Monday, August 9, 2010

Dinosaur Sandwich

My son had his dinosaur sandwich for his lunch today. I was a little surprise because the plate was empty in no time. He eat a lot but still he is so skinny. So hubby and I is been telling him to eat more, so now he is eating more and snacking more. I took this picture yesterday he was in the mood for picture taking. Notice his hair? I was so upset with that! Lol I made a mistake when I cut his hair the other day. So it end up like that... He was happy about his hair, but not mommy:( Hubby said it's okay it will grow in a couple of weeks

Good thing my son like it otherwise I will be crying for a week lol. I was trying to make a new hair style on him and I messed up. For 5 years that I been cutting his hair, this is the first time that I was so disappointed on the result hahaha.

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