Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deadly Women

The article written by Geraldo Russo

Investigation Discovery broadcasts my Favorite True Crime TV Show on satellite tv from Best Choice TV called Deadly Women. This show has me in awe every time I watch it. The narrator of this show has a very eerie voice that is a perfect match for what the show is about. This show is strictly about female killers that kill for many reasons. There are women killing their husbands, killing to be killing. There is child killers and even senior citizen killers. These are the most notorious women I have ever seen. I like the way the show takes you back to the beginning of the female killer that they are covering. It is hard for me to be anyone could be so cold especially women. This show has me on my toes every time I watch it and I cannot get enough. It's a version of snap but with a more deadly twist. Every week I am at my television waiting to see what these women have done next. I just cannot get enough of this show and wish I could see it more often.

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