I don't need to worry about the kids exploring the house. I woke up with their noise playing wii. But at least I had a little nap and now I am wide awake.

I am Still doing It

I am still doing my diet and it's not easy to do it. I am still cutting down on my food intake. Getting lazy here on doing exercise everyday, but I try to push myself up to the treadmill at least four to five times a week. I guess I just have to keep on working on it. I hope my lazy butt won't strike on me again lol. Anyway if you are working on losing weight visit They offer some devices to help you monitore your health while trying to lose weight. Like MedGem, BodyGem and Futrex. Just click on the link and it will take you to their website.

Being healthy is very important to me and my family. I want to be healthy so I can do all the outdoor stuff that we do. I just need more energy everyday so I'll be able to do all the exercise I need to do.

Cinnamon Toast

My kids love their cinnamon toast this morning. I have to try new breakfast food everyday so the kids will eat more. I like to make a food that they actually eat so it doesn't go to waste. I always ask them what they want to eat for breakfast. Then I give them ideas and they have to pick on the list.

Tomorrow I don't have to cook the kids want to have cereal. So it is a lot easy for me tomorrow. Just cereal and milk and their good.